10 Best Pet Stair Ramp to Help Your Dog

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Helping your pet into the car, or onto your bed, might not be a difficult task for most of us, but it definitely gets much harder if you have a large pet. Also, some pets, particularly older dogs, don’t like being carried, and so providing them with a way to reach places they used to jump to can be important. One of the best ways to do this is with a pet stair ramp.

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A pet ramp is exactly what it sounds like: a ramp or stairs that can be set up to help your pet reach places it can’t jump to. While these are usually more applicable to dogs, elderly cats will also benefit massively from them. Generally, most ramps fold away, making them easy to store in a car, but you can get more permanent models that are ideal for keeping around the home.

Portable pet stair ramps can be further divided into bi-fold and tri-fold designs, which simply refers to the amount of times the ramp needs to be folded to put it away. There are also many different materials used, and some will be more suitable for your needs than others. Considering there are so many available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. To help you make a decision, here are some of the best pet stair ramps you can buy.

1. PetStep Folding Pet Ramp

This folding ramp from PetStep is a classic design, and is designed to be completely functional. It’s a bi-fold structure that simply folds in half, making for easy storage either at home or in the car. This model is a great choice for those needing something simple and portable, but still safe to use. It’s long enough to reach the trunk on most cars, even large SUVs. The ramp has handles on either side for easy lifting, and it’s surprisingly light for its size.

The ramp is made from composite plastic that’s designed to hold up to 500lbs, which should be more than enough for your needs. The walking surface is covered in non-slip rubber, making it safe even for elderly pets. What’s more, the surface provides grip in both wet and dry conditions, making it an ideal choice for those long dog walks in the rain. The ramp can be cleaned with soapy water, which is again helpful for those long rainy walks. This model might seem expensive, but its safety features and ease of use make it a great choice.

2. Solvit Pup Step and Stairs

This set of stairs is great for smaller pets, and although it can handle plenty of weight, the manufacturers only recommend using it for small pets because of the size of the stairs. Also, this set is designed for use around the home, and would be ideal for giving small pets a help up onto surfaces like a bed or sofa. The stairs fold away into a small and handy package, making them easy to store around the home.

The stairs are made from sturdy plastic with non-slip panels applied to the steps. The entire unit is 19.5” high, with each step being around 5” high. This should make it suitable for most houses, and is a great addition to have around. The stairs can hold a total weight of 120lbs, but are recommended only for smaller pets. However, they would be fine for medium-sized pets too, providing the stairs themselves aren’t too small. Because the stairs are plastic they can be wiped clean, and this is just another reason why they’re a great buy.

3. PetSafe Telescoping Pet Ramp

The most likely reason you’re looking for a pet ramp is to help your furry friend into the back of the car, and if so, this ramp from PetSafe is another great choice. Unlike other models, this one is telescopic, meaning it has an adjustable length of anywhere between 39 and 72”. This is a great help for those with larger cars, or for those whose pets will need the ramp to access a variety of places. It’s really easy to extend too, as all you need to do is flick the latches and extend it. However, one drawback is that it doesn’t fold down any further, so 39” is its storage size.

The ramp itself is made from metal, but is still lightweight, and can support up to 400lbs. The walking surface is covered in non-slip rubber, making it ideal for older pets and those with mobility issues. It also has raised edges, which is another level of security for pets that have sight issues. The ramp also has traction points on either end so it fits on vehicles more securely. You can also buy a carrying case for the ramp, which makes it easier to store in the back of your car. Overall, this is a great choice for those whose pets have mobility issues.

4. Pet Gear Easy Step Stairs

Pet Gear have used an L-shaped design for their pet stairs, which makes them take up less space in the room. This is a great feature for those that are restricted on space, and makes up for the fact that the steps can’t be folded down. However, they make up for this by doubling as a storage space, as the front stairs can be lifted up to reveal a compartment. This is a handy feature, and great for storing pet things.

The steps are really easy to build and simply snap together. Everything is made from durable plastic that’s also resistant to chewing, another great feature, and each step is covered with textile to offer more grip. The unit also has rubber feet to stop it slipping, even on hardwood floors. The unit measures 25.5” high and can support up to 75lbs. This means it’s only really suitable for small pets, but is a good choice if your pet falls within this weight range.

5. Zinus Charcoal Pet Stair

Unlike other brands, Zinus have chosen to make their pet stairs out of textile rather than plastic. This means that there’s no upper weight limit, making them suitable even for larger pets. What’s more, they offer the unit in a range of sizes, from extra small to extra large, so you’re bound to find one that’s right for your needs. The units have stairs that are 7” high each, but the total height of the unit depends on the size you buy.

The steps are made out of high quality foam that has a level of bounce, but is still secure enough to support even large pets. Also, the steps are covered in plush fabric, which is removable and machine washable. However, unlike other models, there aren’t any guide rails or other safety features, so these steps might not be the best choice for pets with mobility or height issues. That said, if your pet needs a helping hand and you don’t want a unit that’s too garish, this is a good choice.

6. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet Ramp

Pet Gear have designed a ramp with a tri-fold structure, meaning it can be folded down into quite a small space. This makes it perfect for keeping in the car, but also means it can be suitable for home use too. It’s really easy to fold too, and has small catches that keep it in place once open. The whole unit can be unfolded in seconds, which is really helpful if you’ve got an excited dog in the back of the car.

The ramp is made from durable plastic and has a slip-resistant walking surface. There are rubber feet on either end to provide it with grip, which is another great feature for pets with mobility issues. The ramp is 71” long and 16” wide, and can support up to 200lbs, making it suitable for most pets. The best thing about this ramp is its compact size when folded, which can be a big help for many when it comes to storage.

7. Pet Loader Light Platform

Unlike other models, these steps from Pet Loader are designed to fold down into the size of a single step, making them great for keeping in the car. They have a telescopic design and can be unfolded very quickly. Rather than being a ramp, which can make some pets feel unsecure, these stairs have a wide angle, making use much easier. Each step has a depth of 11 to 17”, as the whole unit is adjustable and secured with a screw on each side.

The stairs are made from plastic, and the extending frame is made from metal. All materials are designed for durability, and the unit can hold a weight of up to 200lbs. Pet Loader produce this model with 3, 4, or 5 steps, and have a patented system for securing them in place. The unit is designed to fit on the back of your car, so make sure it’ll work with your model before buying. Also, this means these stairs aren’t suitable for use around the home, so bear this in mind.

8. PetSafe Wood Bedside Ramp

If you’re looking for a pet ramp that’s slightly more tasteful to have in your house, then this is the model for you. Unlike others, this one is made from wood, and so looks much nicer than a plastic stair unit. It’s suitable for use with most queen and king sized beds, and stands 25” high. Make sure you measure it against your bed before buying. The ramp is made longer than others, which translates to a lower climbing angle for your pet. This makes using it much safer, and is more suitable for older pets.

As mentioned, the unit is made from wood, and the ramp is covered in thick carpet for extra grip. One downside of this ramp is that it can’t fold once it’s been built, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’ve got the space for it. Also, its materials mean it can only be cleaned with polish and carpet cleaner, making it a harder job than a plastic ramp. However, it has a much nicer appearance than many of the plastic ramps, so it might be worth making the sacrifice.

9. Titan Telescoping Aluminum Pet Ramp

Titan have designed this ramp as the ideal solution to your pet loading needs. It’s designed for use with vehicles, but could theoretically be used around the home too. However, it’s got a very functional look, so you might not want it sitting around in your bedroom. The ramp is completely collapsible, and folds down into thirds, which makes it really easy to store in the trunk of a car. It’s made from aluminum and durable plastic, and weighs around 13lbs.

The walking surface is coated with rubber for extra grip, and the walkway has raised sides for greater security. When fully folded, the ramp is 28” long, but extends to around 61”, and can support up to 180lbs. It has rubberized hooks on either end that can attach the ramp to a car and provide traction when placed on the ground. Overall, this is a practical and useful ramp that’s ideal for keeping in the back of a car.

10. Goodboy Lightweight Dog Stairs

These canvas stairs are great for using in a car, particularly smaller ones, because they weigh very little and can be folded up very small. The stairs are made from very durable fabric, which might sound like a downside but actually massively decreases the weight. The frame is made from metal and so still has plenty of security and durability. The whole unit weighs only 7lbs and can support up to 180lbs.

The stairs have rubber feet and hooks for securing it to the vehicle, making it really safe to use. The stairs also give your pet a better angle for descending, making the whole thing easier for them. The only downside is that there aren’t any raised sides, so this might not be the best choice for pets with sight issues. However, its light weight and portability make this a great choice for keeping in the car.

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