Bloodhounds Owner’s Guide

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Are you looking for a large and adorable pup to add to your family? Would you like a companion out on the trails? Then you can consider the Bloodhound. This affectionate and slobbery dog can make the perfect companion if you are looking for a scent dog or want to have fun outdoors. They make a good family pet when you can meet their needs. So, would you like to find out more about the Bloodhound? Let’s take a look at exactly what this pooch needs to thrive.

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What Can I Expect from the Bloodhound?

The Bloodhound is a sweet dog that was originally used to trail big animals such as deer and boar. Everybody knows them for their keen sense of smell and this is something they enjoy to this day. They are a working breed and they can excel in hunting, search and rescue and with the police.

The Bloodhound is a large canine and they can reach a height of between 23 and 27 inches tall. They are also going to weigh around 80 to 110 pounds. Male Bloodhounds tend to be heavier and larger than females. The average lifespan that this canine can enjoy is around 11 to 15 years old when they are happy and healthy.

Do They have a Good Temperament?

When it comes to the personality of your Bloodhound, they are going to be different. You will find that some Bloodhounds are playful and goofy. Others want to do their own thing and they can be stubborn. Most Bloodhounds will love to spend time with people and they are going to thrive when they have a job to do since they like to be active.

Training will be essential for this large pooch. They lead with their nose and this means that they are going to do anything to follow a scent. You will have to work hard to train your canine to walk nicely on a leash. In addition, since they will be off when a good scent is around, they might struggle with good recall.

The Bloodhound is a dog that likes to have a pack. While they love their family, they also want to be around other dogs. Therefore, the Bloodhound is going to thrive when they are living with other furry friends.

They also like to chew a lot. But this can become dangerous in the house. They are known to chew personal belongings and dangerous items. So, ensure that your Bloodhound has their own toys and learns that this is what they can chew in the home.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

There are a lot of people that assume the Bloodhound is a lazy dog breed. This is often the picture that is portrayed of them on television and in movies. However, this is not true. If you are thinking about adopting a Bloodhound, you need to be aware that this pooch is a working breed. This means that they are happiest when they are active and they have a job to do. Indeed, you will have to be committed to exercising your Bloodhound. This includes at least two walks daily.

It is best to always have a yard for your Bloodhound. This can give them space during the day and help them stay amused. Ensure that it has a strong fence. This is a canine that will follow a scent at any cost and this can get them in trouble. This also applies when your Bloodhound is on a walk. They are known to stray and follow a scent. So, ensure that your furry friend has excellent recall before allowing them off leash.

Do They Require a lot of Grooming?

When it comes to grooming, there is not a lot involved with the Bloodhound. They have a short coat and this is going to require a brush on a weekly basis. You will find that your furry friend sheds during the year. So, you may have to vacuum regularly during certain months.

The most important thing you have to do with your Bloodhound is to ensure that all of their skin folds are cleaned. They can be a slobbering breed and this is something that you will have to be prepared for. In addition, you should clean the wrinkles your Bloodhound has every day. This is going to prevent them from becoming infected and uncomfortable for your pup. In particular, you should clean your Bloodhound’s mouth after they have eaten.

The ears of the blood can also be prone to infection. This means that you should clean them out on a weekly basis. There are special ear cleaners for dogs that you can use. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can ask your veterinarian.

Where Can I Find a Bloodhound?

Bloodhounds are wonderful canines to have once you understand their needs and personality. There are several ways you can welcome this furry friend into your home. First, you can check your local animal shelter. There are going to be a lot of canines here that are looking for a forever home. While Bloodhounds are not going to be the most popular breed at the shelter, there will be some that need to be re-homed.

Another option is to look online for a Bloodhound. There are charities that can help you find a pooch, as well as owners trying to sell their furry friend. There can be many reasons why a person wants to re-home their pup. Just make sure that you ask questions and learn everything you can about the dog before agreeing to buy them.

You can also find a Bloodhound breeder in the area. They are going to sell puppies from around eight weeks old. This can be an expensive way to get a Bloodhound. But it can mean that you raise your beloved companion from a young age. This can allow you to get a head start on training and socialization. Just be prepared that going down this route can be expensive.

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