6 Best Dog Strollers – Ride With Style!

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There was a time when if I wanted to take my dog somewhere, I could just carry him. Well, that was when he was just a puppy. Months’ later carrying him was not an option and it meant that there were outdoor trips we had to take and leave him at home. It wasn’t always a good decision, but it was very likely the safest for him. Now, with various kinds of dog strollers in the marketplace, there is very little reason for your fur baby to be left out of the action.

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Think baby stroller for dogs, only these are usually enclosed in some way to keep your pet from jumping out and possibly getting hurt in some way. Essentially, you have a dog stroller to keep your dog with you when you are performing outdoor activities where having your pet on a leash is not exactly the best solution.

Dog strollers give you a safe and secure way to keep your dog as part of your active lifestyle and it keeps them happy to be with you as well

Why Should You Buy A Dog Stroller?

There are several reasons why you may need a dog stroller. However, there are three main reasons why you would want one. First, if you are a jogger, this is a great way to have your dog participate but without the hassle of him or her slowing you down or having to try to keep up. Second, if you are a bicyclist, a dog stroller is another way to keep your pet as part of the action without them having to try to maintain your pace and speed. Third, if you are the type of enthusiast that ventures off the beaten path but still want to have your dog with you, a stroller is another way to ensure that the both of you are enjoying the adventure and that neither of you gets lost in the process. Well, at least your dog won’t be wandering off somewhere.

What To Consider When Buying A Dog Stroller

The 6 Best Dog Strollers Out There 

1. Pet Gear No Zip Pet Stroller

This dog stroller features an easy-locking, no-zip entry which means no struggling with zippers. There is a bolster pad included as well as a weather cover. The design of this unique dog stroller includes a panoramic view window for your pet and a canopy that has three different position settings. The tires are 12-inch AirRide and when you have your pooch in this stroller, it will be secure but still able to see whatever you are doing and that keeps him or her in the action.

2. HPZ Pet Rover Pet Stroller

This is quite simply a fantastic dog stroller. It features a one-hand simple mechanism that allows you to fold or unfold the unit in just seconds and when it is folded, it takes up little space. There’s a suspension system that provides a comfortable ride with Comfort-Ride wheels and a 360-degree rotating front wheel. This product also has a rear braking system. The frame is heavy duty but also lightweight and extremely durable. The mesh top cover allows airflow and is made of a UV-reflective, high-density material. But that’s not all! This dog stroller is much more than that as it contains a large under basket, three accessory bags, a bottle holder and more than enough space to keep your dog happy and comfortable wherever you choose to go. 

3. VIVO Pet Stroller 

With a large protective carrying compartment that zippers open or closed, this dog stroller can hold dogs up to 30-pounds. The windows are all made of mesh to provide maximum visibility and ventilation. The stroller collapses and folds up easily and takes up little space when not in use. The design features dual cup holders, a center tray and a large under-carriage basket to hold and transport other items. This is a pretty nice option for taking your pet somewhere outdoors.

4. BestPet Posh Pet Stroller

The design of this dog stroller provides for easy folding and unfolding when in or out of use and as it is made with lightweight materials, it is easy to move and use. The wheels all roll with ease and provide pivoting action to increase mobility. The front compartment is zippered to offer quick access and for cleaning purposes, the inner pad is removable. While this is a slightly basic dog stroller, it still has the requirements that you need to keep your dog comfy and happy.

5. Paws n Pals Three Wheel Pet Stroller

Lightweight and durable pretty much describe this dog stroller. It has a retractable waterproof rain hood, front and rear easy entry and will fold for storage. The mesh screen windows provide high visibility and ventilation and there’s also a large under carriage storage compartment to carry all your pet accessories. Additional features include not one, but two cup holders, a seat belt leash, rear security brakes, a hooded peak top window and all of this is bundled into a package that can be handled with a single hand. But what about your dog? He or she will love this stroller so much, good luck getting them out of it at the end of the day.

6. OxGord 3-Wheel Pet Stroller

This dog stroller is built for action. It has a retractable waterproof rain hood and is designed to permit easy entry from front or rear for your pooch. Plus, your dog will travel in style with ventilation mesh screen windows that also keep bugs out. There’s a large storage compartment underneath the carriage that you can use to transport whatever you need for your dog including a couple of dog toys. The stroller comes complete with some extras just designed for the humans who will use it and they include two cup holders, rear security brakes and easy handling. Plus, there is a seat belt leash and a hooded peak top window. You could say this one is the cat’s meow, but for the purpose of this review, that could be the wrong pet to use as an example.


Hey, it’s a dog stroller. That means that if you are a jogger or you plan to go to the beach and Rover can’t go even on a leash, you will still be able to have your faithful companion with you as you enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, if your dog is still just a puppy, a dog stroller is one of the safest investments you can make as it will keep your little pup safe and secure when you take him or her out with you. You can use the dog stroller on a trip to the grocery store as well because many of these are designed to give you extra storage space underneath the pet compartment. Nothing keeps you are your pet closer when outdoors enjoying nature than with a good quality dog stroller.

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