50 Dog Names Meaning Blue Eyes

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Blue is a fascinating color. It’s the color of the sky, water, and more. And it’s a color that’s sometimes found in the eyes of some dog breeds!

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Are you the new pet parent of a fur baby who has two (or one) blue eyes? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of dog names that mean blue eyes. Let’s get started!

Male Dog Names That Mean Blue Eyes

Here are some great names for boy dogs who have blue eyes!

1). Eddy: is the term used for water that moves in a circular fashion, which is counter to the main current. You might think of this as something like a small whirlpool.

2). Neela: is a Hindi/Sanskrit name that means “sapphire blue.” Are your dog’s eyes this color? Then why not choose this name for him?

3). Murdoch: is a Gaelic name that means “protector of the sea”. What a poetic name for a dog who has blue eyes!

4). Caelum: is a Latin name that means “sky.” “Sky” is a very common dog’s name these days. If you really like that name, but would prefer something more unique, then this would be a pretty name for your dog.

5). Nilo: is the Indian word for a special blue robin found in Nepal. What an unusual name this would make for your blue-eyed dog.

6). Admiral: is the term for a dark blue shade, which is also the name of a leader in the Navy. What a great name this would make for a large dog.

7). Aegir: is the name of the Norse god of the sea. Does your fur baby enjoy playing in the sea or in water? Then why not choose this name for him?

8). Afina: is a Romanian word, which means “blueberry.” You might pick this name for your dog if this is your favorite fruit.

9). Mizu: is the Japanese term for “water.” Does your dog have eyes the color of water? Does he love to play in the water?

10). Peri: is short for the pretty blue flower known as periwinkle.

11). Azure: this is term that describes the color of the sky. If you love this shade of blue, then it might make a good name for your fur baby.

12). Bleu: is the French term for the color blue. This could be a great name for a Poodle or French dog breeds such as the French Bulldog, Dogue de Bordeaux, or the Briard.

13). China: is a term for blue eyes or spotted eyes in dogs. What a pretty name for such a unique dog!

14). Cobalt: is a chemical element that has been used for adding blue tint to glass and ceramics around the world. In fact, this element has been used in colorings from the Bronze Age.

15). Cyan: is a greenish blue, which is close to aqua. Did you know that cyan was originally made from the cornflower plant?

16). Indigo: is a blue that’s dark and sits between purple and midnight blue. If you love the midnight sky, this would be the perfect name for your dog.

17). Ocean: sometimes the ocean has a very blue cast. If your dog has this shade of blue in his eyes, then why not choose this as a unique name for him?

18). Skye: is a blue that’s just a little bit lighter than the color azure. This is also a popular dog name, which might be a great choice for shepherding or other working dogs.

19). Zaffre: is a deep blue pigment that is made by roasting cobalt ore.

20). Cerulean: is a blue that is somewhere between azure and sky blue. What a pretty name this could make for your male dog!

21). Han: is a blue pigment that was developed in China and used in imperial paintings rom 1045 BC to 220 AD. Plus, if you love Star Wars, this would make a great name for your dog!

22). Montana: there are two places in Montana that are famous for producing sapphires: El Dorado Bar and Yogo Gulch. The largest producing sapphire mine is currently in Gem Mountain in Montana.

23). Navy: this is the darkest shade of pure blue you can get.

24). Royal: is a rich blue, that’s a medium shade. If your dog is a purebred, then this might be a great name for him!

25). Slate: is a dark stone that has a bluish gray color.

26). Denim: is one of the toughest fabrics and it’s colored blue! It was long used by the cowboys in the Wild West, and today has become a global fashion statement.

27). Bile: is a Crow (Native American) word that means “water.” You might choose this name if your canine companion has light blue eyes.

28). Hento: is a Dakota (Native American) word that means “blue.” What a cute name this would make for a dog that’s working on the ranch!

29). Kits’a: is a Wichita (Native American) word that means “water.”

30). Hitomi: is the Japanese word for blue eyes. If you have Japanese heritage, or if you’ve adopted a Shiba Inu, then this might be the perfect name for your fur baby!

31). Frank: this name is inspired by the famous singer Frank Sinatra, who was famous for his big baby blues!

32). Mavi: is the Turkish word for “blue.”

33). Celestino: is a Latin name that means “belonging to heaven.” Here, think “sky.” What a beautiful name this would be for almost any dog!

34). Keyne: is a Cornish name that means “man of the eastern sky.” Here again, if your dog has sky blue eyes, this would be a great name for him!

Girl Dog Names that Mean Blue

Here are some girl dog names that refer to blue!

35). Alice: this was the name of a particular shade of pale blue that was preferred by Alice Roosevelt, who was the daughter of Teddy Roosevelt.

36). Azura: is a Spanish name that means “sky blue.” Do your canine companion’s eyes remind you of the sky?

37). Baby: as in “baby blue,” this is shade of blue that’s very pale and almost borders on grey.

38). Capri: is a shade of blue that’s a very deep sky blue, and it’s the color of the Mediterranean Sea.

39). Doli: is a Native American word that means “bluebird.”

40). Lapis: this is a deep blue gemstone that was once used in ancient times to create ultramarine dyes and pigments.

41). Maya: is an ancient shade of blue used in Central America to this day.

42). Sapphire: is a blue gemstone that is said to be symbolic of power and strength. It’s also symbolic of kindness and good judgement. So, if your fur baby is kind and strong, and has blue eyes, here’s the best name for her!

43). Teal: this is a blue-green shade of blue, which is said to represent the coming together of Earth and heaven. How poetic! Plus, it’s a beautiful shade of blue!

44). Robin: this is a particular shade of blue for eggs that are laid by the beautiful spring bird, the robin.

45). Ambreen: is an Arabic name, which means “sky.”

46). Lake: this is a word that comes form the English, and refers to a body of deep, fresh water. This would be a fitting name for your dog if she has blue eyes and loves to swim in the lake!

47). Lilac: is a blue shade that borders on purple. It’s also the name of a fragrant spring flower.

48). Livia: is a Spanish name, which means “blue, envious.” This would be a great name for a dog who is very lively and petite.

49). Meena: is a Hindi name, which means “blue semiprecious stone bird.”

50). Mora: is a Spanish name, which means “blueberry.” Do you love this fruit? Does your canine companion have very deep, intense blue eyes?

51). River: is a name that reminds us of blue waters. If your dog loves to swim and play in the water, then this would be a great name for her.

52). Sini: is a Finnish name that means “blue.”

53). Thanh: is a Vietnamese name, which means “bright blue, brilliant.” If this describes your dog’s eyes, then this would be the perfect name for her.

54). Turquoise: is a stone that’s found in various parts of the world, which varies in color from deep sky blue to greenish-blue.

55). Aqua: is a Spanish word that means “blue.”

56). Bluebell: is an English name, which means “blue bell,” and may refer to the flower of the same name.

57). Cyane: is a Greek name, which means “bright blue enamel.”

58). Fairuza: is a Turkish name that means “turquoise.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ve found the perfect “blue” name for your dog!

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