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One question that every new puppy owner asks is usually how big the puppy will grow. Of course, the pooch will not remain a puppy for decades. It will one day become a dog. It is only a matter of time and understanding of the maturity stages.

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For Goldendoodle owners, it is usually tough to make a close call on when the mini Goldendoodle is fully grown.

This article is for you if you haven’t had the time to study the Goldendoodle size chart or you want to know the actual size of a mini Goldendoodle.

You will find out about the Goldendoodle size chart that will help you make an accurate prediction of the likely size of a full-grown mini Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle Growth Curve

No matter how you look at it, the fact is that Doodles have a specific growth curve that is most common in other dog breeds.

Ideally, Goldendoodles do a majority of their growth within the first 6 months. In a case where that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t exceed 1 year before Goldendoodles fully mature.

So, you need to understand the typical sizes of Goldendoodle so it will be easier for you to make an accurate size prediction for mini Goldendoodles.

Here is an example of the Goldendoodle size chart that shows the different sizes of Goldendoodles:

Sizing Criteria Mini Goldendoodles Medium Goldendoodles Standard Goldendoodles
Weight Weighs up to 35 pounds Has a maximum weight of 50 pounds Weighs between 50 and 90 pounds
Height Stands at 13-17 inches tall at the shoulder Between 17 and 20 inches tall at the shoulder Has a height of 26 inches (maximum) at the shoulder
Age of Maturity Between 11 and 13 month It takes up to 13 months for Medium Goldendoodles to become full-grown Attains maturity/becomes full-grown at 16 months

Growth Patterns of Mini Goldendoodles

Miniature Goldendoodles have a specific growth pattern/curve that you need to be aware of before paying for the puppy.

Ideally, a mini Goldendoodle reaches half of its adult weight when it is 3 and a half months. If for some reason that doesn’t materialize, the puppy will reach half of its adult size before 6 months.

It is one aspect to attain half of the adult size early in life. It is another aspect for a Mini Goldendoodle to consolidate on the attained size.

Therefore, the puppy will in the next 11 to 13 months, attain a plateau of its full adult weight. So, within a year and a half, a mini Goldendoodle must have transitioned from a puppy to a dog.

Excellent Ways to Estimate the Size of Your Mini Goldendoodle

Like many mini Goldendoodle puppy owners out there, you are not sure if your puppy will soon become a dog.

Over the last couple of years, a couple of theories have been proposed towards the accuracy of determining the likely size of Goldendoodles.

There are 4 major ways you can determine the size of your mini Goldendoodle. These are:

Allow the Puppy to Get Older

Well, you needn’t be too enthusiastic to keep a puppy at night and wake up to see a dog. it takes some time before the transition and size curve takes place.

The rule of thumb you want to observe is to allow your mini Goldendoodle to age a bit before you start determining the likely size.

Generally, some theories hold that puppies that are big at 8 weeks tend to maintain the same body mass when they grow older. The same was said of smaller puppies at 8 weeks – they will remain the smallest when they age.

However, that isn’t entirely a correct parameter for determining mini Goldendoodle full grown. Instead, you want to wait for a little longer (maybe 3 months) so you can be in a better position to guess what a young puppy will look like in adulthood.

To put things simply – you should expect your mini Goldendoodle to weigh up to 9lbs when it is 8 weeks old. If that weight is feasible during that time, you would then make an accurate prediction of the adult size by multiplying the age at 8 weeks by 4.3.

For example, if your mini Goldendoodle weighed 9lbs at 8 weeks, you will multiply it by 4.3. That is 9lbs x 4.3 = 38.7. Therefore, it is safe to assume that your 9lbs mini Goldendoodle (at 8 weeks) will weigh around 39lbs in adulthood.

There is also another formula that may help you find out the likely size of a full-grown mini Goldendoodle. The formula is that you will multiply the size of the puppy at 18 weeks by 2. So, if your mini Goldendoodle weighs 19lbs in 18 weeks, the possible size when fully grown should be within the range of 38lbs and 39lbs.

Conduct a DNA Test

On the other hand, you want to conduct a DNA test (which may be costly anyway) to determine the size of your mini Goldendoodle when it is fully grown.

Goldendoodle owners often take their puppies to a canine genetic testing company where the dentist will take a swab of the pup’s cheek to run a couple of tests.

One of the most common DNA tests run on (Goldendoodle) pups is a genetic test that outlines the blueprint of the pup’s size.

The outcome of the genetic test (conducted with your mini Goldendoodle’s cheek swab) will help you quickly find out the likely body developments of your puppy.

The Generation of the Mini Goldendoodle

There are 3 primary generations of Goldendoodles. Those are:

Now, the type or the generation of your mini Goldendoodle can influence the size when it is fully grown.

For example, a first-generation mini Goldendoodle requires artificial insemination for it to reproduce while established breeds naturally reproduce.

Thus, naturally reproduced mini Goldendoodles may not have the same growth curve as artificially-inseminated ones do.

Size of the Parents

The size of the parents of a mini Goldendoodle can also influence the full-grown size of the puppy.

As a general rule, F1B mini Goldendoodles tend to have a more predictable growth curve if the parent dogs are of the same size.

Otherwise, hybrid breeds of F1B and F2B generations tend to grow larger than their parent dogs are if the size of their Golden Retriever grandparent is bigger than that of their parents.


Knowing how to find out the size of your mini Goldendoodle full-grown empowers you to prepare ahead of time for the adult size of your puppy. That way, you wouldn’t be out for surprises when the puppy starts to grow because you are already informed beforehand.

How do you find out what size your Goldendoodle will be?

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