50 Horror Inspired Dog Names

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Do you enjoy horror movies, books, and TV series? Have you just adopted a puppy or a dog? If you answered yes to both questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

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We understand that finding that special name for your dog can be difficult. So, to help you out we’ve put together a list of names for dogs based on horror! We won’t let it get too scary!

OK, now it’s time to get started on the list of dog names we promised!

Dog Names for Halloween Lovers

Here are some great names based on Halloween!

1). Autumn (f): this would be a pretty name; fall is also the time of year when Halloween comes with all it’s goblins, ghosts and witches!

2). Bat (m/f): this is a great name for a black dog, or perhaps one that has ears that stick up. You might also choose this name if your fur baby has a somewhat “batty” (crazy) personality!

3). Bones: dogs love to chew on bones, and skeletons are a very popular Halloween decoration! Think of all the skeleton costumes you see each year!

4). Boo (m/f): this is a cute name that’s typical at Halloween. We say “boo” to scare people unexpectedly, and this is what ghosts are said to say when they appear to us.

5). Cackles: what a cute name for your dog! This would be an especially great choice for dogs that sometimes sound like they’re cackling or laughing.

6). Candy (f): what a cute name for a girl dog! Halloween is famous for kids going trick-or-treating for candy of all sorts!

7). Creeper: this might be a great name for a dark that is black or dark brown. Does your canine companion sometimes hide in the shadows and then pop out at you? Or does he sometimes like to creep across the ground like the guys in the army?

8). Elvira (f): this name is inspired by the TV hostess name Elvira, who hosted the show “Mistress of the Dark” back in the 80s. She was a vampire and dressed all in black, and even her hair was black.

9). Hocus: this is part of a phrase that witches are said to use in their magical incantations. They say “Hocus, pocus.” And if you’re adopting two dogs, you could name one “Hocus” and the other “Pocus.” How cute is that?

10). Pumpkin (m/f): this name comes from the popular fruit that’s carved on Halloween to make Jack-o-lanterns! This cute name might be a great fit for dogs that have reddish-goldish fur!

American Horror Story Dog Names

Here are some dog names inspired by the movie American Horror Story.

11). Vivien: comes from the character Vivien Harmon, who is very caring and focused on doing what’s best for her family. Vivian is a Latin name that means “alive.”

12). Queenie: is a witch in the movie who doesn’t appreciate people lowering her self-esteem. She works with other witches and eventually joins the Witches Council. Queenie is also a name that’s been used as a nickname, a term of endearment that means “wife or woman.”

13). Jimmy: this name comes from the character Jimmy Darling who is known for sticking up for his friends. He wants to be accepted and to have a normal life. Jimmy is a diminutive of the name “James,” a biblical name which means “supplanter.”

14). Violet: was a rebel in the movie—her character’s name weas Violet Harmon. She isn’t afraid of anything and does her own thing.

15). Iris: in the movie, this character wants to stay close to her son. To this end, she does many dark deeds for the countess, who keeps her son alive. Iris is a Greek name, which was the name for their goddess of the rainbow. It’s also the name of pretty spring flowers.

16). Lana: comes from the character named Lana Winters, who was a reporter in the movie. She wants to prove to men that women are just as good as they are. Lana is short for the name “Alana,” which means “handsome.”

17). Kit: is inspired by the character Kit Walker, who is a good man that has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit.

18). Constance: is the name of a woman character, Constance Langdon. She’s a caring mother who is also a troubled person. Her name means “constant and steadfast.”

19). Desiree: if a very confident person. She’s not afraid to fight or push back. Her name means “desired or wished.”

20). Cordelia: this name comes from the character Cordelia Foxx, who is like a mother to the girls in her care. She tries to protect the girls from the evil and works to break down the coven.

Witchy Dog Names

Here are some great witchy names for dogs!

21). Coven: this is the word used for a gathering of witches. This might be a great name for a black dog.

22). Lenox: this name is inspired by Tabitha Lenox, from the soap opera “Passions.” She is a witch who has been living in Harmony for over 300 years. She is unique in that when one body dies, she is later reborn into another identical body.

23). Jadis: is the name of the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

24). Mim: this name comes from Madame Mim, from The Sword in the Stone. She is a witch who has powers that are almost as strong as Merlin’s. She doesn’t like anything that’s wholesome.

25). West: this is the name of the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. She’s famous for her striped stockings!

26). Yaga: this is the name of the famous Czech witch Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga isn’t always evil—she is sometimes known for helping people. She’s a very scary-looking old woman, though, and she’s known for living in a house that’s mounted on chicken feet! Yes, her house can run on those feet!

27). Wizard: this is what male witches are called. They are also known for practicing strong magic, much like witches.

28). Harry: this name should come as no surprise—it’s the name of the main character in the Harry Potter book series!

29). Warlock: is the name of the character played by Julian Sands in the movie of the same name back in the 80s.

30). Maurice: is the name of Samantha Stephens father in the TV series Bewitched. While he could be somewhat overbearing, he was truly a caring father and grandfather.

Horror Female Dog Names

Here are some girl dog names inspired by horror!

31). Alice: from the character of this name in the movie Resident Evil.

32). Amity: was the name of a fictional island in Massachusetts and was the location for the first two Jaws movies.

33). Annie: is a derange villain who keeps her favorite author hostage in the movie Misery.

34). Barbara: was one of the main characters in the movie Night of the Living Dead.

35). Beverly: is the name of one of the seven children who joined forces against the evil clown Pennywise in Stephen King’s movie It.

36). Buffy: is the name of a vampire slaying woman from the movie and TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

37). Carrie: was the name of a teenager from the horror film of the same name.

38). Clarice: is the name of the FBI cadet who breaks the case in the movie Silence of the Lambs.

39). Lillian: was the name of a character from a strange town in the movie Super 8.

40). Regan: this is the name of the main character played by Linda Blair in The Exorcist.

Horror Themed Dog Names

Here are a few more dog names based on horror!

41). Alaric (m): is the name of a character from the series “Vampire Diaries.” This name means “noble leader.”

42). Casper: is the friendliest ghost in animated films! This is an English name that means “wealthy man.”

43). Dexter: is the name of the character played by Michael C. Hall in the TV series “Dexter.” Dexter is a blood-spatter analyst by day, and a serial killer by night. Doesn’t that just creep you out?

44). Norman (m): is the name of the main character from the 1960 movie Psycho.

45). Damien: is the name of one of the characters from the movie called The Omen. This has been called one of the scariest movies of all time.

46). Edward (m): this is one of the main characters from the series “Twilight.”

47). Michelle (f): comes from the character named Michael Mayer from the movie Halloween. When he was a little boy he murdered his sister, and then ended up in an insane asylum. The name “Michelle” is the feminine version of the boy’s name “Michael.”

48). Ichabod (m): from the movie and the book called The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” This is a Hebrew name that means “where’s the glory?”

49). Igor (m): is the name of an evil scientist in many books and movies.

50). Xander: is the name of one of the characters in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” This is a name that means “defender of men.”

Why Do People Enjoy Horror Movies?

Scary movies and stories have been around for thousands of years. The first horror story on record is the epic tale of Gilgamesh. This story comes straight from the Sumerians and includes monsters, fights, and more. It was written in the 2nd millennium BC and tells the story of Gilgamesh who may have a been a king of Uruk, a Sumerian city-state. Even before this story was written down, people told stories about scary monsters, heroes, and more.

What is the draw for scary stories? Psychology says it’s for the thrill and excitement you feel while watching, reading or hearing the story. Research has shown that when people watch horror movies their blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration increase. It’s a thrill, which is a little bit like riding a rollercoaster.

When the story or movie is over, the psychological effects are still in play. Everyone comes away from scary stories with different feelings.

In fact, your emotions may be intensified for quite a while afterwards. For some people, they may have had a great time with friends, and this is the takeaway. On the other hand, people who don’t like horror stories and movies may come away with a negative reaction.

Some people also enjoy horror movies because these can bring on excitement, curiosity, and more. And then other enjoy the special effects more. The adrenaline rush from watching the movie, while in a safe place, can also make people enjoy the thrill. And let’s face it, horror movies can take your mind off your problems for a while. What a distraction!

There you have it! We hope this list of horror-based dog names has brought some thrills and chills! And we hope you’ve found a great name for your dog!

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