Best Toys for Rottweilers

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Rottweilers are beautiful dogs, famous for their size and powerful jaws! If you’re the pet parent of a Rottweiler, we can bet you’ve found it challenging to find safe dog toys for him.

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It will come as no surprise that Rotties need dog toys that are tough and indestructible. While we use the term “indestructible,” it is important to note that even the toughest toys can eventually be chewed apart. However, dog toys that use this term will definitely last longer than regular dog toys.

What to Look for in a Dog Toy for a Rottweiler

When it comes to toys for a Rottweiler, you’ll want to look for those that are very tough and durable. One of the best materials for durable dog toys is natural rubber. Toys made of rubber are natural and non-toxic, which means you don’t have to worry about them containing harmful chemicals.

Man-made rubber does exist; however, it is a synthetic material that can contain BPAs, phthalates, and more. These chemicals have been linked to cancer in humans.

Not only that, but natural rubber toys are more durable. Rubber can withstand the powerful jaws of a Rottweiler over and over again! While the material is tough, at the same time, rubber is gentle on a dog’s teeth. That means a natural rubber toy will not break teeth or cause damage to mouth tissues.

Another reason that natural rubber toys are best is that they won’t splinter and break easily. If your dog does bite off some of the rubber, the pieces will be soft and not have sharp edges that can cut.

These are some of the main reasons rubber dog toys are best for Rottweilers and other dogs that are aggressive chewers.

The Best Dog Toys for Rottweilers

OK—now we’re ready to get on with our list of the best dog toys for Rottweilers!

1). Hyperflite K-10 Jawz Hyperflex Ultra Tough Dog Disc

Here’s a tough flying disc for dogs that have strong jaws! This is a puncture-resistant disc, which even withstands competitions! It is ultra-flexible and yet soft so that it won’t hurt your dog’s teeth and mouth. The disc is perfect for games of fetch on land or in the water.

Pet parents have rated these discs highly, saying they fly great and for a long distance. It’s rigid enough to throw but won’t hurt your dog.

While these are called “tough,” dogs have been known to chew these discs. So, if you choose this dog toy for your Rottie, always supervise him while he plays with it. This way, you can catch him right away if he starts trying to chew the disc apart.

2). Petstages Deerhorn Tough Dog Chew

Rottweilers love to chew on just about anything that comes their way! For this reason, a durable dog chew is essential. The Petstages Deerhorn Tough Dog Chew may fit the bill. This toy is made especially for large dogs, who are aggressive chewers. The toys are made from naturally shed deer antlers, which means the toy will be safe for dogs. Not only that, but the chew toys also have the “taste” of deer that many dogs will love.

The taste and texture will keep your Rottie engaged and mentally stimulated for quite a while! These are tough, natural chews that are also great for your dog’s dental health. And these toys are made in the USA.

3). Kong Extreme Pack of 2

The Kong Extreme is one of the most endurable dog toys around! Kong has been around for years and has earned a place as one of the best dog toy makers around. This is because the company uses natural rubber for their toys, which are known for their durability and safety.

The Kong Extreme is made for large dogs, such as Rotties, who love to chew! Not only can the toy be used to play fetch, but it can also be used for treats! That’s because each Kong Extreme has a hole in the bottom, which allows you to put in dog treats and snacks. Your Rottweiler will have fun trying to get the snack out. While he’s having fun, you can count on the fact the toy is providing your dog with plenty of mental stimulation, as well.

4). Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Worker Composite Puzzle

Rotties need plenty of mental stimulation, and here’s a toy that will provide them with plenty of that! The Dog Worker Composite puzzle is a great way to challenge your dog by getting him to find treats hidden inside. The puzzle contains different spots where you can hide treats. To reach these spots, the dog must work through the blocks, tracks, and the rotating center! This means your Rottweiler will have a new challenge every time!

The toy is made of durable polypropylene and wood, with each part built into the base to keep them safe from dogs. It’s BPA, PVC & phthalate-free. This toy is also easy to clean with warm water and mild soap in between uses.

5). Kong Rubber Tire

Here’s another Kong toy that’s extremely popular with pet parents and their large, aggressive chewers! The Kong Rubber Tire comes in two sizes and is made of natural black rubber. What’s more, the toy can be used to stuff treats inside! It can be used to play fetch and much more. These toys are made with globally sourced materials in the USA.

6). Kong Extreme Goodie Bone for Power Chewers

The Kong Extreme Goodie Bone for Power Chewers is another chew toy that’s perfect for Rottweilers. These toys are made from natural black rubber, which is tough and durable for even the most powerful chewers! In addition, these toys can be stuffed with treats and snacks! Your dog will have a great time trying to access the treats while he enjoys chewing the toy. As with other Kong toys, this one is also made in the USA of globally sourced materials.

These are some of the best dog toys for Rottweilers! And remember, while the toys may be labeled as “durable” and “indestructible,” no toy is impervious. A determined dog will ultimately chew through even the toughest toys. So, always monitor your dog as he’s having fun with these toys!

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