Why Do Female Dogs That Have Been Spayed Hump?

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Why Do Female Dogs That Have Been Spayed Hump?

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Most dogs hump, at least occasionally, including both male and female dogs. This is normal canine behavior. But it can be horribly embarrassing if your female dog decides to hump a guest at your home or even you. She may even try to hump small kids, other dogs, and even furniture. And this is the case even with female dogs who have been spayed.

Does your female dog hump even though she’s been spayed? Is this behavior becoming a problem? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We understand a dog acting in this way can cause some issues beyond embarrassment.

We’ve put together some information about why female dogs that have been spayed hump and how you can help your dog. Let’s get started!

What Makes a Female Dog That’s Been Spayed Hump?

That’s a good question that has several answers! But first, we’d like to say that humping may not always have a sexual connotation. There are different reasons a spayed female dog may hump.

1. Pent Up Energy or Excitement

A spayed female dog may hump because she has too much energy. When dogs don’t get enough exercise every day, they can develop different behaviors, including humping people, other dogs, or things.

A female dog that’s been spayed may also hump because of excitement. She may be excited to see someone, get a new toy, and more.

2. Showing Dominance

Another common reason for canines humping other dogs is to show dominance. Dogs are social animals that live in packs. Each pack can have a dominant male and female. The female pack leader may hump other dogs in the pack to show her dominance.

The same instinct is found in domesticated dogs. So, a spayed female dog may be showing other dogs in the home or neighborhood that she’s in charge and is the leader! In this case, the female dog may also hump male dogs to show her dominance.

3. Stress

Stress is another common issue that may lead a spayed female dog to hump. The stress can be caused by any change in her environment. This may include moving to a new home; a new person has moved into the home (like a new baby or family member), or other major changes.

4. To Get Attention

Finally, another common cause for humping is to get attention. Your spayed female dog may try to hump you or a guest, a toy, or even furniture. Her goal may be to get attention.

Doing something naughty to gain attention is often found in dogs who don’t receive enough love and attention. So, the dog will do anything to get attention. Even negative attention is something.

5. Medical Condition

Certain medical conditions can also make a female dog hump. The conditions can include UTIs (urinary tract infections), skin allergies in the dog’s private areas, and more.

How to Help Your Dog

If your dog seems otherwise healthy, you can distract her from the behavior using obedience cues. When your dog is humping something, give her the signal to sit or lay down. She will stop humping (hopefully!). It takes some time and patience to get your dog to stop, but consistency is key.

For dogs that seem to hump non-stop, it’s time to see the vet. The reason for humping may be an underlying medical condition. In that case, your spayed female dog may stop humping once the medical issue has been treated and cured.

Finally, always be sure to show your dog lots of love and attention. This may keep her from humping you, guests, toys, and the furniture. Plus, she deserves your love and care every day!

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