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Have just become the proud pet parent of a Shih Poo? Have you ever seen a Shih Poo? Do you know what a Shih Poos is? No matter what your answers to these questions are, you’ve come to the right place to learn about these cute little dogs!

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In this article, we’ll take a look at what a Shih Poo is, their characteristics, temperaments and more. Let’s go!

What is a Shih Poo?

A Shih Poo is a mix of two adorable dog breeds—the Shih Tzu and the Miniature Poodle. What could be more amazing than a Shih Poo? These dogs are also referred to as: Shipoos, Shi-Poos, Shi Poos, Shihpoohs, Shipoohs, or Shitzpoo. OK, we’re not in favor of that last name—these little dogs are just too adorable for a name like that. We’ll stick with Shih Poo.

These little dogs are known for their love of fun and their zest for life. You’ll be in for some excitement with one of these little dogs as your fur baby. They love nothing better than to run around the house playing with their pet parents and their family. This is heaven for these little fur balls.

Shih Poos make wonderful loving companions, and are quite adaptable to a small urban apartment, or a home with a large backyard. As long as they have space to burn off energy, they’ll be quite happy. Known for clowning around, Shi Poos are great for making everyone happy, including the person who doesn’t feel like even smiling. When ones of these little live-wire dogs are in the room, you can’t help but smile.

These dogs are extremely loyal and loving, and they have a sweet nature. They’re perfect companions for seniors. As well as being great companions, Shih Poos are also highly intelligent; however, they can be stubborn. For this reason, these fur babies aren’t the best choice for first-time pet parents. Shih Poos need a pet parent who can be firm and understand the right methods to use to train them.

Shih Poo Characteristics

Shih Poos are small dogs that usually weigh anywhere from 8 to 18 lbs and stand about 8 to 18 inches. These amazing little dogs have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. The Shih Poo may have a curly coat, like his Poodle parent, or may have a long, straight coat that more resembles his Shih Tzu parent. They come in a combination of colors including particolored.

These little dogs are known to be friendly and outgoing, and somewhat clownish. And they love to play, so if you’re the pet parent of a Shih Poo, be ready to play. Having said that, Shih Poos can also be loving lap dogs, who love nothing more than napping in your lap. Thankfully, Shih Poos will definitely let you know if they’re not happy about something. You may even be informed by your little fur baby if you’ve forgotten to fix their dinner! They’ll let you know and keep informing of the oversite, until you’ve fixed it.

Shih Poos can get along well with kids and other animals; however, they don’t have much tolerance for their hair or ears being yanked on or being handled in a rough way.

Shih Poo Temperament

Do you mind squeaky dog toys? If you, so may want to give squeak-ectomies to your Shih Poo’s toys or give him stuffed animals that don’t have a squeaker. These little dogs are known to love squeak toys!

Shih Poos will be your loyal, devoted companion always—they never want to leave your side. Don’t be surprised if your fur baby insists on sleeping in bed with you, as he is so devoted, that he doesn’t want to be too far away from you.

Remember we said that Shih poos love squeaky toys? Well, they’re also happy to hear their own voice! In other words, these small can be somewhat barky, so if you live in an apartment, this could be a problem for your neighbors. You’ll need to train your canine companion not to bark while you’re away.

Shih Poo Health Problems

Shih Poos have a tendency to dental problems and are also known to have problem with their eyes and skin. They can also suffer from:

For these reasons, you’ll need to be sure to take your Shih Poo to the vet for regular health checkups.

Shih Poos & Exercise

Shih Poos, while energetic, don’t really need a lot of hard exercise. They’re happy with short walks about twice a day, and that’s about all they need. Shih Poos will, however, run off excess energy in the house, playing with their toys. They also enjoy a good yard to run and play in.

These dogs don’t enjoy jogging or hiking, as this is just simply too much activity for them. In fact, if they overexert, Shih Poos can become sick.

Shih Poo Care

Shih Poos do need regular brushing to keep their fur from snarling and matting. So, it’s a good idea to brush them at least twice a week. And their fur may also need to be trimmed when the weather become hot, but this will depend on your dog’s fur. Shih Poos don’t need to be bathed unless it’s necessary; this is because they can develop skin problems if bathed too often.

When it comes to feeding, be sure to feed them on a schedule. Don’t free-feed these little dogs. Free-feeding means leaving dog food available all times of the day and night. This can be bad for your dog’s health, as Shih Poos have a tendency to overeat, which can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Overall, these little dogs are great for most people, and make loving, devoted companions. They’re better for families with older kids who know how to treat them and are also the perfect companions for seniors. If you love to have a little clown running around, then a Shih Poo may just be the dog for you!

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