How To Furnish A House If It Has Animals: Top Tips

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Pets are like small children – their presence makes adjustments not only to family life, but also to the home interior. The maintenance of dogs and cats carries additional difficulties, requiring increased attention and responsibility from the owners. Often the owners have to make compromises and give up white furniture and carpets in favor of functionality and common sense.

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Moreover, the animal itself needs its own things in the house: a bed, bowls, sometimes even a cage or a bedside ladder. Therefore, today we will tell you how to equip a house if pets live in it.

How To Furnish A House If It Has Animals

Tips for dog lovers

If you live in a home with a backyard, consider building a play area. No worries: most likely, you have all the necessary materials and equipment in order to build such an obstacle course. Let it be jumping obstacles, tunnels, and slides. And for yourself, equip a cozy observation area with various outdoor benches, umbrellas and tables. Order outdoor furniture like Outdoor furniture made of rattan or natural wood is not only durable, but also very stylish. This kind of outdoor furniture will make your garden or patio comfortable for eating and relaxing, as well as controlling your pet.

Place for the dog is desirable to place in the corner of one of the rooms or in the hallway. Observe where your pet likes to lie and organize a bed thereby laying a small mattress or rug.

If your dog likes to be in the “house”, build it a kennel from an upside down drawer or bedside table upholstered in fabric. An interesting idea is to use a bedside table for this purpose. Remember that a place for a four-legged friend should be away from heaters and be protected from drafts.

Dogs always need something to chew on. Of course, well-mannered animals will never allow themselves to scratch walls or damage furniture, but the risks can be made even lower.

We offer to replace the wallpaper with decorative plaster, it cannot be spoiled with sharp claws or teeth. It is better to lay a damage-resistant coating on the floor, for example, porcelain stoneware, quartz-vinyl, linoleum or parquet.

Сats don’t need as much bathing as dogs – they groom themselves. Dogs, on the other hand, cannot boast of such cleanliness, so after each walk they need to wash their paws.

For these purposes, designers, together with veterinarians, have prepared paw-washers. They work very simply: warm water is poured into a special container and the dog’s paw is lowered into it. Inside there is a special brush that collects dirt.

Tips for cat lovers

If everything is somewhat simpler with dogs, then a special place will have to be equipped for the cat and, importantly, fit it into the interior.

A cat litter box can be arranged in the bathroom or hallway. Disguise a plastic tray by placing it in a cabinet or shelf, after making holes for the animal to enter. One of the disadvantages of placing a cat litter box in the bathroom is the need to keep the room open at all times. If you are willing to sacrifice the integrity of the door to avoid this, you can cut a small hole in it.

By the way, look for a functional tray: sellers now offer models with a self-cleaning function: they provide for automatic cleaning of dirty filler and supply of clean one.

Сats love to climb high and watch what is happening in the room from there. For them, you can build a special ladder so that the animals don’t tear the curtains. For example, try punching holes in shelving units. So your pet can quickly and safely get to the top of the cabinet. We recommend that you remove everything valuable from the shelves so that the animal doesn’t drop things on the floor.

Or opt for tall cat houses with scratching posts, sleeping pillows and ladders for active play.

Habitual for us opening the window for airing can be detrimental to cats. Many get stuck in it and get hurt.

The best solution is to install a lattice instead of mosquito nets – so your pet can safely observe birds and insects.

If you love flowers, then make sure they are safe for your pets. Cats love to chew on flowers, so this is important. Make sure the houseplants are not poisonous.

The interior of the house can be made comfortable for our pets. Make sure that your pet has its own corners, and the interior is safe for them to live.

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