Buyer’s Guide for Dog Accessories: Travel Edition

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There are so many dog accessories on the market! Of course, there are the base essentials: collars, leashes, dog toys, and food and water bowls. But did you know that there are a host of other accessories too—ranging from car and travel accessories to doggy clothing (including bowties!) and even doggy highchairs? With so many accessories available, it can be difficult to know where to draw the line. And that line will largely depend on you, your budget, and—of course—your dog.

Dog accessories travel edition 2

Image: Stylish Hound

Feeling paralyzed by choice? We’ve got you. Read on as we walk you through the world of travel-related dog accessories. Dogs can be high-maintenance, so it follows that they’ll want to hit the road with a doggy bag in tow! Here are some things you may not have considered.


We all know that a collar and a leash are essential to the daily doggy walk. But did you know that dogs sometimes require additional restraint? Doggy harnesses are mostly used when walking, but they are also great for car safety. The great thing about harnesses is that they can attach to seatbelts. And if worse were to come to worst, a harness-and-belt combination would secure your dog in place and reduce the chances of injury.

Dog accessories travel edition 3

Seat belt

What’s even better than using a car seat belt built for humans? A doggy seat belt! Tailored more to their size, dog seat belts clip to harnesses and click into buckles with ease. Your pooch will not stray far so long as they’re secured with one of these. If your dog will be joining you on road trips, dog seat belts will provide much peace of mind.

Dog accessories travel edition 4

Car seat

If you’ve got a smaller pooch on board, a doggy car seat is also a good purchase. Just as you’d install a baby car seat for a non-fur baby, you should consider getting something to suit your babies with fur. Following the harness and seat belt, a car seat is the third leaf of your car safety trefoil. It adds extra security and the calming reassurance reminiscent of a dog basket. Plus, smaller pooches will appreciate the elevated view.

Dog accessories travel edition 5

Car seat covers

Let’s be real: cars weren’t built with dogs in mind. They’re not fit to their varying sizes, and they don’t easily accommodate anyone with more than two legs. Also, cars typically have a plush interior. We all know a dog’s first instinct when it sees something soft and chewable.

If you’re traveling with a pooch in tow, car sear covers can be a godsend. These babies protect your car’s interior from bites and scratches, muddy paws, and general wear and tear. They’re also waterproof and stain-resistant and easily removed from the car. Think of it as an apron for your car (and your dog is the oh-so-sweet yet messy cake batter).

Collapsible bowls

When you’re traveling, collapsible bowls are so much easier to transport than the usual stainless steel bowls. Dogs need water available at their disposal, and a collapsible bowl is the ideal travel-friendly compromise. If your fur kid gets thirsty, reach for a bowl, extend it to capacity, and fill it with water. Same goes for when your pup wants some food.

Travel water bottle

Travel water bottles are another portable alternative to collapsible bowls. And because they’re for dogs, they contain a mini slide-out water bowl. When traveling long distances, please note that we still recommend bringing collapsible bowls for food purposes. Travel water bottles are also great to bring on walks.

Dog accessories travel edition 6

Get going!

Of course, this post merely skims the surface of traveling with dogs. That is a whole separate post in itself. However, we hope we’ve got the ball rolling and inspired you to think about what a dog might need on the road. From car seats and seat belts to portable receptacles and water bottles, who knew dogs could need so much stuff?! Packing the doggy bag is all part of the dog ownership package. And having your waggy-tailed companion on the road is sure to make it all worthwhile!


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