50 Border Terrier Dog Names

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Have you considered adopting a Border Terrier? Do you know what a Border Terrier is? Have you adopted a new Border Terrier and need to find them a new? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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In this article we’ll take a look at this dog breed and their traits, then we’ll delve into possible names that would be a good fit for a Border Terrier!

OK! Now we’re ready to start looking at some great name ideas for your new Border Terrier fur baby!

Border Terrier Girl Dog Names

Here are some great Border Terrier names female dogs!

1). Dawn: this is first appearance of the sun each day. It’s the time of day when everything and everyone’s waking up to start the day. Your canine companion may be full of energy in the morning, so why not choose this name for her?

2). Jo: what a cute name for an energetic dog who has the courage of a lion! And remember the character from Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women? She had quite a spunky, can-do attitude!

3). Amber: in English, this name can mean “jewel,” or something that is similar to the substance called amber, which is fossilized resin that has a honey or yellow-ish color. This could be a great name for a girl dog who is wheaten in color.

4). Bess: this name comes from the Hebrew language and is the short version of Elisheba. This name means “oath of God” or “God is satisfaction.” If your fur baby is a gift from heaven, what a pretty name this would be for her!

5). Eden: in Hebrew, this name means “delight,” and was the name of the Biblical Garden of Eden, which was a paradise.

6). Alyson: means “honest” in Irish, and sounds like a very fun, energetic name for a lady Border Terrier.

7). Liberty: means “independence” in English. This would be an apt name for a Border Terrier, since they do tend to be little escape artists!

8). Bridget: in Irish this name means “exalted one.” We love this name—it just seems like it would be a great fit for a lady dog like a Border Terrier.

9). Farron: in English this name means “adventurous.” Border Terriers love adventure, so this would be the perfect name for a girl who has a zest for life!

10). Frances: in Latin or French, this name means “free one,” which would be applicable to a Border Terrier. They have a free spirit and love to have fun!

11). Eina: in Norse, this name means “the only army.” We supposed this could be a name that is a good fit for lady dog who has a ton of courage.

12). Angel: means “messenger from God” and could be a great name for any lady dog!

13). Carly: means “freeman” in Old English. While the meaning seems more male, the name is a cute, spunky name for a small dog!

14). Charlotte: in English this name means “free man,” and would be a great name for a lady Border Terrier!

15). Ramona: in Spanish this name means “wise protector.” Border Terriers can make excellent watch dogs, so this would be a pretty, fitting name for a lady dog!

16). Resa: this is a short name that in Latin means “laughter.” We’re sure your lady Border Terrier will make you laugh with her cute antics!

17). Artemis: this name comes from Greek and is the name of the goddess of the moon and of hunting. If your fur baby loves to hunt, this would be a great name choice for her!!

18). Dali: this is the name of the Georgian goddess of the hunt, which would be another great name for a lady Border Terrier.

19) Winda: this unusual, pretty name comes from Swahili and means “hunter.”

20). Amelia: in Latin this name means “work,” and would be a great name for your fur baby. Border Terriers love to work, especially when it comes to playing with you! That’s not really work, but they do work hard when they play!

21). Lara: remember the character Lara Croft from the movie the Tomb Raider? She was a very adventurous, brave woman! This would then make a great name for a female Border Terrier!

22). Gertrude: this is inspired by Gertrude Bell, who was an English archaeologist and explorer. Again, this would be a great name for an adventurous lady dog!

23). Isabella: this name is taken from Isabella Bird, who was a famous British explorer. She loved adventures and travel!

24). Jane: this name is inspired by another famous British woman named Jane Goodall, who is a primatologist and anthropologist.

25). Diana: this is the name of the Roman goddess of the hunt.

Border Terrier Names Male

Here some great boy dog names Border Terrier!

26). Loki: this is the name of the Norse god of mischief, which could be an apt name for a boy Border Terrier. These dogs can definitely get themselves into some mischief!

27). Jack: this name is inspired by the character Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! What a cute name for your boy dog if you love this character and the movies!

28). Jasper: in Persian, this name means “treasurer.” This could be a great name for your boy dog because we know he will treasure you always.

29). Parker: in English this name means “keeper of the park.” If your fur baby loves to go to the dog park, what better name could you choose for him?

30). Baxter: in English, this name means “baker.” We’re not if this name really applies to a Border Terrier’s personality or characteristics, but it would sure be a cute name for a small, energetic dog who can sometimes be mischievous!

31). Alec: this name in Greek means “protector,” which would be a great name for a boy Border Terrier. They do make great watchdogs!

32). Fremont: in French this name means “free man,” and could be a great name for your boy dog!

33). Kai: means “keeper of the keys” in Welsh and would be the perfect name for a dog who is loyal and a protector!

34). Titus: this is a Roman name that means “pleasing.” Border Terriers want to please their pet parents, so this may be a unique, cute name for your fur baby!

35). Xander: in Greek this name means “protector of men.” This would be another apt name for your male Border Terrier, especially if he tends to be protective.

36). Marco: this name is inspired by the great traveler and merchant named Marco Polo. He loved adventure, traveling, and seeing new things!

37). Chase: means “huntsman” in English. If your male dog loves to hunt and chase down prey, this would be a fitting name for him!

38). Liam: comes from the Irish and means “resolute protection.” This is another great name for a male who is more protective.

39) Steve: this name is inspired by Steve Irwin, an Australian who was known as the “Crocodile Hunter.” He thrived on adventure and travel, plus he loved animals and nature.

40). Garth: this name comes from the Norse and means “defender,” which would be another great choice of name for your fur baby if he is a good watch dog!

Border Terrier Puppy Names

Here are some cute names that might be a good fit for Border Terrier puppies!

41). Astro: remember the cartoon series called The Jetsons? The family had a dog who was named Astro!

42). Buddy

43). Spunky

44). Ace

45). Abby (f)

46). Addie (f)

47). Amy (f)

48). Angie (f)

49). Bambi (f)

50). Becca (f)

What is a Border Terrier?

Border Terriers are small dogs that have long legs. There’s a reason for their long legs! Border Terriers were bred to help with herding cattle, but later were used as hunting dogs. Their long legs helped them chase off predators, and later helped them keep up with their hunting pet parents who usually rode horses on the hunt.

Border Terriers are known for being highly intelligent, filled to overflowing with energy, loyal, fearless and loving. They’re also good-natured. All these traits have now made them highly prized fur babies for many families.

Because these dogs are so energetic, they are not the right companions for everyone. They do well with people and families who have as much zest for life as they do. That means Border Terriers are well-suited for people and families who are very active. These dogs may be small, but they need a lot of exercise to wear off all the energy bundled into their little bodies.

Another aspect these dogs have retained is a strong prey instinct. They have a tendency to chase after a cat or rabbit, which makes them more difficult to contain in a yard with a fence. These dogs are extremely determined. Border Terriers have even been known to run in front of cars in pursuit of a cat.

Another aspect of these dogs is that they can become bored when left alone. When on their own too much or for an extended time, these little dogs have the capacity to think up many a fun activity. However, these activities tend to be noisy and destructive. You may come home to find pillows shredded across the bed, things torn up, or worse. But if the Border Terrier is not alone too much, he shouldn’t be a problem.

Border Terriers can stand between 10-11 inches tall, weigh between 11-15 lbs, and on average live between 12 to 15 years.

Personality of Border Terriers

These little dogs are very good-natured, obedient, and affectionate. To top it off, they’re also fairly easy to train. They learn very quickly because they are so mart.

Because of their strong prey instinct, Border Terriers need to be socialized from a young age. They need to be able to deal with different people, have different experiences, and more.

Border Terrier Characteristics

Border Terriers have short fur, with a dense undercoat. The topcoat is wiry. One interesting fact is that their skin is thick and loose, which makes it difficult for another animal to bite and cause an injury.

Border Terriers comes in a variety of colors including:

They require weekly brushing, even with their short fur. Some pet parents also take their Border Terrier fur babies to the groomer for a procedure called “stripping” the fur. This involves plucking the dead fur out by hand or with another tool. This is a process that helps reduce the amount of shedding, and keeps the dog looking more groomed, rather than scruffy.

Border Terrier Health

Border Terriers tend to be healthy dogs, but they can suffer from certain medical issues including:

Border Terrier Care

These small dogs need to stay with their families indoors. If you live in a house with a yard, then it’s a good idea to invest in a tall fence, which also goes a few feet into the ground. Border Terriers tend to be creative escape artists. They can dig under, climb through a whole, climb over the fence, and more.

Your fur baby will need at least 30 minutes exercise each day. This can be a walk (on the leash—so you maintain control), playing in the yard, etc. Remember that your dog will need plenty of exercise to keep him from becoming bored, which can lead him to become destructive, bark a lot, and more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ve found the best name for your Border Terrier canine companion!

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