English Bulldog Colors

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English Bulldog Colors

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Are you interested in the different colors that English Bulldogs come in? Would you like to learn more about English Bulldogs? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together information about English Bulldog colors and about this adorable dog breed! Let’s get started!

What is an English Bulldog?

The dogs that we know today as English Bulldogs look a bit different from these dogs’ original ancestors. The Bulldog originally came from ancient mastiff-type dogs and was completely developed in England. This dog breed was first mentioned back in 1500. Back in that time, the dogs were extremely aggressive and were used for bull- and bear-baiting. Thankfully, these practices were outlawed in 1835.

Today, English Bulldogs are no longer aggressive, despite their fierce looks! These dogs are loveable teddy bears who love their pet parents and families. Most people recognize an English Bulldog when they see one! The dogs are low to the ground, with wide, muscular bodies. They have broad heads and heavy jaws, with cheeks that hang down. The dogs also have a dropping upper lip and a lower jaw that slightly sticks out, revealing the dog’s lower teeth.

English Bulldogs have beautiful, soulful eyes that are round and dark. They have small ears that are folded back, a little bit like a rose. They also have short tails.

While English Bulldogs do look fierce and can be loyal and protective, they really want to love and be loved. They’re usually calm as adults and friends. They can also be somewhat playful! However, the dogs also have a bit of a stubborn streak.

The dogs love to play; however, after that, they’ll be a happy couch potato with you! They also love kids; however, they won’t play for long hours. They really like to lay around a bit!

How Big Are English Bulldogs?

English Bulldogs weigh between 40 to 50 lbs and stand between 12 to 15 inches tall. They have a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years.

English Bulldog Personality

When it comes to a loving dog, you won’t find one that’s more affectionate than the tough-looking English Bulldog! While they are sweet, these dogs also have a reputation for being extremely courageous. Even so, they’re very friendly and laidback. English Bulldogs also tend to get along with just about everyone.

However, these dogs do need to be trained and socialized from a young age. Training and socialization make the dog well-behaved and confident. They know how to act and behave in different situations, around different people and dogs, too.


Each dog breed has its own health issues, and English Bulldogs are the same. They’re prone to certain health problems; however, not every dog will get the following conditions. However, they can develop these health issues that are common for English Bulldogs:

Standard English Bulldog Colors

These gentle, loving companion dogs come in a wide range of standard colors. Some are surprised that there are so many different standard colors for English Bulldogs! So, what are these colors?

The standard coat colors for English Bulldog include:

In addition, English Bulldogs can also come in tricolors (with different color combinations) and piebald.

What is a Tri-colored English Bulldog?

A tri-colored English Bulldog is a dog of this breed that has three different colors in his coat. There may be a solid body color, such as cream, or tan, with fawn points. The coat may also include a reddish color.

What is the Rarest Color for an English Bulldog?

The rarest color for an English Bulldog is merle. An English Bulldog with a merle coat has different markings, including black, fawn, dark brown, cream, and white mixed with other darker colors.

These dogs may also have lilac, blue, chocolate, and black coats.

Are There Preferred Coat Colors for English Bulldogs?

Yes, the preferred coat colors for these dogs are piebald, red, fawn, red brindle, solid white, brindle, solid fallow, and red.

For a piebald English Bulldog, the coat must be a solid color or muddied brindle. The patches should be pure and well-defined and symmetrically distributed.

The brindle coat must have an equal and fine distribution of the composite colors.

What’s the Original Color of an English Bulldog?

English Bulldogs were originally chocolate-colored! Many people are surprised by this fact! How could so many colors have come from the chocolate-colored English Bulldog? It all comes down to breeding and genetics. Breeding practices and genetics have led to the colors that we now have in English Bulldogs.

Some pet parents look for English Bulldogs that are in the rarest colors. However, the most popular colors for English Bulldogs are white and fawn.

Coming hard in second place are English Bulldogs that are red and white, and in third place comes the brindle English Bulldog!

15 Recognized Coat Colors of English Bulldogs

Here are the 15 recognized coat colors found in English Bulldogs today!

1. Tri-Patter Color English Bulldog

These dogs have a very specific pattern that comes in three colors. Tri-patterned English Bulldogs may have points that are done in the third color, with golden brown and fawn the most predominant.

The pattern is seen on the dog’s cheeks, chest, inner front chest, and above their eyes.

2. Seal Color English Bulldog

English Bulldogs with seal coats are very hard to find. These dogs are very rare. These dogs have a coat that has a certain brownish or reddish color to the coat, with a dark stripe down the spine.

These dogs also have lighter-colored eyes. In addition, their tail and legs are usually darker than the coat’s main part.

3. Chocolate Color English Bulldog

The Chocolate English Bulldog has fur that looks just like chocolate! If you love chocolate, this color may appeal to you the most.

A dog with this color may have eyes, pads, and nose done in a silver or brown color, with the main part of their coats a deep, rich brown color.

4. Blue Color English Bulldog

Blue dogs? Yes! These English Bulldogs are actually grey; however, the grey may look somewhat bluish. These dogs are black but have a diluted color through the dd gene.

When these dogs are seen in direct sunlight, they look more grey. Their eyes, pads, and noses are usually slate gray. What a pretty combination!

5. Black Color English Bulldog

While black is a common color in other dog breeds, black is rare in English Bulldogs. These black dogs usually have a shiny black coat with a fawn undercoat. Their nose, pads, and eyes are usually dark black.

There’s also another kind of English Bulldog that’s called “black tri.” These dogs have white and black coats mixed with tan-colored points. Another beautiful Bully combination!

6. Lilac Color English Bulldogs

Lilac is another rare color found in English Bulldogs. These dogs have a twice diluted coat. The first diluted colors are from black to brown, while the second is from black to blue. The outcome is a purply-grey color that combines the brown and black coat hues.

A lilac English Bully usually has a fawn undercoat. Their eyes, pads, and noses will also have a purple cast.

7. Piebald Color English Bulldogs

Piebald English Bulldogs have a piebald pattern that’s sometimes called “pied.” These dogs have a white spotted pattern on a pigmented backdrop coat. For instance, they may be fawn, brindle, or red.

8. White Color English Bulldog

White English Bulldogs are another popular coat color for pet parents. These dogs are pure white; however, they’re not albinos. However, they may have “freckles” in different colors throughout their fur.

9. Fallow or Fawn Color English Bulldogs

Fawn-colored English Bulldogs are also popular. These dogs usually have a light tan/yellow coat in different shades that may vary from pale tan to deep red.

10. Brindle Color English Bulldogs

The brindle color is the color most people picture when they think of an English Bulldog. This is a traditional coat pattern that has a striped look, with a different color at the base of the fur.

You might say these dogs look a little bit like tigers!

11. Lilac Sable Color English Bulldogs

Lilac sable English Bulldogs are another color combination that’s sought after by pet parents. Some lilac shades are darker than others. These dogs have beautiful champagne-colored coats.

They also have deep blue eyes, though some have green or ice blue eyes! How beautiful these dogs are!

12. Blue Tri Color English Bulldog

The blue tri color English Bulldog is also very popular. These dogs have silver coats with tan points on their eyes, chest, and legs (a bit similar to Dobermans). And they usually have green or blue eyes. What a striking combination of colors for a beautiful dog!

13. Blue Sable Color English Bulldog

The Blue sable English Bulldog has a red color at the base, with a silver cast to the coat. These dogs usually have hazel or blue/green eyes. Some may also have faint tri color markings on their faces, chest, and legs.

14. Merle Color English Bulldog

The merle coat is the newest color for English Bulldogs. These dogs look like an Aussie Shepherd with dark blue eyes!

The dogs usually have black tri, blue tri, or chocolate tri colored coats. Some may have a darker coat than others, too. The topcoat is usually darker, while the undercoat is blue. How unusual is that?

What does “merle” mean? Merle refers to the combination of colors in the dog’s coat. The dogs may have a solid base color with patches, or their coat may have a freckled, mottled appearance.

15. Black Tri Color English Bulldog

Black tri color English Bulldogs have shiny black fur. They usually have black around their eyes, on the pads, and noses. They may also have a tan color on their legs, chest, and face.

These dogs usually have brown eyes. And in some tri color English Bulldogs, the tan points are combined with brindle!

How to Care for an English Bulldog’s Beautiful Coat?

English Bulldogs usually have a straight, short, fine-textured coat that’s smooth and shiny. The dogs also have soft skin that’s loose (especially around the head, neck, and shoulders). They may also have some wrinkles on their head and on their face.

Bulldogs should be brushed at least once a week. And their skin folds/wrinkles need special attention, too. These dogs are moderate shedders, so keeping them brushed ensures the fur is removed from the dog before it ends up all over the house!

Every day it’s necessary to use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the inside of the skin folds and wrinkles. Be sure these areas are also dried well after cleaning. The problem is that these areas can become wet or filled with debris (from eating, etc.). When this happens, the skin is prone to becoming irritated and/or infected.

In addition, the Bulldog’s nose should be cleaned off. Some vets recommend applying petroleum jelly to the dog’s nose to keep it soft and to keep it from drying and flaking.

What’s more, the dog’s ears must also be checked regularly. English Bulldogs have a tendency to develop ear infections. When checking your fur baby’s ears, make sure the ears smell good and don’t have a lot of wax or dirt inside. The ear should be pink, with no discharge, redness, or other problems.

Keeping your dog’s coat in good shape is more for his health, but it also helps make him look shiny and pretty, too!

Summing It Up

English Bulldogs come in a wide range of colors and patterns! These lovely dogs can make a wonderful addition to your family!

We hope this article has helped you find a color and pattern that you’d like in your English Bulldog!

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