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There are few things better than getting to enjoy a swim or a trip on a boat. One thing that is better, however, is getting to enjoy these things with your dog. Not only is being able to take your dog in the pool fun, it’s also a great way of helping them cool down on hot days. The same goes for taking your dog out on a boat, as many dogs love the feeling of going for a sail. However, this does mean being able to get your dog in the pool, and while many will probably be happy to jump, they’ll also need some way to get back out again. That’s where pool or boat ramps come in, as these give your dog a really easy way to get in and out of a pool, or off a boat.

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When it comes to choosing a good ramp, you need one that’s going to be sturdy enough to take your dog’s weight, but it ideally should be easy to store and set up too. After all, you don’t always want a dog ramp attached to your pool, and the ramp will need to come with you if you go sailing. To help you make the right choice, here are some of the best currently available.

1. Skamper Ramp for Dogs

One of the best features of this ramp is that it’s really easy to attach to the side of the pool, as all you need to do is tie it down. However, these fastenings are still durable enough to take the weight of even reasonably large dogs, making it a great choice if you want something you can take down again. The fastenings are made from corrosion-resistant metal, a great feature for use by the pool, and hardwearing nylon rope.

The ramp itself is made from plastic, and is covered in holes for easier grip. This also means water runs right off, which is helpful for added traction. Also, the ramp flips open and shut really easily, so even if you don’t want to take it down completely you can just fold it away. This is a great choice for having by the pool if you want your dog to join in.

2. Solvit Ultralite Bifold Pet Ramp

While this ramp was actually designed for use with cars, it’ll be a good choice for using with either a boat or an above-ground pool. The ramp is made from lightweight yet durable materials, and weighs only 10lbs. This makes it a perfect choice for use on a boat because it’s really easy to carry, and will add almost no weight. What’s more, it can hold up to 150lbs, so will be suitable even for large dogs.

The bifold design means that it can be folded in two for much easier storage, and has handles on the side for easy carrying. The ramp itself is covered in textured rubber that provides plenty of traction, and will continue to do so even when wet. It can be set up in seconds, and simply needs unfolding. It has grooves on one end for attaching to the boat, and rubber feet on the other to prevent slipping. Overall, this is an ideal choice for using on the boat.

3. Paws Aboard Pool Pup Steps

These pool steps are a good choice because they’re a really easy design for your dog to use. They’re simply a set of steps that attaches to the side of the pool, but they’ll be easy for your dog to climb on. Unlike some other designs, these steps don’t have any holes for water. Instead, they’re covered in grit-tape that provides plenty of traction, even when wet. This lack of holes also means there’s nothing for your dog’s paws to get stuck in, which is always helpful.

The steps are made from a special type of plastic that’s resistant to chlorine and UV light. This means they won’t discolor or leech chemicals into your pool water, and so are completely safe to leave in place. Installation requires a bit more work than with some other models, but once you’ve done the initial work they can simply be put in place in a matter of seconds. This makes them really easy to use whenever, and means you don’t have to leave them attached to the side of your pool all year round.

4. Great Day Load-a-Pup Platform for Dogs

This ramp is specially designed for use with boats and works by clipping onto the boat’s existing boarding ladder. While this is really useful, it does mean that your dog won’t really be able to use it if loading from a jetty, when a ramp would be a better choice. However, if you’re loading from the waterside, then this will be fine for your needs. Once it’s attached to the boarding ladder it provides a safe and secure platform for your dog to jump into the boat from.

The platform is made from aluminum that’s treated to be corrosion resistant, so you’ll have little problem using this around saltwater. It has several securing straps that provide plenty of durability, and the platform is covered in ridges for better grip. However, the surface has no texture or draining holes, so your dog might have some issues once the platform is wet. That said, the fact that it’s a reasonably wide platform instead of a ramp or steps means it’s much easier for your dog to use.

5. Waterdog Adventure Gear Boarding Steps for Pools

These steps are specially designed for your dog to use, and ensure easy access to the pool. The steps are only 4” high each, which makes them suitable for dogs of almost any size. Each step is made from metal and has plenty of holes for water drainage, and are coated with a non-slip substance. However, these small holes might present a problem for some dogs, as it wouldn’t be difficult to get a claw stuck in one of them. Bear this in mind if you decide to look at these steps.

One of the best features about this set of steps is that they can pivot out of the water really easily when not in use. And if you don’t like the idea of them being attached to your pool permanently, they’re also really easy to take down. These steps are a good choice if you’re looking for something that’s simple and easy to use, but this does come at quite a high price tag. That said, the superior design and construction more than make up for it.

6. Pet Gear Travel Ramp Lite for Dogs

This is another ramp that was actually designed for use with cars, but will be a good choice for boats too. It’s the perfect design if you’re going to be boarding from a jetty because it can easily be set up to provide your dog access to the boat. It comes in either bifold or trifold designs, which mean that the ramp either folds into 2 or 3 segments. Both of these make for really easy storage, both on and off the boat.

The ramp is covered in a specially designed mat that provides great traction, but is also soft on your dog’s paws. One downside, however, is that it doesn’t have any drainage holes, and there’s no guarantee the traction mat will still work when wet. The ramp itself has rubber feet on either end for easy grip, and while it’s heavier than some other ramps, weighing in at 27lbs, it can support up to 200lbs of weight. This means it’s suitable for even really big dogs, and comes in an extra wide version just for them.

7. Gamma Large Pool Ramp for Dogs

This ramp is another great choice if you’re looking for an easy to install option. It attaches to the side of the pool using several hooks, and so can be taken down in seconds. These fastenings are still sturdy enough to support plenty of weight, and are made from corrosion-resistant metal. This means you won’t have to worry about them rusting from the chlorinated water, and they also mean you won’t have to have the ramp as a permanent fixture at the side of your pool.

The ramp itself is made from BPA free plastic, which won’t leech into the water. It’s covered in large holes that allow water to drain off, and are also big enough that there’s very little chance your dog will get a claw or paw stuck in them. The ramp folds out in seconds, which makes it easy to keep at the side of the pool, or to tuck away while cleaning. One downside to this dog ramp is that it’s not the nicest looking, but it’ll still be a good choice.

8. Avery Hunting Boat Ramp for Dogs

This ramp is an ideal design for giving your dog easy access to your dingy or RIB. It simply hooks over the edge of the boat and is designed to stick out at an angle, which forms a convenient ramp for your dog to climb up. The ramp part is made from fabric, which might seem like a strange choice, but this actually means that it loses little to no traction when wet. It also has ladder rungs sewn onto the fabric for much easier access.

The frame is made from hollow aluminum tubing that’s been painted to provide rust resistance. The ramp is 24” long when set up, and can be folded away to half its size for easy storage. The choice of materials also means it’s really lightweight, which is a big help when you’re in a small boat. It’s a great choice if you only have a small boat, and is really easy to use, meaning you can have your dog aboard in seconds.

9. Paws & Pals Trifold Dog Ramp

Although this model is actually for cars, it’ll be fine to use with boats and above-ground pools. It extends to around 60” in length, which is really helpful if you’re trying to get your dog onto a boat. Even better is the fact that it folds into 3 segments, so is actually pretty compact when folded. This makes for really easy storage onboard the boat, or at the side of the pool when not in use.

The ramp is made from durable plastic, and has grip tape on the walking surface for traction. However, because this isn’t designed for use in water, it might get a bit slippery when wet, but the chances are low. The 3 segments all lock together for security, and there are rubber feet on one end. The other end of the ramp has hooks fitted so it attaches securely to the vehicle, meaning your dog should have little problem using it. Overall, this is a pretty good choice for use with either a boat or pool.

10. Flightbird Pet Stairs

These stairs would be a great choice for using with a boat because they’re easy to attach, and fold away really quickly. What’s more, the steps themselves are made out of fabric, so it won’t make much difference if they get wet. Providing your dog is comfortable using steps, these will make a much better choice than a ramp. The whole unit only weighs 9lbs, and can support up to 100lbs, making it well worth its own weight.

This stepladder design is telescopic, and has 2 straps on either side to adjust the gradient. There are also neoprene handles on one end, which provide traction and make for easy carrying, and rubber feet on the other end for grip. The stair unit can be adjusted between a height of 20 and 30”, which can be really useful if you’re boarding at the waterside. These stairs would also be suitable for use in a below ground pool, mainly because they’re perfectly fine to get wet and are a much cheaper alternative to dedicated pool ramps and steps.

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