Beagle Price Range Cost

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Beagle Price Range Cost

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Everyone loves a Beagle! This is one dog most people recognize right away! And why not? These dogs are adorable and smart!

Are you thinking about adopting a Beagle? If so, then you need to know how much a Beagle costs to adopt. We’ve put together some information about the adoption costs and things that factor into the price of a Beagle. Let’s get started!

What is a Beagle?

No one is completely sure about the history of Beagles; however, it’s though they date back all the way to Greece in 400 BC. That would make these very ancient dogs!

What is more moving than a Beagle’s deep brown eyes? They seem to speak with their eyes! The dogs are usually happy and outgoing. They love their families, too. Yet, they are also curious about everything around them.

Beagles are scent hounds, which means the dogs primarily rely on their noses to hunt down prey. A Beagle’s nose is one of his super powers! They have over 220 million scent receptors in their noses, while we have a measly 5 million. What a huge difference!

For this reason, the dogs are used to help smell out contraband at airports and more. They’re also used for hunting; however, Beagles also make wonderful family companions.

Beagles are not tiny dogs, but they’re not huge, either. They can adapt well to living in an apartment or small house, as long as they get enough exercise every day.

Beagle Adoption Cost: Reputable Breeders

Adopting from a reputable breeder is always the most expensive option, including with Beagles. Adopting a Beagle from a reputable breeder can cost between $550 to $6,000.

There are several factors that can affect the adoption cost of a Beagle, including:

Reputable Breeder

Adopting a Beagle from a reputable breeder is one of the most expensive but also the best ways to adopt a Beagle. That’s because reputable breeders care about their dogs and usually specialize in breeding one type of dog. They ensure their dogs receive the medical care needed, test the dogs for medical issues, and more. Breeders of this level also go the extra mile to train and socialize their dogs.

In addition, a reputable breeder chooses the best bloodlines for their dogs. Beagles with an excellent pedigree are some of the most expensive around. These are usually dogs that are used for competitions such as shows or dog sports.

The Season

The time of year you adopt your dog can also determine how much it costs to adopt him. For instance, many pet parents want to adopt their Beagles in the summer and spring, when the days are longer. The warmer weather makes it easier to get outside and spend time with the dog.

There’s usually less demand for dogs in the fall and winter. So, you may be able to save money adopting a Beagle at this time. However, most breeders time their litters for the spring. So, it may be more challenging to find a Beagle puppy in the colder months.

Color & Markings

Beagles that fit the breed standard are more expensive to adopt. The AKC recognized about 25 colors in Beagles, which vary from brown, black, fawn, lemon, and more. While that’s true, only 11 of these colors are the standard for the Beagle dog breed.

In addition, there are Beagles that may have rare colors. These dogs are usually more expensive, too.


The health of the Beagle is another factor that can determine the adoption cost of a Beagle. Pedigree Beagles are usually the most healthy and will cost more. These dogs have a documented history of their bloodlines (pedigree). The dogs may also be registered.

Champion Pedigree

When searching for a Beagle to adopt, you may come across information about a dog in his papers. For one thing, you may notice a “CH” by his name. The CH stands for “champion.” This means that the dog may have several champions in his bloodlines who have entered and won various competitions.

Dogs marked as “CH” will cost more.

Beagle Adoption Cost: Shelter

It’s understandable if the cost of adopting a Beagle from a reputable breeder is too much for your wallet. However, don’t despair! You can still find a wonderful Beagle by checking your local shelter.

Shelters often have Beagles, which may cost between $100 to $300 to adopt. While that may seem high, keep in mind that shelters are non-profit organizations. They take in dogs and other animals and then care for them.

Taking in and caring for dogs can be expensive. Shelters have to pay for housing, dog food, and medical care (that can include spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and more). These are all expensive. So, the adoption fee for their dogs helps to repay the organization so they can take care of other dogs in need.

So, when you’re adopting a Beagle from a shelter, you’re not only giving your fur baby a great home, but you’re also providing the shelter with the means to care for more dogs.

Beagle Adoption Cost: Initial Supplies

There are additional costs that you’ll need to consider before bringing your Beagle home for the first time. It’s best to buy all the supplies you’ll need for your dog before he comes home. There’s nothing worse than having a new dog and then needing to scramble from place to place to get what he needs.

The better option is to have everything set up when he gets home. What better way is there to welcome your new fur baby?

Here are some of the items you’ll need for bringing a Beagle home:

Summing It Up

As you can see, the adoption price for a Beagle can vary depending on several factors. But one thing we’re sure of, when you bring your fur baby home, you both will have many years of loving companionship together!

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