9 Things Every Horse Owner Needs

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If you or a horse lover in your life is a new horse owner, congratulations! You’re now a part of the exciting world of owning and caring for horses. It’s time to make sure you and your horse have everything you need to ensure a happy and healthy environment for you both. When you have a horse, you’ll quickly learn that it’s better to have essential supplies on hand than to not have them in case of an emergency. Some of these supplies include grooming must-haves like a horse grooming brush and others that you’ll want to keep just in case, like an equine first aid kit. Get started with this simple list of the nine essential items every horse owner needs.

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Things Every Horse Owner Needs

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1. Horse Grooming Kit

Every horse owner needs a handy horse grooming kit filled with horse grooming tools that they’ll use to brush, comb and beautify their horses. Essential supplies for the horse grooming kit include a comb to help get rid of debris from your horse’s coat. You’ll also need a soft brush to help bring out the shine in your horse’s coat. Shedding blades are especially helpful for removing excess hair or their old spring or winter coat, depending on the season. Consider getting a horse shedding brush that can help brush your horse’s coat but also deshed your horse’s old hair.

2. Tack Basics

The type of tack you need will depend on your riding style, but here are the tack essentials that every rider needs — regardless of their style. A halter is a basic piece of tack that is used to restrain your horse before you put on the bridle and after you take the bridle off. The bridle and bit will allow you to control your horse’s head and also the speed and direction of your horse. You’ll need a saddle and saddle pad to ride your horse.

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3. Your Riding Helmet

Just like many other sports, it’s important to wear a helmet for safety. There are plenty of riding helmets available to suit your style and needs, and each riding helmet comes with their own pros and cons. If you’re a beginner rider, you want a helmet that’s easy to put on and take off with simple adjustments and a snug fit.

4. Horse Winter Supplies

Your horse will need different supplies depending on the season. During the cold winter months, your horse will need a heated water bucket when you help give them a bath because you don’t want your horse bathing in cold water. If your horse is exposed to the elements or gets especially cold, get them a blanket as well so they can stay warm. Plan on riding your horse during the winter? You will need some winter riding apparel for yourself to stay warm when you’re out riding during the colder days.

5. Horse Summer Supplies

As your horse transitions from winter to spring, you’ll notice that your horse is shedding their old winter coat and beginning to grow their spring coat. To help them with the transition, get a horse deshedding tool to assist your horse with shedding their old coat. For the summer season, your horse will need a fly mask because flies will be especially attracted to your horse during the sticky summer months. When your horse is sleeping in their stable, a box fan can help them stay cool when it’s hot outside.

6. Horse Feed

Get your horse the feed they’ll need along with a feed bowl so they won’t just throw their food everywhere. Grain, pelleted feed and hay are other essentials your horse will need to eat and stay healthy. If your horse is able to enjoy a pasture where they can graze, that is another good option for them to enjoy.

7. Horse Feed Bucket and Storage

Speak with your horse’s veterinarian for more guidance, but it’s likely that your vet will recommend you feed your horse grain. If you do decide to feed them grain, they’ll need a feed bucket. You can also mash any horse medicine in their feed bucket if they need to take any medications.

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8. Horse Water Bucket

During the winter, you’ll want a heated water bucket to bathe your horse. During the other warmer months, a water bucket is essential to bathe your horse or offer them food. Get a durable bucket that’s large and versatile enough for anything — from holding water to bathe your horse to feeding them treats.

9. Horse Treats

According to the Spruce, treats aren’t just for showing your horse that you care about them or want to give them something special. Treats can actually help your horse with boredom if you get them an interactive treat like a combination toy and treat dispenser. Treats for horses can be anything from a simple carrot stick to some quality horse treats you’ve bought just for your horse.

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