Best Double Dog House (Dog house for two dogs)

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Best Double Dog House

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Owning two lovely dogs is fascinating. Their boisterous vibe is sure to make every playtime full of fun and excitement. Similar to many owners of two dogs, you may also want to make a few purchases to make them comfortable. One of such purchases is a dog house. A double dog house or simply called “dog house for two dogs” can accommodate two dogs conveniently without any hindrances.

There are numerous manufacturers of the double dog house. However, we will focus on the best four available in the market. Afterward, there will be tips on how to maintain a dog house. But first, here are the four best double dog houses (dog house for 2 dogs):

PawHut wooden double dog house

The PawHut wooden dog house for two dogs is a beautiful design with a lovely layout that makes it ideal and spacious for two dogs simultaneously. The design has two door openings and a divider separating the big room into different sections. Added to the spacious rooms, there is a porch just in front for lying down and other uses. It’s wholly wooden and built for different weathers. Plus, the house is elevated to prevent insects from invading and moisture from sipping in and disturbing the dogs.

The wood used in the construction is non-toxic and easy to put apart for regular cleaning. Dogs like their rooms clean, and given this, the roof is detachable to allow access for full cleaning as necessary.

Its good airflow build allows for comfortability even in hot weather. Additionally, during the rainy season, the house is water and moist proof—a completely safe and relaxed house for dogs.

Petsfit for double decker

Stylish and lovely are just a few of the features of the petsfit double-decker. The double-decker house accommodates two dogs at a time; one stays in the lower deck, and the other in the upper deck. It’s made of strong wood with a little staircase to give access to the upper deck. With the use of cedarwood, the house is resistant to rot.

One of the characteristics of a good dog house is a door. It allows the pet parent to close the door when necessary, especially to cage a dog when they are out of the home to prevent biting and chewing of furniture.

The petsfit is among the best double dog houses available on the market. An easy to assemble and detach structure with spacious wooden lines for excellent airflow. The wood house is durable and suitable for indoor use.

Merry dog house extra large solid wood

Merry dog house is an ideal choice for big dogs. The double room design is one of the best structures you can purchase if you own two dogs. It comes with a bed to make sleeping moments lovely and comfortable. Finding a house for a big dog may not be a challenge, but when it comes to two dogs, then it can be difficult. Added to the spacious design is the two doors attached to keep dogs confined when appropriate.

Due to its use outdoor, the house is a bit raised to avoid direct contact with the floor. In this way, moisture won’t seep in, and also, insects will not disturb your lovely canines.

The roof is detachable for easy access when cleaning becomes mandatory. Dogs value hygiene, and that is why a dog owner should clean the house regularly.  Although the house doesn’t come assembled, the various parts are simple to put together for use.

One-for-pet portable double dog house

One-for-pet outdoor and indoor double dog house is a multipurpose design. There are times when an owner needs to travel with the dogs or go out to the park. Due to this, the house is made of strong fabric to accommodate the weight of two dogs. With the use of net doors, the dogs can remain within the house and still get a good amount of air.

For traveling purpose, this modern house design has a seat belt strap for safety and a removable cover pad. The fabric is easy to clean. The entire house is lightweight, which makes it less heavy after the dogs are settled inside.

It has a two-way system, a divider to split the space into two for separate dogs to stay, and on removing the divider, there is a room large enough for a big dog to roam. The use of this house is not limited to travel. It can also be used inside the house. It’s among the best double dog houses sold in recent times.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a double dog house


Here’s the take away from this article; consider the height of your dogs before purchasing a double dog house. Also, a dog house should be positioned with the present weather condition in mind. A dog’s house should also be spacious but not too big.

Use any of the suggested houses to make your purchase. The products are durable, comfortable, and convenient for dogs.

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