Which GPS dog collar to invest in – Whistle 3 or Link AKC Smart Collar?

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I was not even certain how to start until the point that I bought a Link AKC smart collar. It was pleasant surprise to discover that it very natural to set up and utilize. I have used a Fitbit for the past 2 years, and it was nearly a similar procedure. Setting up Bella’s profile allowed me to figure out how much action she was supposed to get every day, leading to approximately 58 minutes prescribed.

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At an exceptionally reasonable cost, you get a stunning leather collar, a charging station and the clip in to plug the Link tracker. Once you’ve downloaded the relating application (and connect it via Bluetooth), and it will forward you reports on when your dog is close or far from the base by simply logging movement.

I decided to name our dock “Base” – ‘it looks like Bella has come back to Base.’ ‘Bella is far from Base.’ Those are fun cautions to get. With the application, you can likewise set and spare ‘experiences.’ Otherwise known as long strolls or excursions to a nearby wood for us. It recalls your exact way and even offers you the opportunity to make a photograph collection.

If your puppy is looking especially charming, you can take a picture and share with your buddies who follow you via the Link app

Kindly shared by Link AKC Inc. © Copyright

These are two highlights I preferred. The 1st is the strong flashlight visible on the collar, extraordinary for wanders in the dark. The next one is a low bit by bit raising noise that can be conceded from the collar and managed on the application.

I’ve been utilizing this to wake my puppy from profound rest some days as opposed to giving him a little nudge. It’s a substantially gentler approach to stir him.

The essential highlights of the Link AKC™ smart collar include:

Kindly shared by Link AKC Inc. © Copyright

Kindly shared by Link AKC Inc. © Copyright

The dog transmitter collar has numerous highlights that can make a dog ownership simpler, for example, the capacity to unite veterinary, wellbeing and other imperative dog-related updates, customized breed and way of life experiences, and a remote turn-on ringer for training.

The collar is additionally made of high caliber, solid latigo leather, and is curved molded to fit the common state of a dog’s neck. Wearing this dog tracker, your dog will put forth a design expression while you’ll enjoy all of the considerable numbers of advantages of this piece of high technology.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor

The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker is a standout amongst other dog trackers device in the present market. It is a small and lightweight item which measures not more than 0.92 oz. Also, it is a waterproof model that can be utilized in the water. When contrasted with the LINK AKC model, this one isn’t a neckline. It is a little dog tracker which can be joined to any neckline or saddle up to 1-inch wide. It has a lithium particle battery which keeps going up to 7 days, contingent upon utilization. A full recharge just takes 2 hours, and you will get a notice when your battery should be charged. Since it utilizes propelled GPS and cell technology, you can check your dog’s location in the course of the most recent 24 hours to see where it went.

In contrast with different models that are suggested for dogs, this dog locator can be utilized on smaller pets even if originally prescribed for dogs.

What I immensely liked about this model is that you get notices about everything!

It informs you when you have to charge the battery; it tells you when your dog has gone out and it helps you pinpoint and track your dog’s area specifically from your cell phone or tablet.  The tracker efficiently bolts into a charger with a ninety-degree wind. It does likewise on the neckline section, with the further progression of squeezing a spring-stacked button initially to discharge it.

When charging the dog tracking device, a little light on it sparkles orange, it will turn green when completely charged—you’ll additionally get a warning from the application. Battery life is evaluated for up to 8 days of ongoing use, yet that is if your dog never leaves the home-zone Wi-Fi, as dog GPS use will gobble up battery quicker. I commonly ended up recharging the tracker about every week (with an hour walk every 24 hours), which is still entirely extraordinary compared to others.

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The dog GPS positioning data is given by the carrier. It doesn’t make a difference what carrier your cell phone utilizes, as the carrier’s towers talk specifically to the tracker. Along these lines, it wouldn’t locate your pet in case you’re someplace without 3G. Check your nearby scope, at that point test it home – you have ninety days to return the Whistle if neighborhood following doesn’t function admirably in your network.

Application and Performance

To set this up simply download the app, which you can get for your Android or iOS gadget. It’s an extraordinary application to leverage with your Whistle GPS. You will not find any work area/web location alternative.

To begin, your cell phone and the Whistle 3 has to be within the scope of your home Wi-Fi signal.

Utilizing Bluetooth, the application will discover the dog locator and associate it with Wi-Fi through your telephone. Once that is done, you’ve naturally made the sheltered zone in which your dog/cat is viewed as secure at home – within your Wi-Fi network range capability. For whatever length of time that the pet is inside a Wi-Fi connection range, the Whistle 3 remains in a Power Save function with GPS feature turned off. Once that is done you have to make a profile for each animal wearing a Whistle (cat, rabbit, dog) and mention breed, weight, gender, age, color and time zone. You can’t pick different breeds for a mix, so, the best case scenario you need to pick the breed nearest to yours (however some mixes are accessible in the application).

Kindly shared by Whistle Labs Inc. © Copyright

You can likewise pick a common action objective in a few seconds. Each new pet/tracker needs its GPS subscription. Notices can include messages, emails, or push messages; you can get them to your dog/cat’s GPS location, action objectives/streaks/patterns, and different information like battery life and application refreshes.

Upon launch of the application, you see the area of your pet on a Google Map. At the base of the screen is a show for battery life; swipe up to see Trips, it gives an account of where your pet’s been for the most recent day. For instance, on the off chance that you go on a climb and track the way, you’ll see it mapped over here.

Tap the graph symbol at the upper right corner of the screen to go into Activity. The Whistle 3 tracks minutes and hours of action (like most trackers), giving a diagram of when your pet is progressing, so you know when it is the most dynamic. The graph additionally demonstrates its number of hours alongside a moon symbol. The company doesn’t prescribe a specific measure of movement—you need to come up with yours. On the off chance that your pets come to or surpasses its common objective, its profile picture in the application winds up plainly sketched out in green. The Link AKC goes somewhat further, giving you a chance to include restorative records and recognizing unique kinds of movement (direct and unusual).

Kindly shared by Whistle Labs Inc. © Copyright

Other features includes Places. You’ll locate your underlying safe zone area here, which you can change to make it more prominent than your territory of Wi-Fi scope (this will utilize GPS).  You can include numerous sheltered zones as wanted, similar to a neighbor’s home or your office. The application will ask for a Wi-Fi arrange for that area, which you can skip if there isn’t one (however remember the tracker will then utilize GPS and consuming battery faster).


The Whistle 3 is an extraordinary pet tracker, regardless of whether it does not have a few highlights we like from competitors. Utilizing home Wi-Fi as the protected zone is a pleasant touch, as there is one base station to contend with.  Also, battery life is about seven days, something relatively incredible for any tracker, even for when looking at human versions. Both Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar are awesome and makes dog ownership very easy and convenient. It is for you to chose between aestheticism and advanced features!


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