Samoyed Price – how Much Does a Samoyed Cost?

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The Samoyed has become a popular pet with families despite originally being a canine that was used to hunt. This big and white fluffy pooch makes a great companion. Indeed, this was also a task they enjoyed with the Samoyed people in north-western Siberia.

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If you are interested in the Samoyed, it is time to get educated before you adopt one. Let’s start with one important question.

How Much Will I Pay for a Samoyed?

If you love the Samoyed and want to bring this furry friend into your household, you will want to know the price. Well, the amount of money you can expect to pay for this pooch is often dictated by where you get your canine. Let’s start by taking a look at your options.

Rescuing from a Shelter

One of the most affordable and rewarding ways to add a Samoyed to your family is by visiting your local animal shelter. Giving a canine a forever home will allow you to enjoy a companion for life. Indeed, it is going to be a lot cheaper to get a pooch this way too. Normally, you are only going to be paying for the care of the pooch and there is no large profit to the shelter. Therefore, you could get a Samoyed for around $150 to $500.

Rehoming from an Owner

It is possible to find an owner and re-home their Samoyed. There are a number of personal reasons why someone might do this on the internet. They can post adverts online and offer them for a certain price. The amount of money that you have to pay is going to vary greatly depending on the person. For instance, someone may be looking for a loving home for their canine and offer them for free. Another person might after for several hundred dollars to cover expenses. Either way, this can be an option that is affordable for your family to get a Samoyed.

Buying from a Breeder

There are some owners that want a raise a Samoyed from a young age. Thus, they look for a breeder so that they can purchase a puppy. This can be a good way to start on their training and socialization from an early age. However, you have to be prepared to pay a lot of money for a Samoyed puppy. We are talking about paying at least $1,000 and this price tag can increase to over $3,000. The price you can expect will depend on a variety of other factors that we are going to look into.

Other Factors That Affect the Price of a Samoyed

Where you get your Samoyed is going to play a huge part in the price tag. But there are some other factors at play that are going to affect how much you pay for this furry friend. Let’s take a look at them so that you have the full picture.

The Age

An important factor is going to be the age of your Samoyed. For example, the demand for adult canines is typically lower than it is for puppies. Since there is less demand, you can expect a lower price. This is particularly true is the canine is neutered. If you are interested in a Samoyed puppy, this is going to drive the price upward. In particular, puppies that are around 8 to 12 weeks old are the most expensive. This is the age that breeders will offer you this pooch at a high price tag. When the beloved companion gets older, their price is going to go down.

The Bloodline

There are some first-time owners that do not realize the parents of a Samoyed can play a big part in their price. For example, if they have a strong bloodline that has been shown over the years and won competitions, they are going to have expensive Samoyed puppies. Even if their grandparents were winners, this is going to increase the price tag. If you are choosing to get your Samoyed from a breeder, this is something to pay attention to. If you are not going to enter your dog in competitions, you can look for a normal breeder that does not offer such strong bloodlines.

The Coat Color

A lot of people recognize that the Samoyed has white fur. Indeed, this is the most popular color for this pooch. However, it is not the only color you can expect. For example, some breeders are going to offer you puppies that boast a cream or biscuit coat. This is going to increase the price of your Samoyed because they are rare colors. Therefore, you can expect a white Samoyed to be cheaper than one of these unusual colors. 

The Breeder’s Experience

Of course, the breeder you buy your Samoyed puppy from is going to have the ultimate decision on the price you pay. They are going to want to cover their own costs of bringing up the pup, as well as make a profit. Therefore, the experience and practice of the breeder are going to play a part. Everyone is going to have their own way of raising canines. For example, some breeders will use specialist veterinarians while others will use studs that have won awards.

Costs Associated with Owning a Samoyed

You should also be aware of the costs you can expect when you own a Samoyed. For example, this is a furry friend that can have a big appetite. You can expect them to need around $30 to $60 of food per month. This is going to vary depending on what their diet is. The healthier it is, the more you might save on veterinarian bills later on.

It is recommended to have pet insurance for your Samoyed. Veterinary treatment can be expensive and you want to ensure that your beloved companion can always get the help that they need. You can pay around $50 month and this can be affordable to paying out thousands of dollars for treatment.

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