5-Month-Old English Bulldog – Find Yours!

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5-Month-Old English Bulldog

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Are you considering adopting an Old English bulldog? If so, then you may have questions about the best place to find your fur baby! You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together information on the best places to find an Old English bulldog and what you can expect with a five-month-old Old English bulldog. Let’s get started!

What is an Old English Bulldog?

Old English bulldogs are large dogs that look like bulldogs! These are dogs that are sturdy, muscular, and big-boned. However, they’re also athletic! They tend to have blocky heads and powerful jaws combined with a broad muzzle. The dog’s ears may hang down or stand up. Old English bulldogs also have short, powerful necks and stocky, short legs. They’re really very cute and adorable!

Old English bulldogs are known for being extremely loyal, easy-going, protective, and bold (when necessary). Some people believe these dogs look very tough and as if they’re looking for a fight. In reality, Old English bulldogs are gentle, sweet-natured dogs who are eager to please. They love nothing more than being with their families. The dogs are also very responsive to training.

This dog breed also has a reputation for being determined and courageous. While that’s the case, they are affectionate with their family and friends. However, these dogs will protect their home and family when necessary.

The best pet parent for these dogs is someone who understands the Old English bulldog breed and how to handle them. These dogs thrive when trained with positive reinforcement methods.

Old English bulldogs tend to weigh between 50 to 80 lbs and stand between 16 and 20 inches tall. The dogs are medium-sized, which means they can adapt to almost any lifestyle. However, they don’t do well in extreme hot or cold climates. And they can be subject to breathing difficulties due to their squished in faces. Their average life expectancy is about 11 years or more.

These dogs need plenty of exercise; however, they will be happy with a daily walk of about 60 minutes. This can be divided into two walks, combined with active playtimes.

Where Can You Find Old English Bulldog Puppies?

One of the best places to adopt an Old English bulldog is directly from a reputable breeder. Adopting a puppy from a reputable dog breeder usually means the puppy is very healthy and will not suffer from genetic diseases passed on from his parents. The puppies are also trained and socialized from a very young age.

If you’re not sure where to find a reputable breeder, you can try asking family, friends, and colleagues if they know of a good Old English bulldog breeder. Another person to ask is your vet. They may know of a local breeder who currently has puppies up for adoption.

Another resource to find reputable breeders is through the AKC’s breeder referral page. Here, you can find breeders who have passed strict requirements to be included in this list.

If you’re not interested in adopting from a breeder, then you may want to consider searching for an Old English bulldog puppy at a shelter or rescue. In some areas, you can even find rescues dedicated solely to this dog breed.

When visiting a shelter, be sure to notice if the pens and cages are clean and comfortable. The dogs and puppies should all be relaxed and healthy, looking clean. The cages and pens should not be overcrowded.

Adopting from a shelter means you may not know the dog’s parentage or history. However, rescues are very good about ensuring their puppies and dogs receive all needed medical treatment and vaccinations. You may find a lovely Old English bulldog puppy here! These puppies also deserve their own fur-ever home and family, with lots of love!

How Much Does an Old English Bulldog Cost?

The adoption costs of an Old English bulldog will vary, depending on where you find the puppy. For instance, when adopting from a breeder, your puppy could cost anywhere between $1500 to $4000. And if you’d like a pedigreed dog and/or a show dog, expect the cost to climb much higher.

Adopting from a shelter or rescue is usually much less expensive. Here, the price depends on the area; prices tend to be higher in the city and lower in rural areas. You may find adoption fees run about $300 or less.

What to Expect from a Five Month Old Old English Bulldog?

Between the ages of five and six months, your Old English bulldog puppy tends to put on a lot of muscle. They also become quite independent at this age, which is a good reason to start training and socialization at a younger age! These dogs will try to see who is dominant—you or them!

While your puppy may have most of his adult teeth, puppies of this age will continue to chew up anything and everything! Again, this is another great reason to ensure your dog is consistently trained. You can help him learn what to chew on by providing lots of interesting, fun chew toys made for dogs with strong jaws.

What Food Does a Five-Month Old Old English Bulldog Need?

When it comes to diet, your puppy will be fully weaned by this age. He needs a high-protein, high-quality dog food made especially for medium-sized active puppies. Be sure to buy puppy food that lists meat as the first ingredient on the label. And ensure the food is for this stage of your puppy’s life.

How Do You Groom an Old English Bulldog Puppy?

The good news is that Old English bulldog puppies and adults don’t shed that much! Their fur tends to be soft and short and can be brushed once or twice a week. This helps remove dead hair when the puppy is shedding more and keeps dirt and debris of the fur. Your fur baby probably only needs a bath once in a while or when he’s especially dirty and stinky.

If your puppy has facial wrinkles, then this will need extra care. The wrinkles should be cleaned every few days with a damp cotton ball. You can dip the cotton ball in peroxide or warm water. Use this to wipe down the puppy’s wrinkles. When you’re done, be sure the wrinkles are thoroughly dried. Otherwise, the skin could become irritated and infected due to the moisture in the wrinkles.

Summing It Up

There you have it! We hope this information helps you find your special Old English bulldog puppy! We also hope you and your puppy have many years of happiness and adventures together!

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