Does Menards Allow Dogs Policy

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Menards Allow Dogs Policy

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Nothing is sweeter or finer than taking your dog along on shopping trips. There are dog-friendly stores, where dogs are completely welcomed in a friendly atmosphere! However, there are other stores that are not so dog-friendly.

Have you ever wondered about Menards’ dog policy? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll take a look at whether or not Menards allows dogs in their stores and more. Let’s get started!

What is Menards’ Dog Policy?

Does Menards allow dogs in their stores? According to Menards’ pet policy, dogs are not allowed in their stores. The only exception to this rule is if your dog is a service dog. Only service dogs are allowed in Menards.

The current policy was developed in 2020, with the outbreak of Covid. On April 1st, Menards put out the following press release:

“We are no longer able to allow children under the age of 16, nor pets, in any of our stores due to the current health crisis. We absolutely love families but need to lessen the number of people shopping in our stores, and I think it goes without saying that children need to be protected from people.”

While it makes sense that young children were banned from Menards, why did the store include dogs in this update? What has it got to do with Covid?

It appears that the dogs were not allowed once the pandemic started because this was a means to lower traffic in the store and spread the illness. Even so, trained service dogs are still allowed.

Will this be a temporary ban on dogs in Menards? Will the store allow dogs in again after the pandemic? No one is sure how it will work out. It just depends on how the pandemic plays out and whether or not it eventually ends.

Were Dogs Allowed in Marnards’ Before the Announcement?

Before the announcement, Menards was a dog-friendly store. They allowed pet parents to bring their dogs into stores as long as the dogs were well behaved and always remained on the leash. It doesn’t appear that there was a pet policy in force before the Covid announcement.

However, in some forums, Menards’ employees did make some interesting comments about bringing dogs into the store. For instance, one employee said, “Technically you are not allowed to bring a dog into Menards, but service dogs are OK. There is no official documentation or signage, I am just going off what my general manager has told me. I’ve been told to ask dog owners at the door if their dog is a service animal, and politely refuse ones who are not.”

Yes, another employee at another Menards store had this to say about dogs in the store, “My manager loves dogs coming into the store as long as the owners keep them under control, clean up any mess, and there’s no barking or aggression shown. Some of us even have dog treats to give them and have learnt the names of some of the dogs that are regular customers!

So, before the health announcement, it doesn’t seem that Menards had a regular pet policy in force. As a result, each store could choose to allow or keep dogs out.

What is Menards’ Service Dog Policy?

When it comes to service dogs, Menards allows service dogs in every location without a problem. They do understand that some people rely on service dogs to provide support and assistance. For this reason, service dogs are allowed for these people.

If you have a service dog and need to shop at Menards, then it’s a good idea that your dog has a vest or harness that indicates he is a service dog. It’s also helpful to bring any supporting documents to prove your fur baby is a service dog. This way, you and your dog will be sure to have a happy shopping experience at Menards.

What Happens if Your Dog Makes a Mess?

No matter where you take your dog, if he makes a mess, then you’ll need to clean it up. This includes Menards and other places that are dog-friendly.

I’d Like to Take my Dog to Menards; What Should I Do?

If you’d like to take your dogs on a shopping trip to Menards, then the best advice we can give is to call ahead. Ask the specific store if they allow dogs or not. If they do, then be sure to go along with any requirements and rules they have on dogs in the store.

Tips to Take Your Dog to Menard or Other Dog-Friendly Stores

Here are some tips to help you when taking your dog along to Menards or other dog-friendly stores:

Call ahead: it’s always best to call ahead and ask about the specific store’s dog policy. This way, you can rest assured that your dog is welcome and take him along. If the store doesn’t allow dogs, then be sure to leave your fur baby at home. It’s for the best. If necessary, hire a dog sitter to stay with your dog while you’re out shopping.

Use a harness & leash: another good idea to have your dog wear a harness, even if he’s not a service dog. The reason is that a harness gives you more control of your dog’s upper body. In other words, you can control where he goes and what he does. It’s also best to keep him on the leash at all times when you’re in the store. This way, you’ll be ready in case your dog makes a jump at someone, another dog, or tries to go after things he shouldn’t.

Keep a respectful distance from other shoppers and dogs: it’s always wise to maintain some distance between your dog and others. Some people are afraid of dogs, while others may be severely allergic to dogs, and more. In addition, keeping your dog at a distance from other dogs is also beneficial. You just never know how another dog might react to your dog, even if your dog is very friendly with other canines.

Be prepared to clean: accidents happen, even with dogs normally have good control. It’s best to be prepared and take responsibility if your dog should have a potty accident or even get sick. Clean up what you can and alert a store employee about what’s happened. They will probably need to sanitize the area to ensure no transmission of bacteria and other nasties.

There you have it! In most Menards, it’s not currently possible to take dogs into the store. However, there may be some differences in the store policies, so call ahead if you’d like to take your dog shopping. And always remember to be responsible for your dog while shopping. You want to avoid problems with other shoppers and their dogs!

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