American French Bulldog Mix – Owner’s Guide

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American French Bulldog Mix

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When you’re thinking about adopting a dog, it’s important to understand the breed. It’s essential to understand whether a specific dog breed will fit with your family. This applies to all dog breeds, including the American French Bulldog.

American French Bulldogs are cute dogs that have become quite popular! If you’re not familiar with this breed but love French and American Bulldogs, read on to learn about the American French Bulldog!

We’ve put together information that you’ll need to know if you decide to adopt one of these cuties! Let’s get started!

What is an American French Bulldog?

An American French Bulldog is a hybrid dog breed. They’re sometimes also referred to as “designer dogs.” The dogs are the result of crossing purebred American Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. What’s not to like with such a combination of parents?

American French Bulldogs usually inherit the best traits of both parents. If you want to know more about this hybrid dog, it’s necessary to learn more about the purebred parents.

The American Bulldog is a stocky, muscular dog. You’d think such a dog wasn’t very fast or good at dog sports. However, just the opposite is true! American Bulldogs are agile and sometimes used to work on the ranch or farm, where they were used to herd cattle. What’s more, the dogs are able to jump about six feet into the air (or more)!

These dogs are friendly, intelligent, and affectionate with their families. However, they can also be protective and territorial. They may also be wary of strangers. These traits make the American Bulldog an excellent watchdog. However, they require plenty of training and socialization to keep the dogs from becoming too aggressive or protective.

The French Bulldog is known by almost everyone! That’s because they have bat ears and a Bulldog face! And they make wonderful family companions. These dogs are a bit small; however, they do have a sturdy, rugged build with powerful muscles. Their coats are easy to care for.

French Bulldogs are known for being playful and laid back. They’re also highly intelligent, and training is easy if you make the process feel like a game. These little dogs love to have fun, even during training sessions!

This dog breed is also great at agility, obedience, and other dog competitions. They are freethinking, which means they make their own decisions and can sometimes be a bit stubborn. Even so, these dogs crave human contact and enjoy spending time with their families. The dogs are also excellent watchdogs and will protect their homes and families.

So, with parents like this, how could you not fall in love with an American French Bulldog?

American French Bulldogs usually stand between 15 to 24 inches and weigh between 30 to 80 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.

Are American French Bulldogs Good with Kids and Other Pets?

The answer is yes! These dogs are wonderful with kids and usually get along with other pets. However, as with other dog breeds, it’s highly recommended that you never leave your dog unsupervised around the kids or other pets.

American French Bulldog Exercise Requirements

American French Bulldogs need plenty of exercise. They will love to be a walking companion or even run next to your bike! However, as they become older, these hybrid dogs usually like to walk and give up on running.

In addition, American French Bulldogs require plenty of mental stimulation. If they become bored, these hybrid dogs will conjure up something to do on their own. And we’re pretty sure you won’t be happy with what your fur baby cooks up! So, it’s necessary to ensure the dogs have plenty of mental stimulation. They love dog sports, interactive dog toys, and more.

American French Bulldog Health Issues

While American French Bulldogs are pretty healthy, they are prone to the following health issues:

Bear in mind that not every American French Bulldog will develop each of these conditions. It’s even possible that a dog may not develop any of these health issues. However, it’s important to understand the potential health issues your fur baby could experience.

Caring for an American French Bulldog

Caring for one of these cuties is not difficult. For one thing, the dogs’ dense coat needs a little maintenance. Because they shed, these dogs benefit from a weekly brushing. Brushing can help manage shed fur and where it falls! What’s more, these hybrid dogs need a bath only when necessary.

Food Requirements

American French Bulldogs require high-quality dog food specially formulated for active dogs. And the dogs should eat about two cups of food a day that can be given at breakfast and supper time.

American French Bulldogs are prone to overeating and gaining weight. They may even become obese. So, it’s necessary to monitor what your dog eats and to ensure he gets plenty of exercise every day.


There’s no question that American French Bulldogs are intelligent canines. However, they can be stubborn and demanding. So, these dogs require an experienced pet parent who understands how the dogs should be managed. The dogs need a firm hand and consistent training.

American French Bulldogs respond best to positive reinforcement training methods. That means you need to offer plenty of love and praise when your fur baby’s doing well. In addition, the more exercise these hybrid dogs receive, the easier they are to manage and train.

Can American French Bulldogs Be Left Alone?

No, American French Bulldogs can’t be left alone for long periods. If so, they may develop separation anxiety and become destructive or develop other unwanted behaviors.

Do American French Bulldogs Like to Snuggle?

Yes, these dogs love to snuggle and will gladly be lapdogs! They thrive on plenty of love and affection. The dogs are gentle, caring, and loyal. They’re also adorable!

Can American French Bulldogs Be Aggressive?

Yes, they can be aggressive if treated the wrong way or they feel in danger. For these reasons, the dogs must be properly trained and socialized from a young age.

Summing it Up

So, there you have it! American French Bulldogs are adorable cuties who love nothing more than spending time with their families. They can be cute and funny yet also perform guard duty! What could be better?

If you choose to adopt an American French Bulldog, we’re sure you will have a loving, playful companion for years to come!

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