Types Of Beagles

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Types Of Beagles

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Beagles are a popular dog breed in the US, and there are a few reasons for that! Beagles are adorable; they make excellent family companions, they’re great with kids, and so much more!

When you picture a Beagle, what do you see? More than likely, you see a black, tan, and white dog with ears that hang down. That’s a Beagle! However, they come in other colors and types, too. That’s what we’ll review in this article: the types of Beagles!

Before we get to different types of Beagles, we’ll take a quick overview of these adorable, gentle, sweet-natured dogs.

What is a Beagle?

Experts aren’t completely sure about the origins of the Beagle dog breed. The name “Beagle” doesn’t even give away their origins. It could come from the Gaelic baeg, which means “little.” Or the breed’s name could come from the French word beaugler, which means “bellow.” The name could also come from the German word begel,e which means to scold. You can see why there’s so much confusion about where Beagles originallycamee from!

To make matters even more confusing, dogs that strongly resemble Beagles have been on record even before Rome was in England in 55 BC. But later, around the 1500s, Beagles were found over much of England, where they were used for hunting. Beagles are famous for having an amazing sense of smell—one of the best of all dog breeds.

Beagle Characteristics

Beagles are small hounds that primarily hunt by scent. While small, these dogs are sturdy and have the endurance to chase after their prey for hours.

These dogs usually stand between 13 to 16 inches tall and weigh between 20 to 25 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

Beagles come in different colors; these are the colors recognized by the AKC:

One of the most famous Beagles in the world is Snoopy, from the Peanuts cartoon strip. Snoopy is a black and tan Beagle; he would be accepted by the AKC without any problem!

Beagle Temperament

Beagles are known for being friendly, smart, curious, playful dogs. They’re also sweet-natured. All of these attributes make the Beagle an excellent family companion. They love kids and adults. However, these dogs have a ton of energy. So, they’re best suited to active families that like to be outdoors quite a bit.

Do Beagles Get Along with Other Pets?

Yes; however, if you have small pets, the Beagle is probably not the right dog breed for your family. The issue is that Beagles have a strong prey drive that’s driven by scent. When Beagles smell something like a rabbit, hamster, or other small pet, they will try to hunt it down.

What’s more, even if you keep your small pets corralled in cages or in separate rooms, your Beagle will be very interested and try to get in to hunt them. That causes much stress for your small pets and you. So, it’s best not to adopt a Beagle in this case.

Types of Beagles

There’s only one type of Beagle recognized by the AKC; however, there are two different varieties of Beagles. The distinction between these varieties is size; otherwise, the dogs are the same breed.

One type of Beagle is under 13-15 inches tall and is sometimes referred to as the Mini Beagle or Pocket Beagle.

Regular Beagles are 15-16 inches tall.

Size is the only difference between these two types of Beagles! The rest of their traits and characteristics are the same.

What Do Beagles Look Like?

Beagles strongly resemble Foxhounds. They have bodies that are rectangular with medium-length coats. You can find their colors listed earlier in this article. The most common color combination is the tri-color brown, black, and white.

These dogs have floppy, pendant-shaped ears on the sides of their head, with beautiful brown or hazel eyes.

These dogs do have a dense double coat that gets thicker in the winter. And Beagles do shed year-round, but they shed even more in the fall and spring. For this reason, it’s best to brush these dogs regularly to control shedding and where all that hair eventually ends up!


Beagles tend to be independent thinkers and love to run with the pack. They’re also very determined dogs and need to be trained and socialized from a young age. These dogs require firm boundaries during training but don’t do well with harsh training techniques. Beagles are sensitive dogs that respond best to positive reinforcement training methods.

Exercise Requirements

Beagles are highly energetic dogs and need plenty of exercise. They need at least one hour of exercise a day, though more may be better. They love to play and are very curious about everything in their environment. So, when you’re out walking your fur baby, be sure to keep him on the leash. This is a dog that will run after any scent that catches his interest!

One more note—Beagles are known for being exceptionally good at escaping! They can get out of almost any yard. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to leave these dogs unsupervised. And if you have a yard, it’s best to get a fence at least 5 feet high, with an underground extension. Why the underground extension? Because a Beagle will try to dig out if he can’t climb out!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! Beagles are amazing dogs that are loving, curious, and full of energy. They love kids and adults, love to play, and are extremely attracted to scents! You can choose between two types of Beagles—the smaller one and the larger one. And you have a wide range of colors to choose from, too!

Beagles are best for active families that enjoy being outdoors together. And they’re not good for families that have other small pets.

We’re pretty sure that if you decide to adopt a Beagle, you’re in for many years of love, fun, and exercise!

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