French Bulldog Weight Chart

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French Bulldog Weight Chart

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Nothing is cuter than a French Bulldog! These dogs are playful, intelligent, and can adapt to a wide range of living situations! But if you have a French Bulldog puppy, you my be wondering how big your fur baby will get and when he will stop growing!

We’ve put together some information about these cuties, including a growth/weight chart through the first few months of a French Bulldog’s life! Let’s get started!

What is a French Bulldog?

The French Bulldog originally came from England, where they were developed to be a toy-sized version of the Bulldog. These dogs were adorable and very popular with lace workers in the city of Nottingham. However, when many of the lace workers eventually left for France, their dogs went with them! This is when the dogs became known as French Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs are famous for their batty ears and adorable Bulldog faces! The French Bulldog has a powerful, muscular body for such a small dog. And they have coats that are easy to care for. What’s more, these dogs love to play and sometimes be a bit of a clown!

These little dogs also have a very laid-back attitude and are highly intelligent. They’re quite easy to train, but love it when you make training feel like fun. Like other Bulldogs, these dogs are free-thinkers (they have a mind of their own), making them a bit stubborn. It’s also this personality quirk that doesn’t make them the best dogs for competitions. Even so, who can turn away from these adorable dogs?

French Bulldogs thrive on being with their humans and don’t do well when left alone for long periods. In addition, they usually get along well with kids, though the dogs can be territorial and possessive of their humans. So, proper training and socialization are needed for these little cuties.

These dogs are quite adaptable when it comes to their living conditions, too! They do well in smaller apartments and homes. And they only need about two 15-minute walks a day to keep them in good shape.

There’s no getting around the fact that French Bulldogs can be loving, gentle family companions. They may be a little goofy at times, but this only makes them more adorable!

French Bulldog Growth & Weight

Just like human babies, French Bulldog puppies go through growth and weight stages. Some dogs will grow faster than others, while other dogs may be a little more on the lighter side. Each puppy is different and grows at his own rate. However, vets have created weight and growth charts to make sure a puppy is growing as he should. The goal is to have a happy, healthy puppy!

We’ve put together a couple of weight charts for French Bulldogs. One is for male dogs and the other is for female dogs.

Male French Bulldog Weight Chart
1 month 4-7 lbs
2 months 9-12 lbs
3 months 10-14 lbs
4 months 12-16 lbs
5 months 15-20 lbs
6 months 17-22 lbs
7 months 18-25 lbs
8 months 19-27 lbs
9 months 20-28 lbs
10 months 20-28 lbs
11 months 20-28 lbs
1 year 20-28 lbs


Female French Bulldog Weight Chart
1 month 3-6 lbs
2 months 7-10 lbs
3 months 8-12 lbs
4 months 10-15 lbs
5 months 11-17 lbs
6 months 13-20 lbs
7 months 14-21 lbs
8 months 15-22 lbs
9 months 16-22 lbs
10 months 17-24 lbs
11 months 17-24 lbs
1 year 17-24 lbs


It’s important to keep in mind that these are general recommendations for French Bulldog puppy weight from 1 month to 1 year of age. Remember that some puppies may be a little smaller or larger than what’s on the chart for a specific month.

So, if you’re ever concerned about your puppy’s weight, then be sure to contact the vet. They will be able to explain whether or not your puppy is at the right weight for his size. The vet can also run tests and check your fur baby to make sure your little French Bulldog is healthy! For puppies that are underweight but otherwise healthy, the vet can provide guidance on how to help your canine companion gain some weight with a proper diet.

French Bulldog Height Chart

The other metric that vets measure in puppies is their height. Experts have created a height chart that shows how tall an average puppy is for each month. Dogs are measured from the ground up to the dog’s shoulders while standing on all four feet.

Remember, just as with the weight charts, these numbers are only averages. That means a healthy puppy could be a little taller or shorter than the average height shown in the chart.

French Bulldog Height Chart

Age Height
3 months 4-6 inches
6 months 7-9 inches
9 months 10-11 inches
1 year 11-13 inches


When Does a French Dog Stop Growing?

French Bulldogs usually reach their full height by the age of nine to 12 months. They tend to reach their adult weight around eight to twelve months of age. Even so, these dogs continue to “fill out” until they’re about nine to fifteen months old.

French Bulldogs are considered fully grown by the time they reach 12 to 14 months of age. However, they continue to put on weight and muscle until they’re two years old.

French Bulldog Growth Stages

There are some major miles stone or growth stages that a French Bulldog passes through during the first year of life. In this section, we’ll take a look at these growth stages and what you can expect from your puppy!

2 Months Old

At this state, French Bulldog puppies are learning how to be social and where they fit in the hierarchy of their litter. At this point, the puppies begin to show some independence and their unique personalities start to shine through!

3 Months Old

By the time a French Bulldog puppy is about three months old, they are physically and mentally able to transition to a new home. While this is a stressful transition, a puppy’s immune system is ready to handle it.

In addition, this is the time when socializing a puppy needs to start. This is when the puppy begins to learn how to get along with other humans and animals.

4 Months Old

A French Bulldog puppy of four months begins to become more self-confident and brave. The puppy may try to get away with bad behavior; however, positive reinforcement training methods can teach him how to behave. This is the age when a puppy needs consistent training and socialization.

Six Months Old

You might think of a six-month-old French Bulldog puppy as going through his terrible twos at this age! Puppies are teething as their adult teeth come in, and they will chew on anything and everything to find relief.

This is a good time to supervise your Frenchie and ensure he’s not chewing on anything he shouldn’t! Be sure to supply him with proper chew toys. This helps keep your French Bulldog puppy from chewing things he shouldn’t!

Nine to Twelve Months Old

During these months, a French Bulldog puppy needs consistent training and socialization. It’s much easier to break bad habits now than when a dog becomes an adult. By this age, the puppy has almost reached his adult size!

When your fur baby reaches 12 months of age, he’s now considered to be an adult dog. By this age, your dog needs adult dog food, rather than puppy chow. That’s because puppy food has more calories than adult dog food. Adult dog food also contains the nutrients that an adult French Bulldog needs to stay happy and healthy!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! You’ve now learned what to expect when it comes t your French Bulldog puppy’s growth and height through the first year of life!

If you’re ever concerned about your puppy’s growth progress or health, we highly recommend contacting the vet. They will have specific knowledge about your puppy’s health and can guide you on how to ensure your fur baby grows up to be a happy, healthy French Bulldog!

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