11 Of The Best Dog Door for Your Pooch

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Pet doors are an invaluable product for any household that has cats or dogs. Having to open the door every time your pet wants to go outside can be particularly frustrating, and simply leaving the door open isn’t an option if you’re going to be out of the house. This is why having a pet door can be very useful because they allow your pet an easy way in and out that saves you having to open the door every time.

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The majority of pet doors are suitable for both cats and dogs, but obviously pet doors come in different sizes so always make sure you check this. You might find that smaller pets have difficulty opening bigger pet doors, mainly because they’re heavier, but this won’t often be a problem. Also, you can get models with either single or double doors, so if you need a big door but it’s going to be used by a small animal too, choose a single door model.

You can also get automatic pet doors that unlock when an electronic key is brought near them, and you simply attach this to your pet’s collar. These models are more expensive but it does save unwanted creatures coming into your home. We have featured both automatic and standard models included on this list. There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right pet door, so here is a list of some of the best currently available.

1. PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

This pet door has three flaps, which not only keeps out bad weather, but makes it very energy efficient too. The center flap is insulated to stop heat escaping, and this will make quite a bit of difference if you live in a colder climate. The pet door is very easy to install, and can be painted to match the color of your door.

The door has a snap-on security panel that fits on the inside, and this makes it very easy to lock whenever you need to. You can also buy a second security panel to fit over the outside door if you want, and this gives you another layer of weather protection. The pet door comes in several different sizes with the biggest being suitable for small to medium sized dogs. Overall, this is a great pet door, but it’s particularly suitable for those that live in areas with bad weather.

2. Ideal Pet Products Telescoping Pet Door

Ideal Pet Products have designed this pet door with a telescopic frame, which means it can be fitted on doors of varying thickness. It’s suitable for use on doors up to 2” thick. This feature makes it very versatile, and means you could install it on thick external doors and thinner internal doors. The pet door is very easy to install and comes with detailed instructions.

It has a sliding protective cover that’s easy to use and locks the door shut when not in use. The pet door only has one flap that’s made of vinyl, so this does mean it won’t be very energy efficient. The vinyl is quite durable however, and won’t bend or warp. The door comes in several different sizes, with the super-large being suitable for pets up to 120lbs.

3. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

This pet door is electronic and is activated by your pet’s microchip. It works with all standard microchips worldwide, meaning there shouldn’t be any issue with compatibility. It also comes with an RFID collar tag in case your pet isn’t microchipped. The door only unlocks when it comes into contact with either of these objects, and this means it’ll keep out any unwanted animals. This is great if you often find stray cats (or worse) finding their way into your house.

It also comes with a curfew mode, meaning you can set it to lock and unlock at certain times. This is helpful if you don’t want your cat to be getting out at night, and is more convenient than a security flap. The main drawback of this model is that it’s only a single door flap, and this looks more flimsy than on some other models. The pet door runs on C cell batteries, but will work for up to a year of standard use. Also, the door isn’t massive and would probably only be suitable for cats or small dogs.

4. Depets Pet Door

The locking system on this pet door is quite sophisticated, and allows you to lock it in four ways. You can set it to swing only in or out, both in and out, and fully locked. This means you have complete control over how your pets can use the door, and would be helpful if you have particularly independent cats. The door has a single flap, which is transparent, and has a brush strip on the bottom to reduce noise from swinging.

The outer surface of the door is completely waterproof and so this would be suitable for use on both internal and external doors. The door and frame are both made of durable plastic and should withstand lots of use. This pet door isn’t massive though, and would only be suitable for cats or small dogs.

5. PetSafe Electronic Smart Door

Although electric pet doors do cost more money, they’re often worth it. Having the extra security of knowing no unexpected guests can find their way in is helpful, particularly if you’ve got a large pet door installed. This one from PetSafe comes in several different sizes, and is appropriate even for large dogs. The door has a single flap and so can be used by both cats and dogs.

The door opens using a SmartKey tag, which is attached to your pet’s collar. The door only unlocks when one of these comes near it, so only your pet will be able to get in. The kit comes with five keys, meaning it’ll be ideal if you have several pets. It also means you’ll have some spares if they get lost. It’s very easy to install in a door, but it also comes with an optional wall installation kit if needed. This is a great pet door, and well worth the extra money.

6. Ideal Pet Ruff Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

Ideal Pets have designed this pet door with a weather-resistant outer flap, and a second internal flap to help with insulation. This can make all the different if you live somewhere cold, and the vinyl flaps don’t blow around in the wind. In fact, this is an ideal model if you live somewhere with bad weather. The doors are heavier than on some other models though, so bear this in mind if you’ve got small pets.

The frame of the door is telescopic, and so can be installed in a wide range of doors. It would also be possible to install this model in a wall if needed. The frame is made from a durable, heavy-duty plastic that can withstand even the most playful big dogs. The door comes with a snap-on security panel that fits easily over the internal door. This model is available in several different sizes, with the biggest being suitable for dogs up to 120lbs.

7. BarksBar Pet Door with Aluminum Lining

The inside frame of this pet door is made from aluminum, which means it can withstand even the most playful pet. It also makes everything chew-proof, and this is very helpful if you’ve got a puppy or a pet that loves to bite. It has a single flap made from vinyl that is very flexible. This means it would be suitable for large and small pets because the door isn’t very heavy. However, this does mean the door can flap around a bit in stronger winds.

This pet door has a telescopic frame and so can be installed in doors on varying thickness. It has a slide-in security panel made of durable plastic, and this will be enough to keep the wind out. The door flap has a magnet on the bottom to hold it in place, but this isn’t as effective in stronger winds. It comes in several different sizes and will be fine for use with large dogs.

8. PetSafe SmartDoor Plus Pet Door

This has all the same features as the smart door mentioned above, but with several other great additions. It has three door flaps, including a middle insulated panel, which will help keep the heat in and the weather out. It also has weather-sealing gaskets around the doors for extra protection. The door uses RFID technology and only unlocks when you pet comes near it. This door can be programmed for up to 20 tags, meaning it’ll be ideal if you live in a busy home.

The door has several different locking functions, and each door has multiple locking points. The doors can be set to have a push-through resistance of up to 100lbs, so you can have even more control over which animals are able to get in where. This pet door can be installed in doors up to 2” thick, and it comes with detailed installation instructions. The battery is included and is rechargeable, which is a great feature. Overall this is a top of the line pet door.

9. Ideal Pet Products Premium Draft Stopper Pet Door

Ideal Pet Products have designed this pet door to specifically exclude drafts, and it has a special flexible door to help with this. The external door is made of three separate vinyl panels, meaning it locks in place easier. There is a magnet installed on the bottom panel to hold the door in place, and it’s secure even in strong winds. The door has a protective cover that slides over the flap, meaning you can lock it at any time.

The door’s frame is made from a durable aluminum, and can be fitted in doors up to 1.75” thick. It comes in several different sizes, and it suitable for pets up to 15” wide. Due to this door’s superior design, even the largest model would be fine for small pets to use. This is because the door is very flexible and so would be much easier for them to move out of the way.

10. Patio Pacific Inc. Thermo Sash Pet Door

This pet door is designed to fit over an existing window frame, and because of this would only really be suitable for cats. The purpose is to give them a door higher up than ground level in the hopes that this will reduce the number of creatures that might stray into your home. It also makes it suitable if you don’t live on the ground floor of a building.

The frame requires no cutting or drilling, and is simply snapped into your existing window frame. This makes it a much simpler option that cutting a hole in your door, and so would be more suitable if you lived in a rented property. The door is a single vinyl flap, and has a snap-on security cover. This would be a great model for cat owners.

11. Plexidor Pet Door

This great model is different from the others because it has two vertical opening doors rather than a single flap. This is an interesting design that makes it much easier for pets to walk through. It would be a great model for using with both small and large pets because of this feature.

The doors are mounted in a durable frame, and all of it is insulated and weatherproof. The doors can be locked with a key for added security, and this model is suitable for dogs up to 100lbs. This would be a suitable door if your pet has mobility issues and can’t jump through a regular pet door. Overall this is a great model with an interesting design.

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