What Makes Rottweilers Good Pets and Service Dogs?

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Choosing a service dog for you can be a difficult task. There are many factors to consider in this decision.

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Believe it or not, but the breed of the service dog matters in terms of the service you will get. But how can you pick the right breed? Which one will be most reliable and assistive?

One breed often overlooked or misunderstood is Rottweilers. Their depictions in movies and their rugged or gruff look make people think they are fierce dogs.

Before getting a Rottweiler, it’s essential to know all about their breed. As provided on platforms like Anything Rottweiler, referring to credible information can help you decide on getting these animals as your pet or a service dog.

In actuality, Rottweilers are highly protective and loveable creatures who will go to the ends of the earth to protect their companion/owner.

Physical Features

Rottweilers are very large dogs, and with their build, they can help you maintain stability and balance. Plus, their intimidating nature will be of use to you to scare off unwanted and dangerous people.

Intelligent Creatures

Rottweilers are an intelligent breed. Once you command them to carry out a task, they will fulfill it entirely. You can train them to bring you objects, keep things away, and how to call for help in dangerous situations. They are also intuitive and can sense when you are in trouble.

Loyal Guards

Rottweilers are loyal creatures as they were bred to be guard dogs. They are sure to protect you in moments of danger. If you live by yourself, Rottweilers can keep you out of danger and protect you at any cost.

To become this loyal, Rottweilers need time to become familiar with their new environment and its inhabitants to form a trusting relationship.

Heightened Smell and Hearing

Rottweilers have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Whether it’s an intruder or a storm, Rottweilers can sniff and hear any danger and alert you.

Love and Affection 

Like any dog, Rottweilers can be very loveable and affectionate. It can be hard to picture this mammoth creature capable of cuddles and hugs, but again this is a huge misconception. They have an infinite capacity to love and show compassion to their owners.

Good Around Children

Rottweilers can be alongside children if they grow up in an environment filled with them. This allows them to understand the children and know how to behave near them. You can raise a Rottweiler puppy along with children to make them comfortable. For developed pups, slowly expose them to the children and not immediately, so they have time to adjust.

Friendly with Other Animals

Rottweilers can be protective, but they can be calm and friendly if they are familiar with other animals around them. It is in their instinct to chase away other animals, but they can be trained to understand the difference between friendly and dangerous creatures.

Fast Learners

Most pups are good learners, but Rottweilers are a breed that takes directions well, especially when they feel loyal to their owner. Their extremely intuitive nature allows them to pick up tasks and duties quicker than other breeds.

Great Therapy Dogs

It’s scientifically proven that dogs can positively impact a person’s psychological and health conditions, which is what makes dog therapy so popular. Rottweilers make good therapy dogs. Of course, they will have to be trained for the same, but they can show the compassion and companionship required of a therapy dog.

Training Rottweilers

You must train dogs depending on their breed, and not all dogs are the same. They need to be given special attention and care to prime them up for their future roles.

Plus, this individual level of focus on your dog will allow you to study their natural tendencies and know how to hone them for service.

You cannot train your dog to be a service dog yourself, as you might not know the correct skills to train them. Hence, make sure you employ a reputable trainer. A bad trainer has negative results for your dog. Their strengths can be overlooked, making it difficult for you to have command over them.

Socialization is a key part of training this breed of dog for service. A Rottweiler needs time to get used to its environment – the ins and outs of the house – to assist you better.

Since Rottweilers are large dogs, it is essential to train them to be calm in emergencies or stressful situations. Excitable dogs can create more havoc than predicted.

For information on training your Rottweiler for service, check out websites like Anything Rottweiler that offer tips regarding this and more.

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