5-Month-Old Australian Shepherd – Find yours!

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5-Month-Old Australian Shepherd

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Are you thinking about adopting an Australian Shepherd but aren’t sure where to start? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together information about where to find Australian Shepherd puppies and what you can expect with a five-month-old Australian Shepherd! Let’s get started!

What is an Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherd also referred to as Aussies, are a working dog breed used for herding cattle. These dogs love to have a family and a home. Because they’re herding dogs, expect your Aussie to be highly intelligent and somewhat independent. You’ll also find your puppy is filled to overflowing with energy! So, expect to provide him with a ton of exercise. They need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day; twice a day is best. They love walking, running, fetching frisbees, and more.

These dogs don’t do well with just walking around the block. They have more energy than that! Australian Shepherds need fulfilling work to do, as well as plenty of exercise. You might teach your fur baby to help you with easy tasks around the house. Or, when he’s older, you can get him enrolled in competitive dog sports, such as herding or agility courses.

Aussies are also very trainable, so it’s best to start consistently training your puppy from a young age. They also require socialization from a young age.

Australian Shepherds are beautiful dogs. They can have a variety of coat colors and also have unusual eye colors. For instance, you can find Aussies that have blue, yellow, brown, green, or amber eyes. These dogs need regular brushing, at least once a week. This keeps their fur clean and free of debris while keeping the fur from matting and snarling.

Aussies make loyal, loving family companions. They do best with pet parents who understand this dog breed and how to handle the dogs correctly.

These dogs are not suited for apartment living. They need a larger home with a large place to roam outside.

Where to Adopt an Australian Shepherd Puppy?

There are a couple of sources for finding your puppy! The first place to start the search may be checking with family, friends, and colleagues. They may know a breeder they can recommend. Another person to ask is your vet. They may know of a great breeder who has puppies available for adoption.

Another way to find a reputable breeder is to do a Google search. You can use the search terms below to find a reputable breeder:

You can also check with the AKC’s dog breeder search tool. The breeders in this program must meet the strict regulations set down by the organization. You can find a list of breeders on the AKC’s site.

Another way to adopt an Australian Shepherd puppy is from a shelter or rescue facility. These dogs are looking for their fur-ever homes and are just as deserving of a loving family as any other dog. When visiting a shelter, be sure to see if the facility is clean. The pens and cages should be clean, as well as the dogs and puppies. These fur babies should also be happy and comfortable with humans. Most shelters and rescues also ensure their dogs and puppies have received any required vaccinations and medical treatment.

How Much Does an Australian Shepherd Puppy Cost?

Australian Shepherd puppies may cost between $650 and $850, or as much as $2000 and more. It depends on the breeder, the location, the dog’s genetics, and pedigree. These costs usually reflect careful breeding practices, excellent medical and dog food, maintenance, and more. Breeders take time and effort to also train and socialize their puppies from the start.

If you plan on adopting a puppy from the shelter, then expect adoption fees to run as high as $300 for an Aussie. Again, the price reflects the breed, the puppies’ care, food, maintenance, and some socialization.

What to Expect with Your Australian Shepherd Puppy

Between five and six months of age, your Australian Shepherd puppy will be teething. The first molars come in at about four months, and the dog’s adult teeth come in between five and six months of age. For this reason, expect your puppy will be teething quite a bit!

Your puppy will need to learn what is OK to chew on and not. They may go for everything from furniture, pillows, blankets, clothing, shoes, and more! Some puppies have even been known to chew on wooden doors, baseboards, windowsills, and whatever they can reach!

For this reason, be sure to buy puppy chewing/teething toys that are meant for large breed dogs. The toys are made to withstand the more powerful chewing of larger dogs.

Your puppy will also require consistent training and socialization. Dogs who are highly intelligent tend to become easily bored and find ways to relieve their boredom. They may decide to chew things up (releases a ton of energy), bark, or even develop other unwanted behaviors.

Aussies respond best to positive reinforcement training methods. Training must be consistent, too. What’s more, training helps get rid of some of the excess energy your fur baby may have! That way, you’re taking care of two things at once!

Feeding an Australian Shepherd Five-Month-Old Puppy

An Aussie at five months is going through a huge growth spurt. When it comes to feeding, your puppy will need to eat about 1 ¾ to 3 1/3 cups of food a day. This can be divided into 4-5 small meals throughout the day. These are only general guidelines. If you have any questions about how much your puppy should eat, then reach out to the breeder or the vet.

As the puppy grows, the amount of food will be reduced, as well as the number of meals per day. For this reason, choose a puppy food that’s formulated for large breed, energetic puppies. This way, you’ll be sure your puppy is receiving the calories and nutrients his growing body needs.

It’s also best to find a food that lists meat as the first ingredient on the label. Australian Shepherd puppies need plenty of protein (and other nutrients) to become strong, healthy adults.

Summing It Up

Finding your Aussie puppy may take a while. That’s OK! Be sure to take the time to find the right puppy for you and your family!

When you do finally find your Australian Shepherd puppy, we know you’ll have a loving, loyal companion for years to come!

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