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Have you ever heard of a Pomapoo? This is a furry friend that is known as a designer breed. In other words, this is a crossbreed that combines the Toy Poodle and the Pomeranian.  You can enjoy having an intelligent and loving canine in your home. Would you like to learn more about the Pomapoo to see if you can meet their needs? Let’s find out about this beloved companion.

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What Can I Expect from the Pomapoo?

You may hear the Pomapoo called a variety of names. This can include the Pomeroodle and the Pooranian. But they are the same canine if you want to adopt this pooch. They are typically a small canine that reaches a height of 8 to 10 inches. In addition, they are lightweight at 5 to 15 pounds. The average lifespan of the Pomapoo is around 12 to 15 years when they are happy and healthy.

The common colors you see for the Pomapoo’s coat are black, white, brown and sable. The fur can be short or medium in length. It is possible that the Pomapoo can be hypoallergenic. This is true if their coat is more like the Poodle parent. However, you will need to check this with a breeder if you have allergies so that you can make sure that they are the right dog for you.

Due to their size, the Pomapoo can be a good dog for a variety of households. For example, they are going to be able to adjust to apartment living, as well as living in a big house. In addition, they are a furry friend that is suited for first-time dog owners. This is due to their intelligence and ability to adapt to different situations.

Do They have a Good Temperament?

The Pomapoo is described as a happy and relaxed pooch. While they love to have fun and play, they are also content when they are lazing around the house. They love to spend time with their family and are a fantastic dog to have around children. In particular, they are going to have a strong bond with one member of the family. The Pomapoo is affectionate and loving.

One thing to know about the Pomapoo is that they do not like to be alone. In fact, they thrive when they are in a household that has more than one dog since they have a lot of affectionate to give. Therefore, if you are someone that is going to be out for some time during the day, ensure that you have several dogs who can keep each other occupied until you get back. Ensure that any socialization your canine goes through is done slowly. This is going to ensure that they have the best experience with other pups.

The Pomapoo may need some training when it comes to strangers. They might be wary of new people entering their household. This is something that can easily be overcome with training.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

For a small pooch, the Pomapoo has moderate energy levels. This means that you will have to be prepared to offer your furry friend daily walks. The Pomapoo will love the opportunity to explore their environment and to play in the park. They can be trained to enjoy exploring off leash. Since they are smart, they often learn commands very quickly compared to other breeds.

In addition, as this is an intelligent breed, the Pomapoo will have to be challenged mentally too. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercises for dogs. This is something that you can provide for your pup through toys and puzzles. Regular and short training sessions also help to tire out your canine and make them think. In particular, if you make training fun and rewarding, your Pomapoo is going to love it.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

The good thing about the Pomapoo is that they are referred to as light shedders. In other words, the Pomapoo is not going to leave a lot of fur lying around your home. Plus, they do not have a lot of grooming demands. They are easy to take care of and you will only have to brush your Pomapoo a few times per week. This is going to stop there being any tangles and knots that can become uncomfortable for your pup.

Since the Pomapoo has short to medium length fur, they are going to need some help to stay warm in the winter. If you live somewhere where the temperature drops or that enjoys snow, the Pomapoo is going to need a coat. In addition, during the summer, the Pomapoo will need sunscreen and to stay out of the sun when it is very hot during the day.

Where Can I Find a Pomapoo?

The Pomapoo is a canine with a lot of personality! They can be a fun addition to your family. So, if you are interested in adopting a Pomapoo, read on and find out how you can do this.

First of all, we always recommend visiting your local animal shelters. There are lots of dogs here that need a forever home. Of course, there may be a Pomapoo just waiting for you. They are not going to be the most common breed to find at the shelter. But designer dogs can still end up here for a variety of reasons.

Another way you can adopt a Pomapoo is by getting in touch with rescue organizations. They may be aware of a Pomapoo that needs a new home. You can also look online to see if any owners are trying to re-home their Pomapoo.

If you are looking for a Pomapoo puppy, you can also purchase one from a breeder. This is a designer pooch that can be expensive. But some families like to train and socialize their canine from a young age. Just be prepared to do a lot of research to find the right breeder with the best experience.

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