Corgi Cattle Dog – Australian Cattle Dog & Corgi Mix

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Corgi Cattle Dog

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Have you ever heard of the Corgi Cattle Dog? If not, then you’re definitely in for a treat! We’ve put together some information about these amazing dogs and what you can expect if you adopt one! Let’s get started!

What is a Corgi Cattle Dog?

You may be familiar with Corgis, but what about the Corgi Cattle Dog? The Corgi Cattle Dog, also sometimes referred to as the Cowboy Corgi, is a mix between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Australian Cattle dog. These are so-called designer dogs, which are a hybrid dog breed. They usually stay about the size of a Corgi and have the coloring of an Australian Cattle dog. These dogs also tend to have happy personalities and are eager to please. What’s more, they remain working dogs, like their parents!

Cowboy Corgis are extremely intelligent dogs who love to work. They have tons of energy and courage and need plenty of exercise. They also tend to be very independent, which makes them capable of working alone.

History of Cowboy Corgis

The two breeds that create the Cowboy Corgi are both unique and interesting. The Australian Cattle Dog, also called a Blue Heeler, was first bred in the 19th century. Their job was to herd cattle on the ranch, where they still work today. Australian Cattle dogs also love to be a part of the family and everything going on with their humans.

Blue Heelers are known for being very loyal and protective of their families. However, they do tend to be cautious of strangers. These dogs are also excellent at all canine sports and thrive at agility, obedience, flying disc, and other competitions. Because they’re so intelligent and active, they require lots of exercise and mental stimulation! They’ll keep going, even after you wear out!

The other parent of the Cowboy Corgi is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These dogs were also bred to herd livestock. These dogs are highly active and intelligent. The dogs also want to please their pet parents and love being part of a family. Even though they have short legs, Corgis can move in a flash! These dogs also like to be very vocal, which may translate into lots of barking. They can also be quite stubborn.

As you can see, the hybrid mix of a Corgi and an Australian Cattle dog will result in a lively, strong, happy dog who loves to please but may have a stubborn streak and a mind of his own. For this reason, Cowboy Corgis aren’t recommended for first-time pet parents who lack the knowledge and experience of dealing with dogs of this type.

It’s not entirely clear when the Cowboy Corgi first came along. However, designer dogs first became popular in the 1990s. So, it’s possible this is when the Cowboy Corgi was first introduced. We’re just not sure.

How Big Are Cowboy Corgis?

Cowboy Corgis are classified as medium-sized dogs. However, they’re usually small, more like their Corgi parent. These dogs can weigh just under 30 lbs, and they maintain the stout, long figure of the Corgi.

These dogs are usually between 13-20 inches tall and keep their short legs! They tend to have thick bodies, in spite of being so active. While Cowboy Corgis may look like the Corgi, they usually have the facial features and coat colors of the Australian Cattle dog.

Cowboy Corgi Temperament & Personality

The Cowboy Corgi’s temperament and personality depend on which parent they resemble most. But we can tell you that both the Blue Heeler and the Corgi are extremely family oriented. These dogs are also wary of strangers, so they may bark if strangers come to your home. However, these dogs are very affectionate and will be very loving. They want nothing more than to stay by your side!

In addition to being loyal and affectionate, Cowboy Corgis are also very loyal and alert dogs. They’re also highly intelligent. Remember that Corgis even work alone! This is how smart they are! This same intelligence can be passed on to their puppies.

Because these hybrid dogs are so intelligent, they require a lot of training. Both parents tend to be stubborn, which can make training a little challenging for the inexperienced. The Cowboy Corgis learn very quickly; however, they may choose not to obey! This is the problem. It may take extra effort and persistence to get the dog to cooperate.

Having said that, Cowboy Corgis can make wonderful family dogs. They tend to see their family as a pack, which they must love and protect. Cowboy Corgis also do well in families that have children. However, the kids must be taught how to properly treat the dog. And the dog and kids should never be left unsupervised.

These designer dogs also do well with single people who are active and like to be outdoors.

Cowboy Corgis Like to Herd

The Cowboy Corgi’s parents are both shepherding dogs, which means these hybrid fur babies love herding. It’s literally in their blood! So, if you don’t have a herding job for your dog, then be warned. These dogs will find something to herd.

The dogs may try to herd kids, cats, adults who don’t move fast enough, and more. The Cowboy Corgi has a tendency to nip to get everyone to move as they should! This is the natural behavior that the dogs use when herding cattle. If your canine companion tries to herd everyone in the house, then it’s time to consider some training sessions to curb this behavior.

Another way to help your dog with his herding obsession is to get him involved in dog herding competitions. You may find these nearby or find herding classes, which allow your dog to follow his natural instincts. As he uses up his energy to herd, he’ll be better behaved and too tired to herd everyone in the house!

Cowboy Corgis need a job–these hybrid dogs come from working dog parents who love to herd. Cowboy Corgis love to work, but they also need to work in order to be happy and healthy. They need a job to do, so they stay engaged and fulfilled. Letting them work also gets rid of excess energy, which is especially important if you want the Cowboy Corgi as a house dog.

Cowboy Corgi Health Issues

Just as with other hybrid dogs, the Cowboy Corgi is also prone to certain health conditions. These are usually inherited from the parents. There’s no way to tell for sure what the conditions a dog may develop. It really depends on the genetics he’s inherited. However, we can say that Cowboy Corgis may be prone to the following conditions:

No matter your dog’s genetics, it’s always a good idea for your dog to have regular vet examinations. Regular checkups can help spot a problem early before it becomes a major health issue. What’s more, health problems that are not treated can lead to debilitating problems and even death. So, be sure to get your dog to the vet for checkups and vaccinations. He will have better health as a result.

Another thing you may want to consider is investing in good pet health insurance. These policies can help cover the cost of some medical expenses your dog may experience.

Cowboy Corgi Grooming

These designer dogs are quite easy to groom, even though they have a double coat. However, this is not a hypoallergenic dog. They do produce some dander, which could set for anyone who is allergic to dogs.

Cowboy Corgis need to be brushed at least once a week, which helps to remove dead hair. It also controls shedding. These dogs will shed twice a year, in the spring and fall. These are the times of year when the dog’s coat changes to adapt to the coming season.

During shedding season, you may want to consider purchasing a de-shedding tool. These help to get the dead hair out.

When it comes to needing a bath, Cowboy Corgis only need one about once a month or maybe every six weeks. It depends on how dirty and smelly the dog becomes. It’s best to use a shampoo designed for dogs that have double coats. And it’s helpful to use a double-coat conditioner for dogs, too. These are easy to find in just about any pet shop.

Feeding a Cowboy Corgi

When it comes to feeding the Cowboy Corgi, it’s best to find a high-quality dog food that provides all the nutrients very active dogs need. Active dogs need about 17% to 25% of protein in their diet. This can include beef, chicken, fish, and more lean meats.

An adult dog will need about ¾ of a cup of dog food served twice a day. However, it’s also essential to make sure your designer dog gets plenty of exercise to avoid becoming obese.

Some Cowboy Corgis are prone to having a sensitive stomach and skin issues. These could be caused by allergies. So, it’s best to check with the vet if your dog has these problems. The vet may need to conduct allergy tests for your dog to determine if his dog food is part of the problem.

For dogs who become obese, the vet may recommend a dog food that has fewer calories.

Cowboy Corgis & Exercise

In case you haven’t noticed through the article, the Cowboy Corgi is an extremely active dog! They require a ton of exercise. If these dogs don’t get the right amount of exercise, you can expect trouble. They need a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise per day; however, more exercise is better.

We also have to say that these dogs are always up for a running adventure! They love chasing balls and flying discs in the backyard but equally enjoy a run off-leash at the dog park. These dogs also enjoy exploring new places.

Another great thing about these dogs is they can easily adapt to living in an apartment or a small house. Even so, they will need plenty of exercise every day.

Are Cowboy Corgis Good with Families?

Yes, Cowboy Corgis make excellent family dogs. They’re also great with kids and tend to become protective of them. They love hugs and attention; however, they’re also independent and won’t get jealous if someone else or another pet is receiving attention.

Cowboy Corgis also do well with a single person as their family. These dogs are highly adaptable. They want to be with their favorite person and get outside to burn off energy!

What’s more, these dogs are very loyal companions. However, as noted earlier, they can be somewhat wary of strangers and try to protect their family. This could lead to the dog becoming aggressive or even antisocial. So, it’s essential to ensure your dog has been trained and socialized to keep this from happening.

Male or Female Cowboy Corgi?

Male and female Cowboy Corgis tend to be a bit different. For instance, males are usually more relaxed and easy-going. They are happy most of the time and are affectionate, without being a Velcro dog. And they aren’t overly aggressive.

On the other hand, female Cowboy Corgis are more alpha than males. They are both more stubborn and aggressive. However, the girls also tend to be more affectionate, though they aren’t Velcro dogs.

How Much Are Cowboy Corgi Puppies

If you’d like to buy a Cowboy Corgi puppy, always buy from a reputable breeder. Stay away from breeders who run puppy mills. While the puppies may be cheaper, those coming from puppy mills usually are not in good health and suffer from major genetic problems. However, puppies that come from a reputable breeder are usually in great health and have had their first shots and checkups.

Cowboy Corgi puppies may cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500, depending on the breeder and the puppy’s ancestry. However, you may also be able to find one of these lovely dogs in a rescue or shelter. They’re as deserving of having a fur ever home and having a great life with a family they can love!

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