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There’s no doubt that dogs love exercise. What’s more, some dogs love running, and are perfectly able to keep up with a human runner. If you enjoy running, it makes sense to take your dog out with you. However, carrying a leash while you’re running is enough to put many people off.

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That’s where a hands free running leash comes in. Most are designed to allow you to continue running in your normal way but still have some level of control over your dog. The best models will have an elastic leash, so your dog has some level of freedom and won’t be constantly pulling you over. There are plenty of different models available though, and choosing the right one can be difficult. To help you make a decision, here is a list of some of the best you can buy.

1. SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash

SparklyPets have designed a running leash that’s perfect for both yours and your dog’s needs. The runner wears it around their waist like a belt, and then the dog is clipped on the other end. What’s more, the belt has a special secure connection designed for larger dogs. Rather than a simple plastic clip, it comes fitted with 2 metal clips. This makes it much sturdier, and means it can tolerate much more pull than some other models.

The leash itself is made from bungee cord, so is really stretchy and durable. This is an ideal design because it gives your dog a level of freedom, but means you can stay completely in control. The leash clips onto the belt using the same kind of clip for attaching to the collar, which makes it extra easy to use. Also, you can switch it over for a normal leash if you don’t want an elastic one. This set is specifically for larger dogs, meaning it’s much more durable than one for smaller dogs. Overall, this is a great choice if you want to take your dog running.

2. TaoTronics Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash

The leash on this model is a great design because it has adjustable sections of nylon cord, meaning you can make it as long or as short as you want. This is also combined with sections of bungee cord, so there’s still plenty of spring in the leash. What this results in is a great combination that gives you the flexibility of both kinds of leash. It has metal clips on either end that can withstand plenty of pull, and the bungee cord helps to absorb shock. This leash is suitable for use with dogs up to 150lbs.

While the leash is a great design, the runner’s belt leaves a lot to be desired. It’s little more than a strip of nylon webbing, and looks very similar to a dog collar. Although it’ll theoretically withstand the same weight as the leash, it’ll probably end up being quite uncomfortable when used with larger dogs. The belt is fully adjustable though, and secures in place with a plastic clip. This obviously means it’ll be more prone to breaking though, particularly with larger dogs. This set is definitely worth it for the leash, but less so for the runner’s belt.

3. Manlycamp Hands Free Dog Leash with Waist Pouch

One of the best features of this hands free leash, aside from the great construction, is the extra pouches fitted into the belt. There are 2 expandable pockets that fasten shut with zippers. This is a great feature because it means you can actually use the belt for storage, rather than just to attach your dog’s leash. The pockets are surprisingly roomy too, and you should be able to fit most cell phones in there. The belt is fully adjustable in terms of size, but is let down by the fact that it fastens using a plastic clip, which could be an issue when running with larger dogs.

What really sets this hands free running leash apart from the rest is its construction. It’s made from durable materials that look like leather, but are completely weather resistant. Also, the leash extends between 60 and 72 inches thanks to the built-in bungee cord. It fastens securely onto the runner’s belt, and is easy to attach to any dog collar. The leash also has reflective stitching to help improve visibility in low light conditions. Overall, this is a great model, and well worth the money.

4. Chunky Paw Hands Free Dog Leash for Running

This leash from Chunky Paw is a great design because it’s made from incredibly durable material. Unlike some other leashes on the market, which look a bit flimsy, this one is made from a combination of materials that give it extra durability. The leash is mostly bungee cord, but has adjustable sections at either end to give you plenty of flexibility over the length. The bungee helps to absorb shocks and jerks from your dog running, but the superior construction means there’s very little chance of it breaking, even when used with big dogs.

The belt itself is also a good design, and even though it has a plastic clip, there’s much less chance of it breaking. This is because the leash attaches using 2 metal D-rings that cross over the plastic buckle, which means that the D-rings take all the dog’s weight. Also, the belt is made from the same material as the leash, and won’t cut in as much as some other models. This makes it ideal for longer runs, and should keep both you and your dog happy. What’s more, the leash actually has a handle near the collar, meaning you can grab hold of your dog when you need to.

5. Pecute Hands Free Dog Leash with Pouch

Having extra storage space on your running belt is always helpful, particularly if you’re now having to carry dog treats with you too. This hands free running leash from Pecute has you covered because it comes with a great utility belt that has plenty of storage space. Runners should have little difficulty fitting all their stuff in the belt, and it even comes with space for a water bottle! The belt is fully adjustable and can fit waists up to 48 inches.

The leash has several sections made of bungee cord, which give it great shock absorption. What’s more, it also has several handles so you can get hold of your dog, or even use the leash as a normal leash. The collar handle is perfect for getting hold of your dog when crossing a road, or for pulling it away from other dogs. Both the belt and the leash have plenty of reflective stitching for that crucial extra visibility when running at night. The set is suitable for using with dogs weighing up to 220lbs, and the leash can extend up to 98 inches! Overall, this is one of the best running leashes on this list.

6. Riddick’s Hands Free Running Leash for Two Dogs

Love running but don’t think you can take your 2 dogs with you? Well look no further! This set from Riddick’s comes with 2 leashes, and a special runner’s belt that has fastenings for both. This makes it perfect for controlling 2 dogs when running, but just remember how strong 2 dogs can be! The leashes are mostly bungee cord with normal nylon straps at either end. Like most models, they have handles on either end, but these aren’t as sturdy as some others on this list. However, the leashes do have loads of reflective tape on either end, which is much more visible than stitching.

The only thing that really lets this set down is the belt. Although it’s completely adjustable up to 48 inches, and has 2 leash fastenings, the actual construction is a bit cheap. It’s not particularly thick, and isn’t padded at all, so could be quite uncomfortable if running with 2 dogs, especially if they start to pull. Also, it only fastens with one plastic clip, which is very likely to break if being used with 2 large dogs. However, if you only plan on running with 2 smaller dogs, this set should be absolutely fine. What’s more, the set comes with a 1-year warrantee, so at least you’re covered if anything does go wrong.

7. Petdom Hands Free Dog Leash for Large Dogs

It’s no secret that large dogs are much harder to control, if only because they’re much stronger. This hands free running leash from Petdom is specially designed for use with large dogs, and is suitable up to 200lbs. The belt is made from durable nylon webbing, so will withstand plenty of pulling. However, it doesn’t have any padding, so much like many other models on this list, it might hurt a bit if your 200lb dog starts to pull.

The leash has 2 bungee cord sections, which actually makes a really big difference to shock absorption, another helpful quality when running with a big dog. It can be extended up to 6ft, but also has clips on the side for making it much shorter. There are also 2 handles that allow you to either use it as a normal leash, or to grab hold of your dog near the collar. One downside to this set is that all clips are plastic, including the ones on the leash, and while it’s unlikely that they’ll break if used normally, there’s a much higher chance of this happening with a big dog.

8. U-picks Hands Free Running Leash

The only thing that can really improve on a running leash with waist pouch is a set that’s basically a waist bag with leash attachment, which is exactly what this one from U-picks is. The waist bag has loads of space in it, and will easily fit all of your necessary running equipment. The manufacturers have designed this to be suitable for other activities like hiking, so you shouldn’t have a problem fitting all your equipment in there. The straps are all made from nylon webbing and the bag is fitted with reflective piping and stitching to make you really stand out in the dark.

The leash also has reflective strips, meaning both you and your dog can stay nice and safe. It has 2 handles, one at either end, that are very padded, so will give you comfort if you ever need to use it as a proper leash. The bungee cord section helps to absorb shock from even the most energetic dogs, and the durable construction means it can withstand plenty of pulling. The waist bag can be adjusted between 19 and 57 inches, which makes it suitable for almost anyone, and the bungee leash extends up to 6.8ft, but can also be made much shorter.

9. Take Yankee Hands Free Dog Leash for 2 Dogs

Unlike the other set on this list designed for 2 dogs, this one from Take Yankee is made with the runner’s comfort in mind. They’ve solved the problem of the belt cutting into the runner’s waist by fitting it with plenty of padding, particularly across the back. This makes it comfortable even during extended use, and even when used with 2 large dogs. This is really helpful, because after all, it’s you that should be comfortable when running. The belt fastens with a plastic clip, which is the only real letdown, but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The set comes with 2 leashes, both of which are well designed. Unlike some other models, these leashes have less bungee cord in them, and while they still give plenty of shock absorption, it means you’ve got a much greater level of control over your dogs. Both have 2 handles fitted, one at either end, which give you plenty of control when handling your dog. What’s more, everything comes with plenty of reflective stitching, so there’s no chance of you being missed on a nighttime run. Overall, this is a great set for those with 2 dogs.

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