The Best Dog Harnesses For Dogs That Pull

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I would be lying if I ever said walking my dog was a complete pleasure. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great dog. The only thing is that he doesn’t normally want to walk. He’s more into the running, charging and chasing modes that the heavy duty leash I have him on just isn’t going to be enough to contain his energy. Plus, there is no way I plan on running (or more accurately) following him around wherever he chooses to roam at top speed.

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The downside to this is that not only does my arm get a workout, but he doesn’t normally like being held back and as a result, when he sees me with his leash, he is less than enthusiastic about what it means. But you know what? I’d rather he not be interested than have me take him outside and risk hurting my arm or choking him because he wants to bolt away for some reason that I can’t put my finger on. So, I guess I need to look for a dog harness and preferably one that is a no-pull style. A no pull dog harness is not really a leash. Well, at least not a leash in the traditional sense. A dog harness basically wraps around the chest and upper body of your dog and is attached to a leash that you hold.

This gives you far more control on the motions your dog may go through and is a lot safer for them reducing the potential of a choking hazard with a normal leash and collar combination

Why Should You Buy A No Pull Dog Harness

Didn’t I mention how sore my arm is? I’m sure I mentioned that. Well, as it turns out, a dog harness is partly for your benefit as partly for your dogs. They serve a great purpose in dog handling, especially if you happen to have a dog that is a touch on the aggressive side. A dog harness (plus muzzle, tazer and baton) can help you keep a handle on things even if your dog hasn’t exactly told you what is on its mind and why it decided to bolt after that squirrel.

What To Consider When Buying A Dog Harness

There are three basic types of dog harnesses available in the market today:

The Best Dog Harness For Your Dog To Stop Pulling

1. PAWAii No-pull Harness with ID Tag

PAWAii dog harness has a fit chest girth between 24-30 inches and the Digital ID Tag offers comprehensive protection. If your pet gets lost, the finder can scan the tag to check your contact information. The soft, double-padded, breathable mesh is extremely comfortable for your dog. This harness features super bright reflective strips which ensure you see clearly from all angles. Now you can escort your dog safely, whether during the day or night. It also has sturdy buckles, a high-density webbing, and a zinc alloy D-ring, which means it can withstand stronger tension without an explosion impact.

2. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

Made from lightweight, no-rip nylon, with an anti-chaffing padding, this is the perfect harness for use running, walking or hiking. The no pull front leading halt ring gives you more control as you use this harness as a training tool. The D-ring in the back allows for more relaxed walks. The pressure is evenly distributed throughout your dog’s body which will reduce pulling and choking. The design of this harness is so that it is easy to put on and take off your dog and includes a unique strap design that provides a comfortable fit and has four points of adjustment to personalize the fit. For safety, there are ultra reflective strips and a top easy lift handle for added security and safety.

3. Ruffwear No-Pull Dog Harness

Featuring a two leash attachment design – one on the chest up front for control and the other on the back for regular walking – this harness is much more than a training device. The aluminum attachment rings are reinforced with webbing which means they provide a safe and durable connection. The harness is designed so that it will slip over the head of your dog and stay in place with side release buckles. The harness is comfortable enough to wear all day as it contains chest padding and belly panel and with four points of adjustment you’ll be able to get it fitting just right for your pet. There’s also a built-in pocket for ID tags and this product comes with a reflective trim for safety at night or early in the morning.

4. PetLove No-Pull Dog Harness

This harness is designed to be easy to put on and easy to take off. The comfortable lightweight mesh lining and soft sponge chest padding assist with fit and adjustable straps secure that fit. There is also a reflective material built into the harness for safety. The manufacturer has also included a 3-month warranty on their products.

5. RabbitGoo No-Pull Dog Harness

The unique design of this dog harness ensures that pulling pressure gets evenly distributed throughout your dog’s body and as a result, prevents choking and pulling. The easy on/easy off design allows you to get your dog ready for an outdoor adventure with ease. The harness also comes with two strong metal leash attachment points on the back and chest and to create the perfect fit, there are adjustment slide straps. For the safety of your dog, reflective straps are also part of the design as is the soft, breathable material it is constructed from.

6. DogJog No Pull Dog Harness 

This is a rather amazing dog harness simply because it is constructed from luggage-grade, ballistic nylon webbing. It is stylish and has a scratch-resistant outer layer. The harness is durable, lightweight and strong. There is a sturdy handle on the back which gives you the option of pulling your dog back or lifting them up. Additional features include reflective strips for safety and soft, breathable material along with heavy padding to keep the harness comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

7. LifePul No-Pull Dog Harness

Made from high quality nylon, with nickel-plated hardware, this is a well-built dog harness. There are soft padded areas on the inside to keep the harness comfortable and adjustable lock buckles make it easy to personalize the fit. The fashionable look of this dog harness makes it a must-have product and it is very easy to use with it going on and coming off with ease. A D-ring attachment on the back of the harness helps with leash or seat belt use. In all, a pretty good harness.


The harness will have at least one leash attachment location. Depending on the harness design, one should be on the back and one will be either on the chest or under the chin. Pretty much every dog harness made contains reflective material and this permits late night or early morning wear making your dog more visible during that walk or jog in the neighborhood before work. Some dog harnesses will have a handle. This is usually a strap that is attached to the back of the harness and allows you to grab and lift or pull back your dog as if it were a piece of luggage.

The main thing to remember when shopping for a dog harness is that they are meant to evenly distribute the pressure from pulling throughout the body of your dog. It removes the pulling pressure from the head and neck which could create an injury of some kind otherwise. This is especially important if your dog is hyper active or has an aggressive trait of some kind. The dog harness for pulling will help you to break your dog of these habits before they or someone else gets hurt. Plus, a good dog harness is a great item to have as a dog accessory at all times.

Once you figure out why exactly you need a dog harness – is it for training or jogging? – then you’ll be able to work out exactly what kind of harness you’ll need. As mentioned above, a dog harness is primarily meant to prevent your dog from pulling away from you and creating a choking hazard from tugging on a collar and leash. It is more common for dog owners these days to shy away from just the collar and leash combination opting instead for a harness or a harness-type alternative. With so many different designs available, you should be able to find the perfect solution to your dog leash problem.

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