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Are you the lucky parent of a Corgi? Are you wondering how much exercise your Corgi needs? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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In this article, we’ll take a look at the Corgi dog breed, how much exercise they need, and then share some fun activities you and your Corgi can enjoy together! Let’s get started!

What is a Corgi?

Did you know Corgis were originally bred to herd cattle? Many people have a hard time believing this since Corgis have those little, short legs. But don’t let those short legs fool you! When they were used for herding, Corgis had no trouble keeping up with errant cattle and keeping them in line. However, you can see that these are dogs full of energy.

Corgis are also highly intelligent and task-oriented. This means they are perfect candidates when it comes to exercise. They also need plenty of mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. S

This is a dog breed that’s also extremely loyal and easy to train. They’re sometimes trained as watchdogs, as they’re great at keeping your home safe with their bark. Their bark sounds like it’s coming from a dog about three times their size!

How Much Exercise Does a Corgi Need?

An adult Corgi needs at least one hour of exercise a day; however, more is better. Remember, Corgis are intelligent dogs who need a challenge. If boredom sets in, you’ll have a Corgi who becomes destructive and acts out in other ways. Those ways can include digging large holes in the back yard, chewing on just about anything, and more.

Another important thing to remember is that Corgis are prone to become overweight or even obese if they don’t have enough exercise. Being overweight is enough to cause back, hip, and joint problems. This is partly due to their long, low backs. So, your fur baby needs plenty of regular exercise to stay fit, happy, and healthy!

Exercises for Your Corgi

Here are some fun activities and exercises you and your Corgi can enjoy together!

1). Daily Walk/Jog

Each day, your Corgi fur baby will need at least an hour of walking each day. Two hours is better, however. This time can be broken up between two parts of the day—one in the morning and the next in the late evening. Keep in mind that a walk around the block is not enough.

When walking your Corgi, you might use a retractable leash. This way, he’ll have the ability to run “free” without running off. He can stop and smell things, check out the scenery, and more.

Your fur baby may also appreciate being on a regular schedule. This way, he’ll be able to look forward to spending time with you each day!

And don’t forget about hiking! Corgis love to hike and the stamina to prove it! Corgis are filled with curiosity and love to explore new places. So, if you love hiking, your Corgi probably will, too. Keep in mind that rocks and difficult terrain may be too challenging for your dog’s short legs. Corgis will prefer walking through thick forest and grassy areas.

Not only do Corgis make great walking/hiking companions, but they also make great jogging companions. You’d think those short legs wouldn’t be much use for running; however, those short legs are what the dogs used for herding cattle. So, if your Corgi’s in good shape and healthy, then you might consider taking him on jogs with you each day.

2). Herding Balls

Herding balls are an excellent toy/tool when it comes to providing exercise for your Corgi. Herding balls help the dogs wear off energy while using their natural abilities to herd.

Herding balls are fun because they wobble in unexpected ways. The balls are also heavy and can’t usually be picked up and carried. Instead, the dogs use these to chase and “herd.”

You might consider this herding ball:

Jolly Ball: this is a herding ball that comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. It’s designed to stay in constant motion and is tough enough for almost any dog. The ball can be filled with water or sand to make it even more challenging for the dog to herd. Jolly balls are made in the USA.

3). Flirt Pole

Flirt poles have become very popular with pet parents and their dogs! While it sounds like something a little bit strange, the flirt pole is pretty normal. It has a long handle, which has a bungee rope at one end, which has a toy attached to the end. To have fun with your dog, you just move the toy along the ground, in circles, or even in the air. Your dog will chase after it!

This is a great activity for Corgis, as it uses all their muscles and gets them to burn off quite a bit of energy.

4). Swimming

Corgis love to swim! This is another great exercise that will get your fur baby to use all of his muscles. Plus, swimming is easy on the joints.

If your Corgi hasn’t been swimming, then you may need to teach him how. So, to keep him safe, you may want to consider a doggie life jacket, like the one below.

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket: this life jacket is available in several and colors and sizes, so you won’t have trouble finding the right fit for your fur baby. It’s designed in bright colors that are easy to see in the water, and each one is made with reflective accents to provide more visibility. Plus, the vest works to keep your dog’s head out of the water. This vest is perfect for new swimmers or those who are experienced.

5). Fetch

We’re pretty sure your Corgi will love to play fetch with you! Whether you choose a ball, frisbee, or another toy, your fur baby will chase it down!

One thing we found when researching this article is that Corgis may not want to “drop” the toy after fetching! This is because the dog may expect a treat or bribery to drop it. If you choose to give your Corgi a treat, be sure to only do this once in a while. Otherwise, your dog will be in danger of gaining weight, which is very dangerous for Corgis.

So, there you have it! Corgis will be happy with just about any type of exercise. Mostly, they just want to be with you and spend as much time as possible with you. Having fun while exercising is a great way to deepen the bond between you and your Corgi.

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