What Does Frog Poop Look Like?

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What Does Frog Poop Look Like

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Frogs are amazing animals! Many people are surprised to learn that frogs can even make great pets! For the right people, frogs can be a blessing. They’re great for people who love frogs, those who are allergic to other types of animals, and more.

This article isn’t about pet frogs per se. Instead, it’s all about frog poop! While this may seem like a strange topic, it’s right on track for anyone who has or is interested in having a frog as a pet. Knowing about frog poop can teach you much about frogs, including the state of their health, and more!

One more note—this topic may be difficult for those who have sensitive stomachs. We will be discussing poop, after all.

OK—let’s get started!

Frog Poop—a Guide for Pet Parents

You may be wondering if frogs really poop. If you look at the topic logically, then you will realize that, of course, frogs have waste products they excrete. Frogs are just like other animals when it comes to eating and getting rid of waste. So, yes, frogs do poop!

What is Frog Poop Like?

That’s a great question. Before researching and writing this article, we had no idea what frog excrement (poop) might be like. It’s not something you really think about every day. Well, if you’re the pet parent of a frog, then you may think about it every day. That’s because it’s important to monitor the health of your frog, as well as clean his habit often.

Thinking about frogs, you picture them near water or in the water. The reason we mention this is because if you’ve ever kept tropical fish, then you know that fish poop in their water. So, the next logical step is to believe frogs probably poop in the water, too. As a result, their poo might look similar to fish poop. Fish poop is thin and stringy. So, wouldn’t frog poop look similar or perhaps be more liquid?

Well, to begin with, frog poop is not thin, stringy, or liquid. The frog’s poop is very dark (black or dark brown) and shiny. It’s also very large compared to the size of the frog’s body. A frog can poop out about 30% of its body size! Can you believe it? We saw the pictures, and it’s true. As the poop dries, it becomes less shiny and dehydrates a bit, which makes it decrease in size.

If you don’t believe us, you can do a search on YouTube and find plenty of videos showing frogs in the act of pooing. We will warn you that these can be gross. But if you’re a pet parent and really want to know more about frog poop, this will be informative research for you!

Why is Frog Poop So Big?

We continue on with this very strange but useful topic for frog pet parents! So, why do frogs poop out as much as 30% of their body size? That’s an excellent question, and it has to do with the frog’s natural instincts.

In the wild, frogs must work hard to feed themselves. This is the same as other animals—they never know when or where they’ll find their next meal. There are days when they must go without food, and then days when there’s plenty of food around. For this reason, frogs have evolved with the ability to eat plenty of food when it’s available.

When a frog eats so much food, guess what? It has to be processed and the waste products removed from the frog’s body. The result is frog poop, which is very large.

Is the large poop hard to pass? That’s a question we’re not too sure about. If frogs are like other animals (such as us), then they may occasionally become constipated. However, in most cases, they seem to deal with the size of the poop without any problem and without pain. Frogs have evolved to deal with their extremely large poop.

Where Do Frogs Poop?

You can find frog poop almost anywhere there are frogs. Of course, it will depend on the species of frog, too. For instance, if you live in the southern part of the US, there may be tree frogs in your yard. They not only climb trees but also climb your home! So, you may find tree frog poop around the outside of the house. It’s entirely possible!

For other types of frogs, however, you’re more likely to find their poop in these areas:

Is Frog Poop Dangerous?

That’s another great question! And the answer is yes, frog poop can be dangerous, just like any other animal poop. Frog feces can contain harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, parasites, and more.

For this reason, if you have a pet frog, it’s essential to clean your frog’s poop up every day. Rather than handling the poop with bare hands, experts recommend wearing disposable gloves to clean up frog poop. It’s also necessary to clean up the area where the poop was found.

As a responsible pet parent, it’s crucial to keep your frog’s habitat clean. This is because frogs are very sensitive creatures and can easily become infected with bacterial and fungal infections. If there’s too much poop build-up in the habitat, your frog is continually exposed to pathogens that could make him sick or even die.

Another reason to keep the poop cleaned up is for your own health. Handling a frog from a dirty habitat could also make you sick. If the frog’s hopping around an environment filled with poop, then some of that excrement will be on him, as well as the organisms in the poop. When you handle your frog, the bacteria and other pathogens are then transferred to your hands, etc.

For these reasons, it’s important to clean up your frog’s poop every day and clean the area where the poop was found. Sometimes you may find poop in the frog’s water bowl. If so, then remove the waste and wash the bowl with hot, soapy water. Rinse it well, and refill it with fresh, clean water.

So, there you have it! An article all about frog poop, which probably contains more information than you’d like to know! However, if you’re a frog pet parent, we hope this article has been informative and helpful. And we wish you many years of companionship for you and your froggy friend!

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