Border Terriers Owner’s Guide

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The Border Terrier has become a popular dog for family households. They are known for their good nature and intelligence. Would you like to learn more about the Border Terrier and whether this is the ideal pooch for you and your family? Let’s take a look at the needs of this canine.

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What can I Expect from the Border Terrier?

The Border Terrier is a canine that originated near the Scottish border. It is an older dog breed, existing from around the 18th century. They had a job to hunt foxes for farmers and they were easily able to get down into narrow holes and flush out the foxes for them. They thrived on this work and it was very enjoyable for the Border Terrier.

You will find that the Border Terrier has a wiry coat that is thick to touch. This is due to having an undercoat. The common colors you will see for this breed are tan, wheaten and red. Some furry friends can have white markings too. You can expect your pooch to be around 10 to 11 inches in height, as well as weighing around 11 to 15 pounds. The average lifespan is 12 to 15 years.

Do They have a Good Temperament?

The Border Terrier is known for being a friendly and loving canine. They adore their family and will enjoy spending time with you. They are also playful and they like to be active during the day. This is due to their working background. They are also alert and this can make the Border Terrier a good watchdog for your family.

When it comes to training, the Border Terrier is interesting. They are an intelligent pooch and they like to please their owners. However, when they used to hunt, this was activity they did themselves and they still like their independence. Therefore, it may depend on your Border Terrier’s personality whether they are easy to train or not. The key is to be firm and make it fun for your pup. Always use positive rein enforcement too.

The Border Terrier will have a high prey drive. It will be recommended to work with them extensively on their off leash behavior. In addition, it is recommended to socialize your pooch from a young age.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

The Border Terrier will need a good amount of exercise every day to be happy and stay fit. This should be for at least one hour per day, whether it is going for a walk or playing fetch in the park. This is going to ensure that your Border Terrier can burn off any excess energy and to have some fun. This will make your furry friend calmer and more content in the house. Without exercise every day, your pooch may become destructive in the house, such as chewing on furniture and your belongings. They might also bark a lot and disrupt your house.

Do not forget that the Border Terrier is intelligent and was a hunting dog. This means that you need to provide your canine with mental stimulation throughout the day. This can be provided through toys, as well as training sessions and playing with your pup.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

You may think that the wiry coat of the Border Terrier does not need a lot of work. However, you will still have to brush their pooch once to twice every week. This is going to ensure their coat is comfortable for them. In addition, the Border Terrier does require stripping after around six months. This is the process of removing the dead hair from their coat. A lot of owners try this themselves but find it difficult. So, you can approach a professional groomer for this task.

The good thing about the wiry texture of the Border Terrier’s coat is that it can repel dirt. Therefore, you do not have to bathe your canine very often. For instance, if your pup has been rolling in dirt, you can use a shampoo to clean their coat.

Where Can I Find a Border Terrier?

The fun-loving and affectionate Border Terrier is a wonderful pooch to have in your household. They can complete your family. So, if you are wanting to add this furry friend to your family, you will be wondering where you can find one. There are several ways you can start your search for a new companion.

First, head to your local animal shelter. There are going to be a lot of dogs here that are looking for a new family. This can include a Border Terrier. This canine will not be the most popular you will find in the animal shelter. But they can pop up and it is best to be patient and visit a few times to find one. In the process, you may find another dog that you love too.

You can start your search for a Border Terrier online too. There are Border Terrier charities that can help you re-home this pup. This can be another affordable way to add this canine to your home and it is a rewarding experience too. You can also search and see if any owners are trying to re-home their Border Terrier. They may post their own online advert to find their canine a new home. Just make sure that you ask plenty of questions and find out if you can meet the needs of the dog.

The last option you have is to find a Border Terrier breeder in your area. There are going to be several options and you will have to take your time and find one that has a lot of experience and a good reputation. If the price is too low and seems too good, it probably is. Unfortunately, there are puppy mills out there and you have to ensure that you avoid them. Always request to see the parents of your Border Terrier puppy before you agree to buy one.

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