How to Find the Best Pet Grooming Services Near Your Home

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Depending on the type of fur baby you have, chances are that once in a while he’ll need to visit a groomer. Groomers do everything from bathing, clipping fur and trimming nails. It sounds simple, but it takes talent and patience for groomers to work with our pets.

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Pet Grooming Near Me

You’ll want your fur baby to have the best of care while visiting a groomer, so you’ll want to find the best person for your pet. How do you go about finding a local pet groomer? What should you look for in a groomer? How to choose which groomer for your pet? Does the groomer provide dog grooming, or do they work on other pets?

We’ll take a look at these questions and other issues when it comes to finding the best pet groomer for your precious pet.

First: Do You Need a Professional Groomer?

The first thing to ask yourself—do you really need a professional groomer. Consider your answers to these questions:

1. Are you physically able to bathe and groom your pet yourself?

2. Do you know how to groom your pet safely and properly?

3. Can you handle any problem issues, such as matted fur, long toe nails, etc.?

4. Can you handle flea and tick medication safely, etc.?

5. Do you have the tools and supplies you need to effectively groom your pet?

6. Do you have a specific look in mind, if you bring up a picture of a Pomeranian haircut style can you execute it?

If you’ve answered no to one or two of these questions, then you might want to take your pet to a professional groomer who’s able to provide all of these services and safely manage your pet at the same time.

What to Look for in Pet Groomers Near Me

Once you’ve decided you need a professional pet groomer, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

a). they’re compassionate with the pets, especially those who are scared or nervous/aggressive

b). work well with a pet’s owner(s), paying attention when they talk and carefully listening to comments and concerns, and are friendly

c). should pay close attention to what they’re doing as they work, while keeping pets safe

Now that you’ve considered what to look for in a professional pet groomer, it’s time to look at how to find local pet groomers

Local Pet Grooming Near Me

How do you go about finding a local pet groomer? Where should you begin the search? You can start with your computer. The first place to begin your search, and the fastest, is to look online.

There are some excellent websites that can help you find pet groomers near you. You can either do a Google search such as “pet groomers near me,” to find local listings for pet groomers in your area. Additional search terms you could try: “dog grooming near me,” “cat grooming near me,” (your specific type of pet—cat, dog, guinea pig, etc. and ‘grooming near me.’), “dog/cat grooming salons,” etc.

Another option is to look for websites that help you find local pet groomers, some will even offer boarding for cats and dogs. Websites that can be helpful include:

These are some suggestions for online searches. If you’ve already tried these, then next you can try asking your family, friends and even work colleagues for their recommendations on groomers they’ve used. Another option is to ask at your vet’s office. Some veterinary offices even have their own professional groomers who take appointments and may be able to accept your pet.

A Mobile Groomer

Another option to check out before you make a final decision is a mobile pet grooming service. These are available in many areas these days, making it handy—your pet doesn’t have to go anywhere to be groomed.

Most mobile groomers work out of a large van or even a trailer, which have been specially converted. You’ll find they contain all the necessary grooming equipment, including grooming tables, the best brushes for your cat and dog, running water, a bathtub, pet grooming gloves, pet grooming supplies, etc. The groomer may use a generator to supply the necessary electrical power needed to run lights and clippers, etc.

A mobile groomer might be a good option for your pet!

Visiting the Groomer

Once you’ve done all the research and narrowed down the list of possible pet groomers, it’s time to set up some meetings with the groomers you’ve chosen. This is a good time to ask any questions, share your concerns, learn about the groomer’s process, and more. You can even set up a time to visit the groomer’s facility to check it out.

Here are Questions to Ask the Pet Groomer:

1. What are the charges for services your pet needs (bathing, hair cutting/clipping, nail clipping, flea/tick treatments, etc.)? Be sure to completely understand the groomer’s charges and fees before you make an appointment, that way you won’t have sticker shock when you pick up your pet.

2. Does the facility require your pet to be vaccinated? Some grooming facilities have this requirement, while others don’t. It’s a good idea to choose a groomer who only works with vaccinated pets. This way, your pet won’t be exposed to any contagious diseases or be near sick animals.

3. Sanitation: it’s a good idea to ask if the groomer cleans their grooming tools in between pets. What process do they use to disinfect the tools and do they also disinfect all surfaces? Do they wear pet grooming gloves when working with each pet? You want to make sure your precious fur baby doesn’t pick up some contagious disease or condition while at the groomer’s. Proper disinfection should be provided by any professional pet groomer.

4. What pet grooming supplies does the groomer use? You’ll want to make sure they don’t use any product that may cause your allergic pet to have a reaction. You might even ask if you can provide your pet’s shampoo and other supplies to avoid a possible allergic reaction.

5. Ask if you can bring your pet in for a tour of the groomer’s facility, or at least ask if you can view the facility. This is the time when you check for cleanliness, watch how the groomer works with animals, look to see how pets are treated, etc. You can also see how your pet reacts to this new place.

6. What specific animals does the groomer work with? Some professional pet groomers work on all types of animals, while others choose to specialize and work with specific types of pets, or even specific breeds. Does the groomer provide dog grooming services, cat grooming services, etc.

Finally, when you’ve talked with different groomers and visited their facilities, then review what you’ve learned and consider who to choose.

Always go with your gut instincts—it won’t steer you wrong. You want to find the best person to work with your pet—your instincts will steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right groomer.

These are the steps you can take to find the best professional pet groomer near you. We’ve covered different ways to research, including online, asking family and friends for recommendations, etc. Once you’ve got a list of possible pet groomers, it’s time to visit and ask your questions. You might even consider visiting the facility alone or with your pet to check each facility. Choosing the best groomer can be a daunting job, but we hope these tips will help you and your fur baby find just the right person to take care of the grooming for you.


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