Dogs And Window Watching: 3 Interesting Facts For Pet Owners

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Do you often find your dog standing or sitting by the window? Well, you’re not the only one. Most pet owners have discovered that dogs tend to spend time by the windows or door as if waiting on someone to come home or for something to happen. And it’s not only house windows that they seem attached to. Even when they’re out for a ride in your car, they like sticking out their heads through that small opening and feel the wind against their face.

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But do you sometimes wonder what’s on their mind whenever they do such a cute gesture or habit? It’d be nice to have the power to read their thoughts, but even if you don’t, there are actually a few interesting facts about dogs and their window-watching routine.

Dogs And Window Watching 101

Canines are so much like humans in more ways than one. Imagine being stuck at home most of the time; wouldn’t you want to get a glimpse of the outside world? A change of scenario would be much appreciated, right? This is also the same for your furry friends.

Dogs are naturally born to wander off and explore everything around them. But since dogs of this generation (and even before) have mostly been stay-at-home pets. The closest thing they can get to a daily outdoor adventure is their window-watching habit, which lets them see people, vehicles, and other dogs pass by.

That’s one thing to keep in mind the next time you look at your pet hanging around by the window and staring outside. You might want to sit with them and keep them company. Or better yet, make sure their favorite spot is comfy. You can place a cushion or small pillow where they can cozily sit as they enjoy doing one of their favorite activities. While you’re at it, consider installing fly screens for windows to keep your four-legged buddy protected from insects like bees, wasps, and flies.

Interesting Facts You Would Love To Know

There can be several reasons dogs love watching the outside world by the window. Some are probably not new to you, while others might just surprise you in a good way. If you’re ready to find out, take a look at the list below for a few interesting facts about dogs and their inclination to window watching:

Another thing you might notice whenever your dogs are window watching is they’ll be barking and growling almost half the time. Such patterns could indicate that they’re aggressive, territorial, and protective of the property. They tend to feel alert and on guard whenever someone gets near the door or the window where they’re watching. 

Also, your pets are more on their toes when they’re alone at home. People with security systems and CCTVs installed inside the house usually find footage of their dogs watching people from the window, barking and growling whenever someone approaches. It’s in their instinct to stay vigilant and protective of the house when they’re on their own. As they wait for you to come home, they’ll be near the door or by the window, patiently checking the people passing by if any of them happens to be you, their owner.

You probably already know that dogs will never cease being curious due to their heightened senses of smell and hearing. From people passing by to food trucks, ice cream bells, mail carriers, and pets from neighbors, so much of what they see and hear is constantly inviting them to look outside and watch from afar.

If you take the time to observe them while they watch the window, you’ll notice that their facial expressions would change often. Their ears would go up or be tilted back, depending on what they see outside. Their nose won’t stop moving, as if the window won’t stop them from taking a whiff of anything that invites their curious nose.

Being the hyperactive balls of sunshine that they are, dogs are highly prone to boredom. Of course, you can’t be there all the time to keep them company. If there are kids in the house, they won’t always play with the pets because they also have their gadgets to keep them occupied.

Naturally, dogs would end up feeling and looking bored. What they do instead is head to the window or by the front porch to chase the boredom away. They’d busy themselves with observing passersby. And even when they’re outside, if there’s a wooden or grilled fence by the gate, don’t be surprised to find them sticking their head out just so they can get a glimpse of what’s happening on the other side.

Wrapping Up 

Dogs have several habits and patterns that you’ll find interesting, including window watching. You don’t need to be concerned or feel worried if you notice them spending so much time in this particular part of the house—they’re only either curious or bored. In some instances, it’s also their way of protecting and marking their territory.

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