5 Pet-Hazards That Might Be in Your Garden

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5 Pet-Hazards That Might Be in Your Garden

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You would think that your home is a sanctuary for your pet – and for the most part, it is. Depending on what pet you have, they create dangers for themselves most of the time. It’s easier to police the furry companion activity inside the home, and there are typically fewer dangers to avoid, but the outside is a different ball game. Let’s look at five dangers lurking in your garden that you may not have thought about.

Toxic Bulbs and Plants

Gardens give us the chance to bring out our inner landscaping artist – and lots of people enjoy planting all sorts of beautiful bulbs, plants, and bushes to make their garden a haven – a human haven, that is. Some bulbs and plants are highly toxic to cats and dogs in particular. For cats, the pollen from lilies, for example, is highly toxic. For dogs, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths are, to name but a few of the plants that are toxic to dogs.

Other than researching and uprooting every single plant and bulb in your garden, you may want to consider ways of keeping them away from your colorful array of flowers. A cat patio, for example, is an enclosure that allows cats to enjoy the outdoors without roaming too far, and you can order an excellent customizable cat patio here. For dogs, you could consider keeping them on a leash so they can only go so far.

The Summer’s Heat

The summer’s heat can be a little too much for us all – even if UK summers are short-lived. Dogs, in particular, crave basking in the heat of the summer, but they are highly susceptible to heat exhaustion and stroke. Any furry companion is the same – so sunbathing in the direct sunlight should always be monitored and restricted to a few minutes, especially for bigger dogs.

Ensure you provide plenty of fresh water and shade if your furry friend does spend most of their day outdoors.

Other Wildlife

There’s a whole ecosystem going on in your garden that you didn’t know about, and frogs, snails, foxes, and birds are all a part of it. Foxes pose a massive danger to outdoor rabbits in hutches or roaming cats. It’s hard to protect a roaming cat, but you can ensure outdoor furries like cats are safe by investing in a high-quality enclosure.

Dogs, in particular, are the ones to watch out for with slugs, snails, and frogs. Although they’re not necessarily immediately harmful, they can carry lung and heart worm, which can be fatal.

Unsecured Borders

A pet owners worst nightmare is a lost furry friend, and dogs are the ones to watch out for here. There are countless stories of dogs making their great escape through gaps in fences or gates that aren’t secure. Invest in a 6ft secure fence to secure your garden and keep your four-legged friends where you can see them.

Pesticides and Weed Killers

Avid gardeners will use pesticides and weed killers to keep their garden in pristine condition, but it can be harmful to all our furry friends. The chemicals are highly toxic to humans and animals alike. If you do use pesticides and weed killers, take extra care to keep an eye on your pet while they roam the garden to ensure they’re not licking or eating the area you’ve covered with chemicals.

Even though there are a few garden dangers, most of them are easy to minimize and manage. Typically, however, gardens are a haven for your furry friends to roam, explore, and experience the fresh air. Keep your eye out for those unwanted, hidden dangers.

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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