Are Corgis Good With Kids?

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Are Corgis Good With Kids

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Corgis are beautiful dogs! They were originally bred to be protectors and herders of sheep. However, Corgis also make great family companions!

Are you thinking about adopting a Corgi? Do you have kids and wonder if Corgis are good with kids? If so, you’re in luck!

We’ve put together some information about Corgis and whether they’re good with kids. Let’s get started!

What is a Corgi?

Corgis were originally bred to herd cattle and sheep. The dogs are very active and highly intelligent. They’re also easy to train and eager to please. While they do have a tendency to bark, proper training and socialization can curb this behavior.

These dogs are very intelligent but can also be stubborn. And they are independent thinkers! However, they do want to please their pet parents.

Corgis are very alert dogs and make great watchdogs. They are wary of strangers and will bark is someone, or something is threatening their family or home. These small, lively dogs do love kids, however!

Are Corgis Good with Kids?

Yes, Corgis are good with kids; however, they’re best suited to older kids. Corgis have a tendency to “herd” kids, especially small kids (under eight years old). The dogs herd kids by barking, chasing, and nipping at their ankles.

Nipping has been known to cause some injury, making kids afraid of these dogs.

Are Corgis Good with Babies?

Corgis are not well-suited to babies. That’s because these dogs have a very loud bark! When a Corgi has been properly trained or socialized, they may bark at anything and everything.

The loud barking could wake a baby up and/or startle a baby.

Why are Corgis Good with Older Kids?

Here are some reasons that make Corgis a great companion for older kids!

1. Corgis Have Lots of Energy

Corgis have a ton of energy, just like human kids! These dogs were bred to herd all day long, through challenging terrain and weather. So, they’re very strong and energetic dogs! And they love having something to do, including playing with kids!

However, Corgis should be properly trained and socialized to play with older kids. A properly trained and socialized Corgi will have a ton of fun playing with kids! However, never leave your kids and Corgi (or any other dog) unattended when they’re playing.

2. Corgis’ Size is Great for Kids

Corgis are just the right size for kids! They’re sometimes called “kid-sized” dogs!

Large, active dogs can sometimes be too large for kids, even older children. A large dog that’s having fun playing isn’t careful about where he puts his feet or swipes with his tail. He’s only focused on having a great time! However, in the middle of all that fun, a child could easily be unintentionally hurt by a large dog.

This is where Corgis come in! They are filled to overflowing with energy, just like kids. And the dogs are small. They weigh between 22lbs and 30lbs. With a dog this size, there’s less chance of a child being knocked over by a large tail or feet!

As long as the Corgi has been trained and socialized, they’ll be a great playmate for older kids.

3. Corgis Are Affectionate

Corgis are also affections with kids and everyone. They’re very loving and loyal toward their pet parents and families. These dogs make great companions for both kids and adults. They’re a very popular dog breed for these very reasons.

Some Things to Consider with Corgis & Kids

As with everything, there’s always a downside to consider. The same is true of Corgis and kids. We want to present a balanced view so you can make the right decision for your family.

Corgis May Nip Kids

Because Corgis have an instinctive need to herd, they will try to herd kids on occasion. These dogs were bred to herd cattle and sheep. These dogs have been herding for thousands of years; herding is bred into their very genes. So, they’re not afraid of something larger than themselves, including an older child.

For this reason, Corgis may sometimes use their herding instinct son kids. They may try to herd kids by nipping at their ankles and barking. Sure, nipping won’t cause major injuries; however, it can be scary for a kid and even cause a small injury. That’s all some kids need, and then they’re afraid of dogs for the rest of their lives.

While Corgis were bred to herd animals, this behavior can be curbed somewhat. You can do this through training and socialization. If you adopted your dog through a breeder, they might have started the process when the dog was a puppy. This is best. And you need to continue training and socializing your dog. This way, he becomes a well-rounded, well-behaved, happy dog!

Corgis Bark Loudly

While Corgis are small dogs, they have a huge bark! The dogs are very vocal and know how to use their very loud barks effectively!

For this reason, Corgis can be scary for some kids. If a child is easily frightened or startled by loud sounds, then a Corgi isn’t the best choice as a playmate.

In addition, Corgis may bark loudly and cause a baby to wake up suddenly. This can cause the baby to cry and be afraid.

These dogs will bark at anything and everything; that’s because barking was also a part of their herd work. The dogs need a loud, deep bark to make the cattle mind them.

So, if your child is easily frightened or startled by loud sounds, you may want to consider a different dog breed as a companion.

Summing It Up

So, Corgis can make wonderful companions and playmates for older kids. They’re not really suited to younger kids and may tend to herd the kids to bring order to the dog’s perceived chaos!

And while there are some things to consider before getting a Corgi, they really can make wonderful dogs for kids.

Just be sure your Corgi has been properly trained and socialized from a young age and keep up his training after you adopt him. Then you’ll have a lovely companion for the family and a fun playmate for the kids!

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