65 Best Big Dog Names

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Do you have a large dog and would like to find a great name for them? Or do you have a puppy that will grow up to be pretty large and you need a name he can grow into? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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We’ve put together a list of big dog names that are sure to please any pet parent. But these names aren’t just for big dogs. They also make a great choice for small dogs, especially if you’d like to have a fun, cute name for your tiny fur baby.

Let’s get started!

Big Dog Names Boy

Here are some great big dog names male that may be a great fit for your boy dog!

1). Babe: remember the Blue Ox that belonged to Paul Bunion? Babe made some of the lakes in Minnesota with his footprints! This could be a great name if your dog has blue fur, or very large feet!

2). Arnold: this name is inspired by the famous bodybuilder and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This might be the perfect name for a Great Pyrenees dog.

3). Atlas: this name comes from the mythological Titan who was thought to hold the sky on his shoulders.

4). Attila: from ancient history, this is was the name of a great warrior, Attila the Hun.

5). Avenger: this is the name of the famous comic team of superheroes from Marvel.

6). Baloo: remember that great bear from Disney’s The Jungle Book? This could be a great name for a ChowChow or a Eurasier dog.

7). Boone: this is the last name of a famous American pioneer Daniel Boone. He has huge fame in the U.S., so if you have a dog who is very large, then this could be a great name for him.

8). Captain America: this is the name of one of the Avenger superheroes. You could shorten the name to “Cap,” which we think is cute for a small or large dog.

9). Clifford: remember the big red dog from your kids’ books? If you have a large red dog, such as a Golden Retriever, this would be a great name for him!

10). Grand: in French, this word means ‘large,” and could be a great name for a Dogue de Borbeaux, a French Bulldog, or even a Poodle.

11). Marmaduke: this is the name of the famous Great Dane from the cartoon of the same name. If you have a Great Dane, this could be a huge name for him!

12). Ookii: in Japanese, this word means “large,” and could be a great name for a  Shiba Inu.

13). Shamu: this is the name of the famous killer whale who lived at Seaworld. While Shamu was a girl, this could still be a great name for a large male dog.

14). Maximus: this is a name that means “great.” If you have a dog with a wonderful, large personality, and/or who comes from a large breed, then this is the perfect name for him!

15). Moose: this is one of the largest animals that roams forests and tundra in the north.

16). Bear: have you seen a large bear in person? They can be somewhat intimidating! However, a large dog that looks like a bear usually has a very gentle nature.

17). Tank: this is a popular name for large dogs who are tough and built like a tank. However, it could also be a cute name for a small dog such as a Chihuahua who has a large personality.

18). Samson: this is the name of a very strong warrior in the Bible. He was famous for his strength, which resided in his hair. Do you have a very large, strong dog? Then this could be a fitting name for him, one that you could even shorten to “Sam.”

19). Buck: this is what a male deer is called, or a male elk. Male deer and elk can be quite large!

20). Sierra: this is the name of a great mountain range in the state of California. If you have a large dog, and happen to live in the West, then this could be a great name for your canine companion.

21). Denali: this is the name of the highest mountain peak in North America! This peak is found in Alaska, and could be a fitting name for a Bernese Mountain dog.

22). Sky: what could be larger than the blue sky we see overhead? Does your dog have large big eyes the color of the sky?

23). Rex: this name is inspired by the large dinosaur called the T-Rex. Is your dog the head of the pack? Does he believe he’s in charge? This could be an apt name for him!

24). Mack: this name is inspired by the large trucks of the same name. This could be the perfect name for a large bulldog, or another type of large, strong dog.

25). Ranger: remember the old TV series called The Lone Ranger? The Rangers were truly men in Texas called rangers. They were founded in 1823 and helped to protect new families who came to settle Texas after the Mexican War of Independence.

Big Dog Names from Movies

Here are some large dog names inspired by the movies!

26). Digby: from the movie Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World (1973). In this movie, the dog eats a bowl of Project X, which is a liquid growth formula. After this, he becomes a very gigantic sheep dog!

27). Belle: this name comes from the animated series called Belle and Sebastian (1981 – ). In this movie, Belle is a huge sheepdog.

28). Dinky Dog: this name is inspired by the animated series Dinky Dog (1978- ). Dinky is the largest dog in the world has many misadventures!

29). Beethoven: this is the name of a famous composer but is also the name of a dog in the movie of the same name Beethoven (1992). The dog in this movie is a very large St. Bernard who has a tendency to drool quite a bit.

30). Einstein: from the movie Back to the Future (1985). Einstein was the dog who was a sheepdog that belonged to Dr. Emmett Brown. And don’t forget, Einstein is also the name of one of the greatest physicists from the 20th century.

Big Dog Names Funny 

Here are some big dog names that are funny, but cute!

31). Hercules: this is the name of the Roman hero who was also a god.

32). Hulk: this is the name of a huge character from Marvel Comics, who is green and rather large when he becomes angry.

33). Kong: this is the name of the very huge, giant gorilla in the King Kong movies. He first appeared back in 1933 and has been a very popular character ever since.

34). Rocky: is the name of a film series about a boxer who overcomes great odds.

35). Tex: this is the shortened name of the second largest state in the U.S., Texas.

36). Stormy: is a hit song by the famous Mammas and the Pappas back in 1968.

37). Sarge: this is the shortened form of the rank of Sergeant in the military.

38). Sumo: is a Japanese sport where wrestlers who are large in size wrestle one another in a large ring.

39). Shrek: this is the name of a comedy film of the same name, about a large green monster who has some fun adventures!

40). Everest: this is the name of the highest mountain the world, which is located in the Himalayas.

Big Dog Name Generator

Still having trouble finding the right name for your fur baby? Then why not consider using a dog name generator that can help you find the perfect name for your big dog?

The Dog Name Generator: this is a fun dog name generator that offers 10 different names that can be related to wolves. This tool will randomly generate dog names based on some choices you make on the form. You can choose “Get Dog Names,” “Get Wolf Names” “Get Other Name.s” When we tried the “Get Wolf Names” generator, we got these large dog names:

41). Azurys

42). Bronzebone: we like this name—it sounds a bit like a large dog who is somewhat of a pirate.

43). Peter

44). Eeka

45). Stark

46). Goldheart (one of our favorites!): this sounds like a pretty name for a large lady dog who has a golden heart, along with long, flowy golden hair such as a Golden Retriever.

47). Coaleye: this is a fun name! If your fur baby has black eyes that remind you of coal, it would be a perfect fit!

48). FrostyPaws: this could be a great name for an Alaskan Malamute, a St. Bernard, or a Siberian Huskay, which are all dog breeds that do well in the cold!

49). Pride

50). Strongsong

The Rover site also offers a great dog name generator and it’s easy to use. Just choose whether you’d like a male or female name, select your dog’s breed and click on “Show me the names.” We used the generator to come up with some girl names for large breed dogs:

51). Fendi

52). Bella

53). Zinnia

54). Finley

55). Moxie

56). Lunna

57). Princess Leia (of Star Wars fame).

58). Harper

59). Tallulah

60). Aspen

On another site called All Things Dog, we found another fun dog name generator! It’s easy to use and returns one name at a time. You just choose your dog’s gender, and an attribute that describes your dog, such as whether he’s big, small, funny, or a puppy, then just click enter and you’ll get a name! Here are some names we got when looking for boy names for large dogs:

61). Seatton

62). Boss

63). Odem

64). Taz

65). Buster

That’s all the large dog names for today! We hope you had fun with our list of names for dogs, along with the dog name generators! And most of all we hope you were able to find the best name for your fur baby!

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