Does Home Depot Allow Dogs Policy

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Home Depot Allow Dogs Policy

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Are you a dog lover? Do you enjoy taking your dog along on shopping trips? There are many more dog-friendly stores around these days!

Are you a frequent shopper at a local Home Depot? Have you ever wondered if it was possible to take your dog there? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll take a look at whether or not Home Depot allows dogs in their stores and more! Let’s get started!

Home Depot Dog Policy

Home Depot’s official dog policy says that only service dogs are allowed inside their stores. However, many Home Depot stores don’t strictly enforce this pet policy and do welcome dogs. How confusing is that?

Home Depot’s definition of a service dog says, “Service dogs are working dogs that have been trained to perform tasks that assist disabled people. Service animals may also be referred to as assistance dogs, assist dogs, or helper dogs, depending on the country and the dog’s function.

In other words, Home Depot doesn’t allow emotional support dogs. Only service dogs, per the definition, are allowed in Home Depot stores.

Some dog breeds, small dogs in particular, are banned from some Home Depot stores. Other breeds are not. Different states have different rules, and different stores in different states have different rules.

Is Home Depot Dog-Friendly?

Does home depot allow dogs?

In short, yes, some Home Depot stores are dog-friendly. And only a few of the hardware stores really check to see if a dog is a service dog or not. One individual store in Dallas has this notice on their website, “Leashed dogs are welcome inside Home Depot, but they must be under control and cleaned up after.”

So, it really comes down to the local store manager and whether or not dogs are allowed. Home Depot employees have confirmed this information with comments in forums. Here’s what one employee had to say about dogs in their stores, “ Our store never enforces the service dog rule. Management have told us that as long as the dog doesn’t mess on the floor, act aggressive, or scare customers, then it’s fine for them to come in.”

Another employee made this comment, “ My manager told me that it’s too much of a grind to ask every dog owner who comes inside the store for documentation proving their dog is a service dog. To be honest, none of us want to ask anyway, it’s too awkward. As long as you clean up after your dog, none of us actually care a jot.

Yet another employee had this to say about dogs in their retail store, “Colleagues of mine actually carry little bags of doggie treats in their aprons. It’s not always great though, last Halloween a dog messed in the drywall aisle and it wasn’t reported and cleaned up. For 30 minutes customers were running shopping carts through it!”

One more comment from a Home Deport employee about dogs in the store, “My boss told me never, ever ask for a service dog’s documentation otherwise we could be terminated. So, in effect, I am working in a pet-friendly Home Depot, even though officially it isn’t.”

As you can see, the corporate policy is not strictly enforced in many Home Depot stores! And there have been some issues with dogs in the stores.

Tips for Taking Your Dog to Home Depot

Pet owners who want to take their dogs to Home Depot stores may find that some Home Depot stores are dog friendly and others are not. Home Depot employees, who work in these stores, will often know about their store’s policies, and will be able to tell you about the store’s rules.

In addition, there are some things that you can do to help ensure that your dog will be allowed in the store.

1. Be Prepared to Prove Your Dog’s Credentials

Some Home Depot stores may require that you show your dog’s vaccination records, or show a vaccination certificate, to prove that your dog is up-to-date on his or her vaccinations.

2. Ask About the Store’s Dog Policy

Home Depot employees can tell you if the store allows dogs in their stores. However, this information may not be written down anywhere.

3. Be Prepared to Keep Your Dog Out of Dangerous and Unsanitary Areas

Some Home Depot stores may have dangerous areas, such as chemicals or other substances that could harm your dog. Some stores may also have dirty floors or unpaved areas.

4. Don’t Take Your Dog on the Shopping Carts

If you want to take your dog to Home Depot, don’t take him or her on the shopping carts. Some stores may have a rule that forbids dogs from riding on the shopping carts.

5. Be Prepared to Keep Your Dog Out of People’s Lines

Some Home Depot stores may have lines of people waiting to shop. If your dog is running around and making noise, this could distract other customers and make them angry.

6. Put on a Collar

Some Home Depot stores may have rules that require you to put on a dog collar before entering the store. Leashes may also be required.

Reports of Dog Bites in Home Depot Stores

There have been reports of issues with dogs in Home Depot stores. In this section, we’ll share some of these reports:

Home Depot, Arvada, Colorado: in 2019, a woman ran from the Home Depot store after her dog bit a man. The woman was eventually arrested and charged after a community appeal was made.

Home Depot, Downers Grove, Illinois: in 2018, a young girl was bitten by a Rottweiler inside the store. She suffered an eye injury as a result. A lawyer acting for the family made a comment to the press about the company not enforcing their official policy and how it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Home Depot, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: in 2016, a woman employee was bitten by a dog brought in by a customer. She suffered severe and extreme pain to her right elbow, forearm, hand and was diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome. The store allowed customers to bring in dogs, in spite of a store policy against this. What’s more, the owner of the dog was allowed to leave without providing their name and contact information.

These are only a few of the reports of dog bites inside home improvement stores. While this is a rare occurrence, it can happen. And you never know when it will happen. Dogs aren’t always predictable.

Home Depot customers have even taken to social media on occasion to share their own thoughts on whether or not dogs should be allowed in the stores. Here are some customer comments on this issue:

“There’s a big issue with only letting service dogs into a store. Basically, anyone can spend 20 dollars on a fluorescent dog vest and say their pooch is a service animal, no questions asked. There needs to be more stringent checking on the door, and almost a passport or permit approach to things.”

“You don’t just need to consider that dogs are coming into Home Depot can be potentially dangerous. There’s also the question over allergies. Dog owners should be considerate of others. Please leave your puppy or dog at home when you go shopping unless it’s a legit service dog.

“It’s starting to get stupid now. Loads of folks seem to think they can bring their dog into Home Depot. To be clear if you don’t get it, service dogs that are well trained are OK, it’s all the i…ts not following the rules. Why is it necessary to bring your dog with you when you go buy some screws and glue?”

On the other hand, there are customers who love it that pet dogs are allowed in Home Depot stores.

Summing It Up

So, if you’d like to take your dog on a trip to Home Depot, remember you’re responsible for your dog’s behavior. What’s more, it’s always a good idea to call the specific Home Depot before you take your dog there. Ask about their dog policy.

If they say it’s OK to bring your fur baby, then go and have a great time! Just remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times and be ready to clean up after him if he gets sick or has an accident!

Does Home Depot Allow Dogs Policy

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