5 Signs You Should Start Obedience Training for Your Dog

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5 Signs You Should Start Obedience Training for Your Dog

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Obedience training helps make your dog avoid having temperament and behavior issues. As a responsible owner, you should always ensure that your dog behaves appropriately all the time. However, many people who have pet dogs forget the importance of their pet’s behavior.

Although not putting your dog into obedience training can be okay, you should still be cautious and watch your dog closely. Once your pets start showing some signs that they badly need obedience training, you should never hesitate to enroll your pet in a training camp near you.

Here is a list that you should watch out for to know that your dog needs to start obedience training.

Aggressive Behavior

The number one and most common sign you should watch out for in your pet is aggressive behavior. Often, a dog shows aggression out of anxiety and fear. However, it also manifests if dogs struggle over what to anticipate and what to do when punished.

Once this happens, your dog must undergo a specialized training program that will teach them obedience and pinpoint the root cause of their aggression.

Signs of aggression in dogs include but are not limited to the following:

If you notice any of these signs, you should start looking for a reliable obedience trainer near you. It’s best that you get out these undesirable behaviors as early as possible.

Ignoring Your Commands

If you notice that your dog is starting to ignore simple commands, you should not turn a blind eye to it. If your dog has this attitude, no matter how hard you call or teach them something, they will never obey you.

You can even try offering treats, but it may not be enough. If your efforts are still not enough, what you will need is a specialized program set by experts according to your dog’s needs and behavior. Having a highly disobedient pet can be a handful. Not only that your pets will make a mess all the time, but they can also put other people and themselves in danger.

When Your Dog Constantly Pulling Their Leash

Pulling off the leash can be normal with dogs, especially if they become excited. Pulling too much is one of a dog’s behaviors that can be difficult to control. PAWAii SafeWalk Dog Harness can give you better control of your pup.

If this happens, a calming and relaxing walk in the park can become a nightmare with your dog running around everywhere, pulling their leash.

However, if your pets undergo obedience training, they will learn how to control their emotions and follow your every command putting you in control over the situation.

Your dog will learn loose leash walking, which means that they will be walking by your side and not run everywhere, pulling you to follow them. Imagine what your afternoon walk will be like if your dog starts to learn this trick.

Excessive Barking

Barking is your dog’s way to communicate. However, excessive barking can be annoying and can be a disturbance. There are various reasons why dogs bark.

One reason is because they become territorial, the second is because they want attention, and the third is a reaction over a stimulus like a doorbell or an unknown animal or person that comes close.

However, if they constantly bark without any obvious reason, it is because they are screaming, which is not normal at all. In this scenario, your dog might require mental stimulation that they can acquire from proper training.

If your dog undergoes obedience training, it will learn how to react to a stimulus in another way than barking. They can even teach you how to control your dog’s behavior or emotions by offering them puppy dog training treats.

For example, trainers will teach your dog to look for an object instead of screaming when they are stimulated. Finding objects will require a lot of mental planning to help your dog satisfy their mental needs.


Once you notice your dog jumps excessively around people, you should consider enrolling them in obedience training. They must learn how to control their emotions whenever they encounter a stimulus. Although there’s nothing wrong with a dog that loves jumping when stimulated, it can be an inconvenience for you as the owner if it can hurt others or damage property.

If you are constantly being jumped by your pet whenever you arrive home and feel like it is starting to become annoying, talk to the trainers right away so that you can start a program for your dog.

Training schools are established to help dogs and their owners to live harmoniously and enjoy their time together. Taking care of a pet is already a huge responsibility, and dealing with their bad behavior can increase the challenge of this responsibility.

Start Looking for a Trainer

Once you notice all of these signs in your dog, you must quickly look for a good training school that will help your dog overcome this behavioral issue they are going through. As an owner, it is your responsibility to provide your fur babies with the things they need, including a proper training program.

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