10 Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

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When you’re ready to adopt a dog, it’s always best to find a dog breed that will fit in with you and your family. If you’re an active family, for instance, it’s best to have an active dog. Or if you’re away from home for work, then it’s best to find a dog breed that doesn’t mind being alone for part of the day.

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If you’re looking for a dog that can spend time alone with developing separation anxiety, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten dog breeds that can be left alone for about eight hours a day.

No Dog Likes to Be Alone Most of the Time

It’s very rare for any dog to enjoy being home alone most of the time. Dogs, for the most part, are extremely social animals. They prefer to be part of a pack, which means they want to be with their family, both canine and human.

So, while the dogs on this list can be home alone for several hours, it’s not a good idea to leave a dog alone too much of the day. That’s cruel to the dog. So, remember, even though the dogs on this list can be home alone, they still need plenty of attention, love, and care.

Top Ten Dog Breeds That Can Be Home Alone

OK—here’s our list of dog breeds that can be home alone!

1). Boston Terrier

It’s interesting that Boston Terriers don’t mind being home alone! They don’t usually develop separation anxiety. These are the dogs that look like they’re wearing a tuxedo all the time, with their coat’s black and white markings.

These dogs are intelligent and tend to be independent. Boston Terriers can be stubborn and hyperactive; however, they still make wonderful companions, even for older people. They also adapt well to living in an apartment.

2). Miniature Schnauzer

This is a small dog that has a big dog attitude! They’re one of the most favorite breeds in the US. These are wonderful guard dogs, and they are known for being somewhat noisy at times.

Miniature Schnauzers are very intelligent, quick to learn, and very affectionate with their pet parents and families. Plus, they don’t mind being left alone. Just be sure to have some toys out, including chew toys, so they have something to do until you get home!

3). Chow Chow

Chow Chows are famous for looking like bears. These beautiful dogs really aren’t into hugging and being close. You might say they’re more like a cat than a dog. They will come around when they’d like a hug or some attention. And Chows are not very friendly with strangers.

They are good with families; however, it’s best not to leave them around small kids. They are also great watchdogs. Chows are quiet, and they really don’t mind being left alone for a while.

4). Basenji

The Basenji dog breed originated in Africa, where they were bred to be hunting dogs. You may have heard these dogs are also called a “barkless” dog breed. However, they do really have voices. Rather than barking, however, Basenjis have a yodeling sound they make, along with a scream that’s rather unnerving.

Basenjis are known for being independent dogs who are very intelligent. You might say they’re also somewhat like a cat. But they’re going to be happy to see you when you get home!

5). Peekapoo

The Peekapoo is what’s called a designer dog. They’re a cross between a Poodle and a Pekingese. They’re very intelligent and affectionate, and they love spending time with their pet parents and family. However, they don’t tend to develop separation anxiety and seem to be OK spending some time alone.

You’ll want to be sure to leave some fun things for your Peekapoo to do, though. They may get bored and think up something fun to do on their own! To avoid that problem, leave some puzzle toys and treats for them. They’ll be happy with these until you get home!

6). Chinese Shar-pei

The Chinese Shar-pei is another dog that’s fairly quiet and reserved. They really don’t mind being home alone and do well living in apartments. Some say these dogs are more like cats in their aloofness. Shar-peis are friendly with strangers, too, but love being with their pet parents.

These dogs need plenty of training and socializing when they’re young. This way, you won’t have to deal with their stubborn tendencies or their desire to be ruling the house. Shar-peis also make great watchdogs and like to have a job to do.

7). Bullmastiff

This is a large dog breed that requires plenty of exercise. However, they do like to take naps, too. They’re great for families that have a busy schedule and are happy with a few short walks during the day.

Older Bullmastiffs tend to be very calm and easy-going. However, younger dogs will need plenty of exercise to deal with all their energy. They also need to be trained and socialized as they can grow up to be 130 lbs. While they do well home alone, it’s a good idea to leave some toys, and fun dog chews for them to pass the time.

While these are big dogs, Bullmastiffs do well in apartments, surprisingly. When you’re home, give them plenty of attention and love. You’ll have a happy dog!

8). Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso originally comes from Tibet, where they were bred to be watchdogs. These dogs have a big attitude and don’t seem to realize they’re actually small dogs!

These pups are happy and curious. They’re also independent, which means they may only decide to obey your cues when they want to!

9). Small Munsterland Pointer

The Small Munsterland Pointer is a medium-sized sporting dog. They were bred for hunting, where they’re still used for this purpose in Europe today.

These are very affectionate dogs who love retrieving from water. These Pointers are easy to train and need plenty of exercise each day. They make great companions for jogging, swimming, and catching frisbees!

10). Shiba Inu

While Shiba Inu are known for being strong-willed and stubborn, they’re highly intelligent and love learning new things.

What’s more, these dogs don’t mind being left alone; however, be sure to leave some toys out to keep them busy until you return!

There you have it! Each of these ten dog breeds doesn’t mind being left home alone. However, remember to always give your canine companion plenty of love and attention (and exercise) when you do get home. You’ll have a happy, loving, and well-balanced canine companion!

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