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    Pet Product Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

    When it comes to finding new, helpful products for our pets, most of us turn to pet product reviews. The tool we most often use is Google. In fact, a survey done by Moz found that out of 1,000 participants, about 67.7 percent of their buying decisions were fueled by online reviews.

    In another survey by The Local Review Survey, they found that 89% of people between the ages of 35 & 54 trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations!

    It’s also a fact that the higher the price of a pet product, the more research a pet parent is willing to do. This is because they want to make sure the product is the best one, at the right price. They want to feel confident about their purchase, so take the time necessary to find information about the product’s true quality.

    This is only a quick look at how reviews can influence buyers, but you can see that online reviews have a huge influence on buyers. When it comes to their pets, customers want to be assured that pet products are safe, healthy and fun for their fur babies. More and more pet parents are using the Internet and Google to find only the best products for their pets.

    What are Pet Product Reviews?

    A product review is content that’s written about a product. The review takes an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the pet product. Some reviews are written by full-time writers, marketers who are focused on testing and reviewing products, and customers who have experienced with the product.

    Product reviews should be written by someone who is independent; that is, by a person who is not affiliated in any way with the product or the company that makes the product. The reviewers should also not be partial to any specific companies but provide impartial reviews that are neutral and unbiased.

    Why are Pet Product Reviews Important?

    Not only do product reviews act a bit like an advertisement for a product, but they can also increase a product’s image. It’s a fact that online reviews are an important part of marketing and branding for any pet product.

    OK—you’ve come this far, but you want to know why they’re important. We’ve got you covered!

    Remember the survey results we shared in the beginning of this article? One of the results showed that people rely on authentic, neutral reviews to find the best products. In this way, reviews act as “social proof” that work to build trust and credibility with customers.

    Next, the more reviews a product receives, the more honest and truthful the product becomes in the eyes of customers. This also works to build credibility. Not only that, but if a product seems great and is supported by true reviews, this can work to create overall credibility for the product and the brand.

    So, when a product’s excellent qualities are proven and shared over and over, from various unrelated sources, customers trust the product and the brand. All of which goes to increase the probability customers will choose this product over any others.

    This is why product reviews are an essential part of a marketing campaign. They provide social proof for the quality of the product, as well as the company behind the product.

    What are Customers Looking for in a Pet Product Review?

    What information are pet parents looking for in product reviews? That’s an important question—one that you’ll need to consider before sitting down to write a product review. Now let’s review some of the questions a customer might ask about a product review.

    1). Does the review match other user experiences?

    Many pet parents will not just read one product review and then buy a product. This is especially true if the item is more expensive. Instead, pet parents will read product reviews from a variety of sources. These may include pet product review articles, customer reviews found on e-commerce websites, and more.

    What they’re looking for is if the reviews are consistent across the various sources. For example, a customer might find product review article that discusses the pros and cons of a chew toy. After reading the article, the tendency is to read reviews written by other customers. If the chew toy is on a site such as Amazon or Chewy, for example, the customer will head over to the site and read the customer reviews on the same chew toy.

    After reading reviews on several sites, a customer than does an assessment on the information gathered from the reviews. They will find some customers who were extremely happy with the toy, while others shared some issues or problems encountered when their fur baby used the toy.

    If the original review article was extremely positive about the chew toy, but the customer reviews show most people were not happy with the product, then the customer will question the truth about the article they read. They’ll also have a lower view of the chew toy, and may decide to not buy anything, or may choose to buy another toy instead.

    Customers use reviews to gauge the authenticity, reliability and quality of a product. If the reviews are poor, the customers will not buy the item.

    2). Is the pet product review only hype?

    Pet parents are looking for honest product reviews, rather than reviews that only share positive insights about the product. And savvy pet parents don’t just rely on the number of stars a pet item receives from other customers.

    The reason for this is that many vendors on sites such as Amazon are persistent when it comes to asking customers for a review soon after they receive the product. In the real world, giving a review only a couple of days after receiving a product isn’t very reliable. The product should be used for a period of time before someone can write a true, authentic product review.

    Instead, many people feel pressured and respond to the vendor with a review very soon after receiving the product. You’ve seen these reviews—they’ll usually say something like, “Have just received this product, but so far it’s performing well.” Or a reviewer may write, “So far, so good.” These are signs the vendors may have pressured the customer. These are not reviews you can rely on, and savvy online shoppers know this.

    3). Do products in the reviews meet specific requirements?

    When it comes to an online review, savvy pet parents want to know:

    Keep in mind that pet parents want to learn the truth about a product, not just read positive reviews. They’re looking for honest reviews that cover both the pros and cons of pet products. This information helps them make an informed decision on whether or not to buy a pet product.

    Depending on the specific type of pet product, these are the types of questions pet parents are asking before buying a product for their pet.

    How to Write a Pet Product Review for Cat or Dog Products

    Now, we’re ready to go over how to write a pet product review! Whether the review is for cat or dog products, you’ll go through pretty much the same process for writing. Let’s go over how to do a product review the right way.

    1). Use the product or service: before you can sit down and actually write the review, you’ll first need to have the product in your hands. Of if you’re writing about a pet service, then you’ll need to really use the service. If you don’t actually use the product/service, readers will see through your review right away.

    Online shoppers, including pet parents, are experienced when it comes to using online resources. The fact is that most shoppers will know if a review is authentic or not, and they can discern very quickly. It will be very apparent to pet parents that you’ve not used the product, and that you may have relied on customer reviews as a source.

    Your readers are looking for firsthand knowledge about the product or service. When it comes to proof of using a product, you might consider taking a photo or video of you with the product in your hands. It’s also helpful to have images of your pet(s) using the product.

    One more important note, if you’ve received the product or service directly from a company, then be sure to state this in the beginning of your review. The review needs to be authentic, as well as transparent for readers.

    2). Introduce the product or service: here, you’ll want to identify the product/service, and the issue it solves. For instance, if you’re reviewing an OTC tick repellent product, then be sure to let the reader know the product is meant to repel ticks and include any other pertinent information.

    In this example, you might include information on the chemical(s) used in the product, how these substances work to repel ticks, etc. Then it can also be helpful to provide details on how long the product lasts, any possible side effects for pets using the product, and more. These are the valuable bits of information readers require from a product or service review.

    The introduction is meant to gain the reader’s attention and provide the reason the pet parent is reading the article in the first place.

    3). Describe the product or service: now you’re ready to describe the product or service that you’re reviewing. Here, it’s important to be very specific. Provide information that is useful to the reader, along with details that can help them make an informed decision.

    Practical details may include information about the size, use, price, and more. The hard details allow the reader to have a better understanding of the product or service and is helpful in making the overall decision on whether or not to make the purchase.

    4). Write about the pros and cons: once you’ve used the product and service, be sure to write about both the pros and cons you experienced. Here, be sure to provide information on what you liked about the product/service, does the product or service actually do what it’s supposed do, and how your pet interacted with the product, or how your pet benefited from the service.

    Don’t be afraid to say negative things about the product or service, as long as you’re being honest about your experience. Here, again, be sure to include details that a reader will find useful. If your pros and cons don’t come across as authentic and helpful, the reader will move on to another product/service all together.

    5). Write the summation: now you’re ready to close the review, and this is done much like any other type of article. You’ll need to write up a summation, which includes your overall recommendations about the pet product or service.

    This is where it’s time to share your recommendation for the product, or the recommendation that the product doesn’t quite come through on what it promises. This is where you can finally share your complete opinion of the product or service.

    You can do this by highlighting the pros/cons, and more. Just sum everything up and share your final opinion. This is what the readers are looking for.

    Where to Get Your Pet Product Reviewed starting with

    Do you have a pet product or service that you’d like to have reviewed? You’re in luck! There are websites that are solely devoted to reviewing products for dogs and cats!

    Before sending your product off to be reviewed, it’s important to read through the instructions on the site first. In the instructions, you’ll find information on the products the site does/doesn’t review. This is essential—you want to avoid sending your product to a site that doesn’t review that type of product. You’ll be out the cost of shipping and usually won’t receive the product back. So be sure to read through all the rules and instructions.

    Many sites ask that you contact them before sending the product. This is typical, and some sites may require that you fill out an online request form before sending your product for review.

    In addition, you may also find that some sites may charge to do a review. However, they may also offer an sponsored post instead of a paid review. For these, you’ll usually need to send in the content about your product, along with images and all pertinent information. This is another way to get the word out about your product, if the site charges for a review.

    So, be sure to read through all the instructions before submitting your product. And most of the sites we found were also happy to answer any questions you might have about a review of your product. Don’t hesitate to contact them with any questions you may have.

    We’ve put together a list of sites that accept pet products to be reviewed. Let’s take a look.

    Pet Product Reviewer List

    Here’s a list of sites that accept pet products for review:

    Fun Stuff for Dogs: this site reviews real products for dogs including toys, treats, beds, clothing, problem solvers, and more. Their focus is on providing reviews that can help a dog pet parent make an informed decision on whether a product might benefit or be the right choice for their fur baby.

    Their reviews provide “relevant and useful information about the features of the product,” including how long a product lasts, tastes (to the dog), and more.

    To submit your product for review, reach out via email. In the email, include details about the product, a picture or a link to your website, and explain how the product is different or better than other similar products.

    Little Dog Tips: this is another site that offers to review dog products. You’ll need to contact the site (information is on the link we shared) and let them know you have a product their audience should know about. Not only will your product be reviewed, but the post will stay up, which means that new readers will be able to find the review of product months and years later.

    You’ll need to send a free sample of the product, which the site owner will then use and see if it’s a good fit for their audience. Please be aware there is a fee to have your product reviewed. The amount of the fee is not disclosed on the site. However, if the review is negative and you’re not happy with that, then you won’t be charged a fee.

    This site reviews products that are best for extra-small and medium dogs. They only use methods and tools that are used for positive reinforcement training. They prefer to review dog foods, treats, toys, accessories, dog clothing and more. If you’re not sure if they’ll review your product, just contact them and ask.

    Pet Blog Lady: here’s another blog that will be happy to review your pet product. This lady lives in Canada, but most of her readers are from the USA. If she likes the product, she’ll write a review of it. Or you can choose to have a sponsored post, which will be only about your product. It can include up to 10 images and video, and you’re require to supply the content.

    This blog does not review pet health supplements, dog treats, shock collars or non-pet related products. And please note that your product will not be returned, and site owner does not cover the cost of shipping your product to her for review.

    Pet Life Today:  this is a free website dedicated to all things pets. The site provides researched information on all types of articles regarding pets including pet care news, tips, product buying advice and more.

    The site does accept requests for product reviews, but you’ll first need to contact them. There’s no other information on how the work reviews, but it sounds like they’d be happy to answer your questions.

    Pet Scoop: is a site that shares news and views for animal lovers. The site owner is happy to accept products to review. These can be from manufacturers, retailers, individuals, etc. She has various types of pets from different species, sizes, ages, and more.

    First, you’ll need to reed the review rules, which include information that your product will not be returned. You should include a professional image of the product (if you have one). Product reviews are archived, so you can easily link to the article from your own website. You can be assured the review will be honest. At the end of the rules, you’ll find information on where to send products, and then you’ll need to fill out the required form (which is found above the rules).

    We hope this article has provided you with useful information on how to have your pet products reviewed! We’d like to wish you all the best with your venture!

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