Goldendoodle Breeders In Florida

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Dogs are “man’s best friend” for two major reasons. Firstly, we love them for their looks, secondly, we love them for the help and love they show to us.

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This is why a Goldendoodle is a perfect breed for dog lovers. They are a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. We all know how helpful a golden retriever can be, and how cute and cuddly a poodle is.

If you’re based in Florida and you’re looking to get a golden doodle, but don’t have a clue which breeders to get in touch with, then relax, we are here to help.

In this article, we will be listing out some Goldendoodle breeders in Florida.

1. My Little Doodle

If you live in the Casselberry area of Florida and you’re looking for medium-sized goldendoodle breeds, then you might want to check out My Little Doodle.

They aren’t the biggest goldendoodle breeders in Florida, but that’s because they only have 2 litters annually, and this allows them to focus their attention, love, and care to each goldendoodle puppy they breed.

If you’re really itching to get a fine goldendoodle puppy breed from them, then you will be required to make your reservation a couple of months in advance.

The wait will be worth it in the end!

Below are their contact details.

Location: Casselberry, Florida

Address: 5703 Red Bug Lake Road #113, Winter Springs, Florida, 32708

Telephone: 407-801-9442


2. Smart Doodle Puppies

For those who live in the Alva area of Florida, you’re in luck! Smart Doodle Puppies are top breeders of goldendoodle puppies you can visit.

They concentrate their efforts on breeding F1B goldendoodle puppies. You know what this means right? These pups are less likely to shed any hair, and they’ll be hypoallergenic since they are 25% golden retriever and 75% poodle.

The good news is, they are GANA blue ribbon approved, meaning they are trusted breeders of goldendoodles in Florida. There’s more good news! The pups are in optimum health, thanks to the strict fresh food diet they place their pups on.

As if that’s not enough, they spare you the task of having to potty-train the puppies, since they do that themselves when the puppies get to the tender age of just four weeks! And they do this right in the living room.

Below are their contact details.

Location: Located in Alva, Florida.


Email: Trish Wallace (

3. Grateful Doodles

It’ll be a shame if Jacksonville, one of the most popular cities in Florida doesn’t have a goldendoodle breeder you can count on. Thankfully they do!

Grateful Doodles are goldendoodle breeders located near Jacksonville, Florida, who over the years, have bred strong and healthy goldendoodle puppies. Originally kick-starting their operations from Texas, they have expanded all the way to Florida.

They focus on breeding small and medium-sized goldendoodle puppies, each of them having a 3-year health guarantee! This is commendable when you consider the fact that many other breeders only offer a 1 to 2-year health guarantee on their goldendoodle puppies.

Each goldendoodle puppy you find at Grateful Doodles is born and raised inside their mother/son supervised home.

The puppies are also taught how to socialize with humans from the get-go, is that they aren’t put in kennels. Rather, these breeders spend time with the puppies 24 hours of each day.

Before you take your goldendoodle pup home, the good people at Grateful Doodles make sure your puppy is health checked, veterinarian checked, and de-wormed. This would give you a high level of confidence, knowing you are taking a young and healthy puppy home.

Below are their contact details.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Address: Orange Park, FL (greater Jacksonville area)

Phone: 904-537-3698


4. Twin Flames Farm Golden Doodles

For those in the Glen St. Mary area of Florida, Twin Flames Farm Golden Doodles is probably your best bet!

First of all, they are accredited by the Goldendoodle Association Of North America (GANA). You’ll also be glad to hear the founder of GANA is their mentor!

This is a testament to the health quality of their goldendoodle puppies. All thanks to their tradition of following the strictest health and genetic testing carried out on every single goldendoodle puppy in their care.

They are located just 30 minutes away from Jacksonville, so if you’re a Jacksonville resident, you can also make a short trip there.

If you’re searching for a well-bred, strong, and healthy goldendoodle puppy, Twin Flames Farm Goldendoodles are the ones to call on!

Below are their contact details.

Location: Glen St. Mary, Florida

Address: 8942 Odis Yarborough Road, Glen St. Mary, Florida, 32040,

Telephone: 1-904-704-8779


5. Cosmopolitan Goldendoodles

If you’re around Micanopy, then you’re not left out, as Cosmopolitan Goldendoodles are there for you!

You have two options for getting your goldendoodle from them. They can either drop the puppy off at Gainesville Airport for you to pick up, or you can simply visit their home. Whichever works best for you.

Cosmopolitan is a mother/daughter partnership that has been breeding goldendoodle puppies for many years. They specialize in breeding all sizes of goldendoodles and they focus mainly on F1B and multi-generation dogs.

There is a 6-month waiting period for your goldendoodle, but the wait would be worth every second.

As you would expect from a top breeder, they are GANA approved, so you can rest assured you’ll be getting a strong, healthy goldendoodle!

Below are their contact details

Location: They are located near Micanopy, Florida. They can also meet you at Gainesville Airport for puppy pick up.

Address: Evinston, Florida

Telephone: 352-441-1861


There you have it, our list of goldendoodle breeders in Florida. Contact any one of them for further inquiries.

We trust the information provided here has been helpful. Thanks for reading!

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