Cat Boarding near Me: Prices and Recommendations

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How can I find the right cat boarding facility near you? What about a cat hotel? These are questions that many cat parents ask. The reasons for choosing a cat boarding facility are many. Perhaps the kitty doesn’t like to travel, but her pet parents have a trip coming up and can’t find anyone to take care of her. Or perhaps the pet parents are going on a cruise or an international trip and aren’t able to take their fur baby along.

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It can be challenging to find a reputable place for your cat to stay while you’re traveling. Many pet parents feel anxious, and rightfully so. Your fur baby will be in a strange place, with people she doesn’t know, etc. So, your goal is to find the best place for her to stay until you get home. We’ve put together some information to help you find the best cat care facility, where your fur baby can stay in comfort, and you won’t feel so anxious, either!

To Find a Cat Boarding Facility Near Me

All you need to do is a quick Google search with the phrase “cat kennel near me” or fill in the words “boarding,” “hotel,” etc. Then hit enter. Chances are the first results you see will include a map, and under the map you’ll find a listing of cat boarding facilities that are near your home. Under each facility name, you’ll find a star rating, from 1-5, with 5-stars being the best. There may also be a link for the organization’s website and directions on how to get there.

To see the entire list, just click on “More Places,” and you’ll be taken to a new page that includes the entire list of cat kennels, hotels, etc. near you. You’ll see a map to the right, and on the left, you’ll find a list of the facilities. All you need to do is click on the “website” link and you’ll be taken directly to their webpage. Once on the site, look for information such as prices, the team who cares for the cats, and more.

Other ways to find a cat kennel include asking family and friends for their recommendations, work colleagues or even your vet.

What to Look for in Cat Kennel Near Me?

When it comes to looking for the right cat care facility, you may be tempted to only look at the prices. However, this could be a huge mistake. Of course, we recommend looking for a cattery that fits in your budget; however, you want to avoid choosing the place with the lowest prices. The reason is that low-priced facilities may only put your fur baby in a cage and leave her there the entire time you’re away. She may not get attention, have exercise, etc. Your kitty may also be fed cat food that’s low quality, the facility could be dirty and more.

Instead, opt for a place that is moderately priced, that fits within your budget. Cat hotels are usually lower priced than cat hotels and catteries. And keep in mind they may charge an extra fee that covers pet insurance. You’ll want to make sure to have pet insurance in case an accident happens to your ball of fur while you’re away.

Customer Reviews of the Cat Care Facilities

When you have a list of cat care facilities compiled, then do a review of each facility. Reviews, good or bad, can be good indications of how well they care for pets. Look for verified reviews if possible. Avoid those places that have many bad reviews, and instead focus on those that have high star ratings.

Visit Each Facility

Now that you’ve crossed some facilities off the list, it’s time to go and visit each facility in person. Yes, this is extra work, but don’t you want to know the place your fur baby will stay is good for her? When inspecting the kitty care facilities, look to see how clean the place is in general. You shouldn’t find bags of trash sitting out anywhere, the kennels should be clean, and the cats look relaxed and at ease. Of course, some cats may seem anxious, but most of the cats should be clean and relaxed.

If the facility isn’t clean and smells bad, then leave. Or if you noticed the cat’s kennels are dirty, the food and water seem old and dirty, then this isn’t the right place for your fur baby to stay. In addition, use your gut instincts. If something about a place just doesn’t seem right, then leave and go on to the next place on your list.

Check Out the Staff

If you find a place that looks good and feels right to you, then the next thing to check out is the staff. You’ll want to ask if the staff is trained, and if so, then what level of training do they have. Staff should have the right training to take care of your cat in all types of situations.

Then you’ll want to find out how many cats are kept at the facility, and if any other animals are also boarded there, such as dogs. Be sure to find out how many staff are on duty at any one time, including at night. Most experts recommend that there should be at least 1 staff person for every 10 cats. Even if they say someone will be on hand all the time, be sure to ask specifically if staff are on site 24 hours a day.

That way, if your fur baby has some emergency, she can get help even after hours.

Check Out the Cat Kennels in Person

Don’t hesitate to ask to see the cat kennels in person and up close. You want to make sure your fur baby will be comfortable. When you review the kennels, be sure to ask to see kennels that currently house cats. Be sure to ask what type of bedding is given, and then look to see if the bedding in the kennels is both clean and dry. And remember to ask if you can bring your cat’s bedding and toys along, while you’re away.

Another question to ask is when and how often the kennels are cleaned—and remember to ask if they’re also disinfected. Look to see if the kennels are safe. Are there things your fur baby could get hurt on? Can she let herself out? Ensure the space is big enough so your kitty can move around and get comfortable when she’s inside. Check to see if she’ll have plenty of room to move even when her litter box and food bowls are in the kennel with her. Cat only boarding near me–always ask if your cat will be housed alone or with other animals. You want to make sure she will be housed by herself, not with other animals in the kennel.

Your Cat’s Diet

This another important area to ensure your fur baby will be comfortable. If you’d like to have her eat the food she’s used to, then ask if this will be OK. If so, when you take her be sure to bring enough food to last while you’re away, and provide the facility with feeding instructions (how much to feed her, etc.).

Make sure to ask how the food is stored, where it’s store, and don’t hesitate to ask if you can see where the food is kept. You’ll want to look for any signs that the food preparation area is dirty, unhygienic, etc. As you’re checking the kennels, look to make sure that each kitty has enough clean water in her kennel, too. And feel free to ask how often the food and water bowls are cleaned. Be sure the answer is that they’re cleaned after each meal.

Daily Routine & Activities

Next, it’s a good idea to ask what your fur baby’s daily routine will be while you’re away. Cats are usually let out for some play time and be put in a playroom that has a lot of toys, things to climb and more. This way, your fur baby will have some enrichment time and be exercised during her day, too. Ask to see if your fur baby will play alone, with staff or with other cats. This can vary, depending on the facility.

Cat Boarding Policies

Each facility will have its own cat boarding policies; however, here’s a list of the most common policies you’ll find:

In addition, each facility may have a cancellation policy that will require you to give notice. They may even charge fees if you don’t cancel within a certain specified time period. In addition, you may need a credit card to make your reservation, and the facility may ask that you sign a liability release for them.

Cat Hotel Near Me: Prices

Again, don’t be tempted by cheap cat boarding near me, as these places may not offer the best care for your feline companion. Instead, look for facilities that are within your budget. When it comes to boarding your fur baby, the costs may range anywhere from $15.00 to $25.00 a day. However, if you have more than one cat, some facilities will give you a discount or perhaps offer extended stays. You’ll want to ask the cat kennel to break down the costs, so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. It’s important to look for hidden fees for services your fur baby may not need. In addition, ask about additional fees such as grooming, giving medication, etc.

Some facilities do offer extra services such as grooming, webcams so you can check in on your fur baby when you want to. Be sure to ask about any charges for these services. Finally, you’ll want to know the checkout time, so you can pick up your precious fur ball without incurring additional fees if she overstays. By following these tips, you’ll be able to find the best kennel facility for your kitty. She may even enjoy a little vacation while you’re away!

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