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Many people love dressing up their pets, but few people would have given thought to putting socks on their dogs. Realistically, dogs don’t need socks for the same reasons as humans, mainly because their feet don’t get as cold. However, there are good reasons for putting socks on your dog, aside from it looking really cute.

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For example, if your dog has injured their paw, putting socks on can not only protect the wound; they can stop the dog from chewing on it. This will make the healing process much quicker and easier for everyone involved. Also, socks can be really useful if you have hardwood floors in your house, because dogs are notorious for skidding around as they can’t get enough grip. However, you might find it difficult to get your dog to keep socks on, and it might take a bit of training. Treat it like anything else you’d train your dog for, and take it slowly and give them plenty of reward.

There are plenty of different styles of doggy socks on the market, and it’s obviously always worth checking the size before buying. Many manufacturers will likely only do one size, but if you’ve got a large dog then you might need to do a bit of shopping around to find the right size. To help you make a decision, here are some of the best socks for dogs currently available.

1. Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Socks

These socks from Expawlorer are a perfect design if your dog needs a bit of extra grip on hardwood floors. Much like human socks of a similar design, they have anti-slip silicone gel on the soles, which will stop your dog from sliding around on the floor. They actually do a great job of preventing slipping, but you’ll just need to get your dog used to the feeling of wearing them.

The standard design comes in black, but there are other colors available if you’re looking for something a bit more jazzy. Each pack comes with a set of four (obviously), and so they’re actually really good value for money. The manufacturer makes them in several different sizes, with large fitting a paw width of 3.15”, however there is a handy size chart available. If you’re looking for a good value, standard sock for dogs, then these are a good choice.

2. Pupteck Anti-Slip Socks for Dogs

These are another great brand if you’re looking for extra grip on hardwood floors. The paw print design on the bottom is made from silicone gel, and gives amazing traction for your dog. As funny as it can be watching them skid around, you can easily prevent it from happening with these socks. One of the best features about this style is the fact that instead of being elasticated at the top, they actually have a Velcro strap to hold the sock in place. This means there’s little chance of them slipping down, and should hopefully also mean that your dog can’t pull them off.

Each pack comes with two pairs, which should be enough for most dogs, and they only come in one color, but they’re more interesting than just a plain black sock. The manufacturer makes them in several different sizes, and provides a size chart to help you make the right choice. These socks would be a good choice if you think your dog is going to have a problem keeping them on because they give you an extra level of security.

3. Ruffwear Bark’n Boot Liners for Dogs

Rather than being a sock specifically for indoor wear, these are actually designed as liners for Ruffwear boots. However, they’d also be great for wearing down the beach or as extra protection on a muddy walk because they’re made primarily of neoprene, which has great moisture wicking properties. It also means they’re very stretchy, which allows for a better fit, and that they dry very quickly. If you like taking your dog out for sporty walks and swims, these would be an essential piece of kit.

The boot liners have a tapered cuff, which helps them stay in place, even when they’re worn under boots. They also have something called a “claw box”, which is specifically designed to accommodate your dog’s claws and reduces the amount of material at the end of the sock. To make things even better, these socks are machine washable, so you shouldn’t worry about getting them dirty. They come in several different sizes, and are a great addition to an explorer’s wardrobe.

4. Luckymore Anti-Slip Socks for Pets

These socks from Luckymore come in a wide range of colors, so you’ll be sure to find some that match your dog’s style. The socks are made from cotton, with a bit of elastine in there, meaning they do have some amount of stretch. This makes them really easy to get on and off, which is great for you, but does mean your dog will probably be able to pull them off without too much hassle. Also, the elasticated cuff isn’t massively tight, which again is helpful from a comfort perspective, but does mean there’s more chance of them slipping down while your dog is running around.

The socks all have rubber anti-slip patches on the bottom, which provide your dog with extra traction on hardwood floors, and are particularly helpful for elderly dogs. Also, the material is very warm, so will be nice and comfortable on cold nights. The set comes with two pairs of socks, so don’t worry about having to buy multiple sets, and there is a range of sizes available. As always, make sure you check the size chart before buying to make sure you’re getting the right size.

5. Pupteck Waterproof Traction Socks for Dogs

One thing that can actually put a lot of dogs off playing in the water is getting wet feet. Not only is it clearly an unpleasant sensation for some dogs, it can also increase the chances of them getting foot-related issues. These socks from Pupteck are the perfect answer to this problem because they’re completely waterproof. This makes them great protection for wounds on the feet, and will help keep your dog’s feet warm and dry, even on the muddiest walks.

These socks are made specifically for outdoor use, unlike others on this list, and have a hard sole for this reason. They’re more like a cross between a sock and a boot, and do give a great level of protection when out and about. Like Pupteck’s other designs, these socks have a Velcro strap around the top to stop them slipping down, and this also makes it harder for your dog to pull them off. Each pack comes with two pairs, and the socks are available in a range of sizes. These socks are a great choice if you need some extra protection while out walking, and although they are a bit more money; they’re definitely worth it.

6. RilexAwhile Dog Socks for Indoor and Outdoor Use

If you’re looking for dog socks for a specific reason, for example protecting a wound, then it seems pointless buying separate socks for both indoor and outdoor use. That’s where this set comes in handy, as they’re suitable for both. The soles are harder than standard indoor socks, but not as hard as normal outdoor socks, and so offer you the best of both worlds. They’re excellent for anti-slip indoors, but the soles are still hard enough to offer protection on a range of outdoor surfaces.

The upper of the socks are made from stretchy polyester, with rubber soles. This makes them quite easy to get on and off, and there’s little danger of them slipping down. Not only is the material very stretchy, but the socks come with a Velcro strap to prevent them slipping. You can move the strap up or down the sock to wherever you need it, giving you ultimate control over how to keep the socks on your dog’s feet. They come in a very wide range of different sizes, and are a great choice because they save you having to buy multiple pairs.

7. BeMiracle Anti-Slip Dog Socks

These socks are great, because unlike some other brands that might be considered a bit “drab”, these ones come in great colors. After all, there’s no point in buying boring socks for your dog if they’re never going to be hidden under shoes. Like human socks, they have an elasticated cuff which is much tighter than some other brands, and so they have a much better chance of staying up. The socks themselves are quite spacious, and do have some level of stretch in them, but you should still make sure you buy the right size so they have a better chance of staying on.

The socks have anti-slip rubber grippers on the bottom, which are perfect for hardwood floors. Also, unlike some other brands, the material isn’t too thick, and while they will still give your dog an extra bit of warmth, there’s little chance of them proving to be too much. The socks come in several different sizes, and there are two pairs in each pack.

8. Kooltail Waterproof Paw Protectors for Dogs

Kooltail have designed these socks to offer an extra level of protection when out and about. Whether this is to cover a wound, or simply because your dog has sensitive paws, they do a great job of providing an extra barrier between your dog and the floor. The feet of the socks are covered in rubber, which not only provides a protective barrier, it also gives them plenty of extra traction on slippery surfaces. The rubber also makes the socks completely waterproof, so you shouldn’t worry about your dog going around splashing in puddles while wearing them.

The socks come in red, with a very fetching pattern stitched into the leg section. The benefit of them being red is that if they do manage to slip off, which is unlikely, they shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find. Each sock has its own detachable Velcro strap to help hold them in place, and the strap itself is about 7” long, and so should fit around most dogs’ legs. The socks come in several sizes, with the large fitting paws with a width of 2.2”, and there’s a size chart available. These socks are a great choice because they provide a more fashionable option for paw protection.

9. Lonsuneer Paw Protectors for Dogs

While these probably aren’t technically counted as socks, they definitely do the same job as many others on this list. One of the benefits of this set is that they provide extra protection than a sock, but aren’t as heavy and clumpy as a boot. They’re designed to provide plenty of extra protection while out and about, but realistically there’s nothing to stop you from putting them on your dog while they walk around the house. They have anti-slip pads on the soles, and so will still provide traction on slippery indoor surfaces. The protectors are available in a range of sizes, and the manufacturer provides a handy size chart to ensure you’re making the right choice.

The protectors are made from high-quality oxford fabric and are 100% waterproof. They have a soft lining inside that will help to keep your dog’s feet nice and warm. This makes them great for wearing while out on cold walks, but are also really useful for protecting wounds. Each boot has a strap fitted to stop them slipping off, and this strap is elasticated, so they’re really easy to get on. For an extra level of safety, each strap has a reflector patch on it, giving your dog greater visibility in low light conditions. Overall, these are a great choice because they cover so many bases.

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