Is Your Dog Getting Bored?

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Dog keepers should take care of the physical health and main need of their dogs, as well as about their emotional state and mood. Dogs also get depressed. And while humans have millions of ways to show their mood has changed, dogs might demonstrate that something’s wrong when it’s too late. Depression in dogs is very dangerous. It starts approximately without any symptom but soon may lead to dangerous consequences. Depressed dogs may lose weight very quickly, lose their hair, and these are only a couple of examples of how depression affects the physical state of the pets. So, everything here matters, starting with the food dogs eat, and ending with the talent of their keepers to recognize the first signs of boredom. The sooner you understand the dog’s getting bored, the easier it is to avoid more severe emotional disorders. For the beginning, let’s analyze the main signs of dogs’ boredom and check how we can cope with them.

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1) There’s an outlaw in the house

You started noticing that you can find your things exactly in the place you’ve put them. Your dog takes your things and hides them, or just brings your sneakers to the kitchen, or living room. Sometimes dogs do the same with garbage, which is even less pleasant than a replaced pair of shoes. Just try to understand that the main goal of your pet is not just getting naughty, he/she wants to show they need your attention. Dogs are sensitive to the amount of communication they have with their owners, so if you can’t dedicate the needed amount of time to spend it with your dog, you’re at least get noticed you’re not behaving right.

2) Breaking free

Some dogs start digging ground when they get annoyed. If you see that your pet scratches the floor, or digs the ground on the backyard, it might be a sign, there’s not enough playing and joy in his life, and he wants some more interesting ways of entertainment. Be very careful where your dog digs. Some are extremely clever to understand there’s a chance to break free if to dig near the fence. So, if it happens, take care of the fence security, make sure your dog can’t easily make a hole under the fence to escape. In such cases, don’t let him stay alone without your supervision. For some dogs, even 20 minutes are enough to get out. In general, there can be a great application of your dog’s interest to dig the ground. You can involve him in the treasure adventure. Choose a couple of places for digging pins and hide something interesting inside, like toys or bones. In this way, you can get your pet busy playing without your help, and at the same time, he’ll spend the extra energy on physically active tasks.

If a dog get’s to annoyed at home, make sure he spends enough time outside. Except for dogging exercises, you can offer many other ways of entertainment for your cutie. Equip your backyard with the things your dog will find interesting to play with.

3) This game has rules

Sometimes, the lack of discipline and simple rules in the dog’s life can lead to changes in his temper and provoke boredom, as the dog doesn’t have an accurate understanding of what is good and bad. That’s why to avoid the dog’s getting annoyed in the long-term perspective, it’s good to follow the discipline. Start with your own duties. Dog’s feeding should be on time, you must do your best not to make long pauses/intervals between the meals. Besides, you shouldn’t overfeed your dog, as he will get lazy and obese. Obese dogs are proved to get depressed more often than fit dogs. Training also plays a significant role in the dog’s life. A good amount of moderate training brings discipline and activity to the dog’s daily routine. That’s why don’t forget to plan the training problem for your dog, the sooner, the better. Depending on the breed of your dog and his physical abilities, choose the right way of training. There are a lot of places professional trainers can do it for you. You can also consult some specialists and organize the training process at home. There are different dog accessories in the market that can help. For example, with a dog training collar, it’s easier to teach your dog some simple commands.

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