11 Accessories That Every Horse Rider Needs

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 Whether you are new to horse riding or you have been doing it for years, there is a list of essentials that every person needs to safely go out on a ride.

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Although horse riding can be an expensive hobby, it is worth spending that extra bit of money on the necessities in order to stay safe and have fun. Here is a list of eleven accessories that you need to invest in before your next horse ride.


1.     Sturdy Boots


In order to keep your feet firmly on the stirrup, you should opt for some thick boots that have a small chunky heel. The heel will prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup, which could cause you to lose your balance and fall off the horse.


By wearing protective shoes, you can keep your feet safe if you bang into something or fall off the horse whilst you are riding.


2.     Saddle


There are a few different types of saddles that you can purchase. Circle y saddles are a popular option. These are comfortable seats that will keep you happy if you are on a long journey regardless of the terrain.


3.     Stirrups


Stirrups are most definitely necessary for any horse rider. They attach to the saddle and hung down by the sides of the horse so that you have somewhere to put your feet. Make sure you get a high-quality set of stirrups that will not fill you in the middle of a ride.


4.     Bridle and Reins


The bridle you choose needs to be appropriate for your horse. It should fit properly and not be uncomfortable for them. The reins need to be long enough for you to keep hold of them even if your horse decides to sniff something on the ground.


5.     Warm Clothes


If you are riding in the winter months or in the evening, it can get pretty cold outside. Make sure you have lots of thick clothes to keep you nice and warm during your rides. Things like fleeces, thermal long-sleeved tops, and woolly leggings are great options. If you get too hot during your ride, you can always take some layers off.


6.     Riding Gloves


When you are holding leather or rubber reins for prolonged periods of time, it can be very uncomfortable. This is especially the case for new riders. Additionally, when your hands start to get sweaty, it can cause your grip to loosen. Investing in some high-quality riding gloves will help to keep your hands protected and makes it much easier to keep control of the reins. Make sure you get gloves that fit your hands properly so they are not loose.


7.     Protective Helmet


As enjoyable as a horse riding is, it can be dangerous. If you fall off your horse, it can cause some serious injuries. Wearing a solid helmet will protect your brain from trauma or injury in the event of an accident. Also please note that a standard bike helmet is not appropriate. There are specific helmets that are made for horse riding that offer extra protection.


8.     A Large Bag


To keep all of your accessories in one place, it’s a good idea to get yourself a large bag. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, it might be better to get a bag that you don’t mind getting dirty if you are taking it to the stables.


9.     Water Bottle


Horse riding can be a strenuous sport. You are likely to get dehydrated if you are going on long rides. Make sure to take a large water bottle with you every time you head out to stay well hydrated so you don’t start feeling dizzy or faint.


10.  Brushes


This doesn’t mean brushes for your hair! You will need a brush for your horse’s thick, coarse hair. It is likely to get matted and messy, so it’s important to keep onto of brushing your horse’s hair every time you come back from a long ride.


11.  Bucket and Sponge


To keep your horse’s hair nice and clean, a bucket and sponge is necessary. Fill your bucket with a few drops of shampoo and some warm water, and give him or her a good clean with the soapy water. Cover their whole body to give them a good wash, but avoid getting any in their eyes as the shampoo can be an irritant.

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