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Have you ever heard of the canis panther dog? If not, then you’re in for a real treat! These beautiful dogs are a mix of some beautiful dogs and are bred to be protective. However, you may be surprised to learn that while these dogs can be scary intimidating, they also have a softer side.

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If you’d like to learn more about these special dogs, then read on!

What is a Canis Panther Dog?

This is a dog breed that’s been bred from four other breeds, which include the Great Dane, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Labrador Retriever, and the Doberman Pinscher.

The breed has been around since the 1970s, but not many people are familiar with these dogs. The dogs were first bred by Cleotha “Scorpio” Jones, Michael Stratten, and Lucas Lopez. Their goal was to create a dog that would protect their families and property.

Their goal was to create a Doberman-type dog that was larger. If you look at the dogs, they are larger and more muscular than a Doberman.

The dogs were called “canis panther” dogs because of their coloring and their resemblance to black panthers. These are beautiful dogs who are protective, but they’re also very loyal and brave.

Canis panther dogs are known for having wide chests, muscular legs, and being large. They’re called a molosser type dog for this reason. They are in the same category as Dogo Argentinos and the Cane Corsos.

The canis panther breed is not recognized by the AKC; however, they are recognized by the Dog Registry of America and the Personal Protection Dog Association.

Characteristics of the Canis Panther Dog

These are beautiful dogs—here are their breed characteristics:

The canis panther, as you can see, is a large dog with lots of muscles. They have wide jaws and chests, too. Some pet parents dock the dog’s tail and crop their ears; however, this really isn’t necessary. It’s purely for aesthetic reasons.

Personality & Temperament

While these dogs look fierce and intimidating, they are very sensitive dogs. It’s said they even have two personalities: one they show to strangers and one that they keep for their families.

These dogs are highly intelligent, loyal, and obedient when they’ve had the right training and socialization. They are known for being very affectionate with their human families and loving lots of affection in return.

Canis panther dogs are extremely protective. They will defend their territory and will be aggressive with strangers. The canis panther has even been known to give its life in defending home and family. They also don’t deal well with other animals. However, they may get along with other dogs if these dogs are not dominant. Keep in mind a canis panther dog alpha male will not deal well with another alpha male nearby.

The good news is that when these dogs receive the right training and socialization, they make wonderful family companions. However, it’s not a good idea to leave these dogs alone with small kids. The same holds true for all dogs, though.


The canis panther is an intelligent, trainable dog. They learn very fast and want to be obedient. However, they are not the best choice for first-time pet parents. They require a dominant pet parent who understands the breed and how to handle them properly. If not trained well, a canis panther will believe he’s in charge, and that’s something you want to avoid.

These dogs also need plenty of socialization from a young age. Otherwise, they may become aggressive, especially toward strangers. However, even when properly trained and socialized, the canis panther dog may still be aggressive. So, it’s always important to use caution when introducing your dog to new people.


Canis panther dogs should be kept indoors with the family, especially when it’s cold. However, they also require plenty of outdoor time. They’re very athletic dogs that need plenty of exercise to keep energy in check.

Your dog will need at least 30-40 minutes of exercise a day. That’s the minimum. More would be better.

The Health of Canis Panther Dogs

The canis panther dog has an average lifespan of 10-12 years and will stay healthy with the proper care. However, it’s still possible for these dogs to suffer from health issues.

How Much Does a Canis Panther Cost?

A canis panther puppy may cost between $500 to over $2000 easily. The price for puppies can depend on the location of the breeder, the pedigree of the puppy’s parents, and how popular the kennel is. The size of the litter can also play in with the cost of a puppy. An average litter has between 4 and 6 puppies.

It’s always best to look for reputable breeders who are more concerned about the welfare of the dogs than making money. With a little research, you’ll be able to find the best breeders in your area.

There are some canis panther breeders that are extremely popular. These include:

You may also find canis panther dogs in rescues, though this isn’t very common.

Before You Buy a Canis Panther Dog

As mentioned earlier, these dogs need a lot of training and socialization. You must realize this is a very strong dog who wants nothing more than to love and protect his family. However, they need to be trained; without training, these dogs can be very aggressive.

For these reasons, if you’re not an experienced pet parent, you may want to consider another type of dog. The canis panther dog needs a pet parent who is dominant and experience—one who understands the breed and how to handle them.

Make no mistake—these can make wonderful family companion dogs in the right hands! There’s no dog more loving and devoted to his family than a canis panther dog!

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