Weimaraner Exercise Guide

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Are you the proud pet parent of a Weimaraner? Are you wondering how much exercise your Weimaraner needs? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the Weimaraner dog breed, how much exercise they need, and a list of activities you and your dog will enjoy together! Let’s get started!

What is a Weimaraner?

A Weimaraner is a dog that was bred to be a hunter. They specifically were bred to hunt bear and deer, where they originated, in Germany. These dogs are still used as hunting dogs; however, they also make great family companions.

These are large dogs who have plenty of energy, intelligence, and a strong prey drive. Even so, these are dogs that want nothing more than to spend time with their humans. With their large amounts of energy, some Weimaraners tend to become high-strung and nervous.

Because they also have a strong prey drive, these dogs are not good to have around small animals. These include cats, small dogs, mice, frogs, birds, and more.

These dogs are thinkers and love to test their pet parents’ boundaries. This is especially the case if the dogs don’t receive enough exercise.

How Much Exercise Does a Weimaraner Need?

Weimaraners have loads of energy and require plenty of mental stimulation. For these reasons, they need a ton of exercise. The minimum amount of exercise they need each day is about two hours. This can be separated into two walks—one in the morning and one in the evening. It can also include playtime. However, this is the minimum amount of exercise your dog will need.

Weimaraners that don’t receive enough exercise may become destructive and develop other unwanted behaviors.

Fun Activities for Your Weimaraner

Here are some fun activities you and your Weimaraner will enjoy together!

1). Walking/Jogging/Hiking

Your Weimaraner will need at least two walks a day to wear off energy. The walks will also be excellent times for your dog to have some mental stimulation. He’ll have a chance to be outside, sniff and watch everything, and more!

Not only are they great walking companions, but Weims also make amazing jogging companions! They love to run and have no trouble keeping up. If you’re not into jogging, then you might consider biking instead. Your dog can run alongside you as you ride the bike. Again, he’ll have no trouble keeping up and will have the chance to wear off all that built-up energy.

Another perfect activity for Weimaraners is hiking! They’re built to handle all types of terrains and have the stamina to out-hike you on a good day! If you plan on an all-day hiking trip, be sure to take along snacks, dog food, and plenty of water. Your fur baby will need the water to stay hydrated. And remember to take frequent breaks, too, to give your dog a chance to relax for a little bit.

2). Swimming

Your Weimaraner may also enjoy swimming! You can start introducing your dog to water at an early age with short times in the bathtub. As he gains more confidence in the water, then you can gradually switch to a kiddie pool in the back yard and eventually to a pool or lake.

If your dog is just learning how to swim, then you may want to consider investing in a doggie life vest. A life vest for dogs is specially built to make it easy to swim while keeping the dog buoyant. The vests usually include a couple of handles, too, just in case your dog gets into trouble. Just grab the handle and pull him quickly to safety.

3). Fetch

Weimaraners were bred to hunt and love nothing better than a great game of fetch! You can use just about any toy for these games. For instance, frisbees, balls, or your dog’s favorite toy will do just fine. Teach your dog to chase the toy and bring it back, then drop it. You may need to train him with snacks as a reward. But this won’t last long. Your dog is highly intelligent and will understand the game quickly.

Fetch is a great way to burn off energy and have fun together, too!

4). Agility Training

Because Weimaraners were bred to hunt, they excel at agility training. This is also a great way for the dogs to get the mental stimulation they need, too.

An agility course is a timed obstacle course, which includes different types of challenges. These may include tunnels, hurdles, ramps, cones, and more.

You can either choose to train for competition or just use agility training as a great way to help your dog stay in great shape. To find agility courses near you, just do a quick Google search. Another option is to create your own agility course in the backyard! Your dog will be happy no matter which option you choose!

5). Lure Coursing

This is another fitting activity for Weimaraners. Lure coursing involves a dog chasing a lure, which resembles the prey it once hunted. Real animals are not used as lures; instead, the lures are fake animals that look very real.

Lure coursing is usually done in a large field, with the lure mechanically drawn through the course. Weimaraners, with their strong prey drive, will find this a very satisfying activity!

6). Therapy Work

While Weimaraners are usually not thought of as therapy dogs, they can be excellent companions. This is especially true of older dogs in their middle years. They tend to be calm, gentle, and very caring. At this age, the dogs are happy to sit with someone to be loved and cuddled.

Your dog will need to go through training in order to take up therapy work. However, once he’s done, your fur baby will be able to visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more. Your fur baby will have the chance to make some people very happy, and he’ll receive much love in return!

There you have it! These are some great ways to make sure your Weimaraner gets plenty of exercise and the mental stimulation he needs to be a happy, healthy dog!

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